Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week of 10/30 in Pictures

Another crazy week here. The highlight, of course, was Halloween. On Tuesday Caroline had her first Girl Scouts meeting. She had a week off from riding lessons so on early release Wednesday she headed to her pre-school friend's house for a playdate. I really wish they had ended up in the same elementary school, they have such fun and love each other so. Thursday George and I headed up to a health screening for insurance and since he had been doing a lot for his sister this week I treated him to breakfast at Friendly's. Waffles are the way to my boy's heart! Later we hit a few stores and I found out I'm headed into surgery for my sinuses this coming Tuesday. So, we rushed home so I could vote since it was the deadline for absentee. Yikes! We ended the week with a two hour PTA meeting and George was amazing, so I treated him to a cookie from the "red barn place" that he's been requesting for a couple of weeks now.

Hardly any pictures, which is rare, and oddly none of Caroline. But here they are!

 He melts my heart :)

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