Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week of 11/6 in Pictures

This week was a crazy one. Monday George and I tried to get out and about and enjoy the day since Tuesday I had sinus surgery. Alan took off for two days and got to do the Girl Scout pickup and the riding lessons etc. Speaking of lessons, Caroline's new instructor/owner started this week and she was surprised to find out the pony she rode, Brownie, wasn't staying so she got to ride an old horse, Aiden. She took it in stride and is excited that she'll get to switch up horses from now on. We were also all thrown for a loop over the election and Caroline not only got a lesson on voting at school, but on how sometimes, crazy, insane things happen :/ She believes that Presidential candidates should only be taken from a pool of Girl Scouts from now on because they are both honest and fair. Not a bad idea. On Thursday Alan went back to work as I was healed enough to get back to work. Of course, overnight George woke up with a croup cough and I was dreading the day ahead. The snuggling on the couch and watching TV I was up for, but not getting sick post op. Thankfully, he was sick for a few days but the worst was behind us after that first night. Friday Caroline had off from school so we did some crafts and then she went to Nana and Grampy's for a sleepover. George, Alan and I hit Dairy Queen to give the sick little boy a treat since he was feeling left out. Saturday was errands and house work day. One week until we have everyone over for George's THIRD birthday party! How did the past three years go by SO fast?

 On a walk from the park to get a cookie, 
but the bakery was closed. Thankfully, 
he took it in stride!

 Caroline tacking a much bigger horse than she's used to!

 Little photo loop of the dumb, bug eating birds :)

 Her "sad, little face" selfie

 Poor babe

 Poppies for Veteran's Day

 Getting crafty for the party

 I look over and realize someone 
has taken it upon himself to taste test the fondant!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week of 10/30 in Pictures

Another crazy week here. The highlight, of course, was Halloween. On Tuesday Caroline had her first Girl Scouts meeting. She had a week off from riding lessons so on early release Wednesday she headed to her pre-school friend's house for a playdate. I really wish they had ended up in the same elementary school, they have such fun and love each other so. Thursday George and I headed up to a health screening for insurance and since he had been doing a lot for his sister this week I treated him to breakfast at Friendly's. Waffles are the way to my boy's heart! Later we hit a few stores and I found out I'm headed into surgery for my sinuses this coming Tuesday. So, we rushed home so I could vote since it was the deadline for absentee. Yikes! We ended the week with a two hour PTA meeting and George was amazing, so I treated him to a cookie from the "red barn place" that he's been requesting for a couple of weeks now.

Hardly any pictures, which is rare, and oddly none of Caroline. But here they are!

 He melts my heart :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

What a fun Halloween! Caroline headed to school dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast for Bookoween. George and I headed to the library since we missed the costume parade on Friday. Our favorite librarian, Miss Terri, was celebrating her birthday and George wanted to sing for her. Of course, we went in costume. Then we headed to CVS for Mommy's flu shot and had so much fun we went to the grocery store in costume too. Everyone loved the little dinosaur and he got lots of attention, and candy. Seriously, people who had just bought some were opening their bags in the parking lot giving it to him!

When Caroline got home from school I gave them a quick dinner and got them ready. Alan got home around 4pm and we headed out to Dock Square. We went all over and got lots of candy. Caroline had a ball running into her friends and teacher and George had a ball following and "roaring" at everyone!

Afterwards, we were getting pretty tired so we headed to Nana and Grampy's and then called it a night. We knew we weren't going to hit Summer St. this year since George was a little timid with all things scary, but in the end there were no complaints. Lots of candy, lots of fun, and got home and in bed only 30 minutes past bedtime on a school night. Win!

 After our library visit
The librarian grabbed a picture of the two of them
and posted it on Facebook. 
We love our library!

 First bite of candy for the day!

 Watch out for the crazy Dinosaur driver!

 At the start....

 Checking herself out in the reflection :)

 Making marshmallow treats 
at Federal Jack's


 Dragging his bag back to the car

 Trick or treat Grampy!