Monday, October 31, 2016

Week of 10/23 in Pictures

This was our busiest week yet, but we knew it was coming and the things should settle down from here on out. Hopefully :) The week was filled with projects (Alan took the day off to work on some things around here), lots of doctor appointments for me that all seemed to happen this week, riding lessons, girl scouts, parent teacher conference and a big storm that ruined George's fun.

On Sunday the kids went and got some pumpkins
 with Nana and Grampy

 Caroline had her last lesson with
her instructor as she is selling the stables 
and moving south. Caroline has come a 
long way and we'll all miss Miss Theresa. 
She gave each kid one of her Briar horses 
last week and gifted Caroline the 
pink helmet she always wears during her

 George having some fun running
around in the ring after the lessons

 Doing some science :) 

Caroline and most of her new Daisy Troop 240 members 
A little meet and greet for the kids Tuesday night after
riding lessons! 

 Caroline ready for school pictures!

 George ready for his check up!

The guineas roaming around

 George doing some repairs for Nana

 and helping Grampy out

 Friday morning we lost power after we woke up. 
We got Caroline ready and on the bus by candle light
and then George made a block tv and some snacks. 
After some snuggling and watching You Tube on my phone
the power came back on but the rain and wind 
were still pretty bad so we stayed home. 
But, that meant we missed the library costume parade :(

 A little Halloween movie night to end the week :)

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