Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week of 10/16 in Pictures

Another crazy week for the Lovejoy household. I think we're getting used to this being our life now, well not used to, but accepting it :) It was crazy with a little bit of "nothing going right" but we made it to the weekend! It started off with a busy weekend going to a housewarming party and then on Sunday we headed to Caroline's first 1k and she did awesome. We're so proud of her. Afterwards, we headed to Cole's 3rd birthday party. As the week started we had all sorts of goings on happening, field trips, play dates, board meetings, riding lessons, dentist appointments, galore! The next couple of weeks will be more of the same and then it should calm down, at least a little bit :)

 Some pre-race warm up :P

 So proud of herself!

 Hanging out with the cousins
Apparently, we need a bigger sandbox!

 Waiting for the bus to arrive

 Caroline's home for some fun! 
Sadly, I had to interupt this as we 
needed to go to the dentist for 

 George's turn at the dentist!

 Had ot go up to Portland
to run some Daisy Scout 
errands for Caroline
so we treated ourselves
at the mall :)

 Sticker man!

 Friday George was pooped and woke 
up from his nap grumpy. 
Caroline came home with a headache. 
Thankfully, the weekend was here 
and we had NO plans! 

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