Monday, June 6, 2016

Week of 5/29 in Pictures

Our Memorial Day plans were a bust as it rained during the morning so for the first time in our family history, no parade. We were pretty bummed. We headed to Toys R Us though and used up some of the gift money from Great Gram for Easter and Birthdays and bought some toys. The rest of the week was filled with school and home activities.

 George's new trucks can haul anything!

 Caroline got a pottery wheel 

 Warm school mornings! 
This was the dress she wore for her first
day of school. She has grown in height and confidence :)

 Early release Wednesday with Nana and Grampy

 George is done with school mornings
Walking to the bus stop in his robe :)

 Thursday I got to go on a field trip
with Caroline's class to the Consveration Trust
and Goose Rocks Beach. 
We saw a baby seal waiting for its mother on the beach

 Learning about erosion

Making beach art


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week of 5/22 in Pictures

Another busy week here as we prepped for Memorial Day weekend. We were so in need of a long weekend. Poor Caroline is done with school and wants to stay home and I'm ready too! There was so much going on this week and I can't honestly remember it, but these pictures show a bit and also show some fun, down time as well :)

 Over the weekend we planted Caroline's
tree she got from school for Arbor Day

 She read "The Giving Tree" to it :)

 Swinging with Daddy

On Monday it was back to work so George
did some mowing :) 

 Still bus stop antics

 It's finally warm so we can ditch the tights and leggings most days!

This happened!!!

 So George and I drove around a lot on Wednesday
and put up signs. He napped and then was rewarded
with a doughnut!

 Friday morning, woohoo!
Cold and foggy so leggings made a comeback

Library Storytime/craft time with George :) 

 Friday evening we went to Mike's to celebrate Grampy's birthday 
and then home for some cake

 Caroline's friend had her bday party at Rocking Horse
Stables on Saturday so Caroline got to ride the same
pony as last year :)

 Then we came home and the well pump died so Alan
got to work and I took the kids for some fast food. 
Three hours later we had running water again. 
Yay Daddy!