Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week of 5/15 in Pictures

It's spring time which means there is a flurry of activities going on around here. The warmer weather teases us, there are lots of chores around the house to gear up for summer, and school is nearing an end.

 Who needs a kiddie swing?
He's so proud and so good at it!

 Caroline frequently gets police escorts 
to the bus stop. Or fireman or pirate....

 My little ray of sunshine

 George found his lovey and has been carrying it 
everywhere. Ya know, the one he had years ago and hasn't touched in ages?

 George is an excellent task master
I asked him to make a pile, he did it.
Then we needed to move this pile further towards the shed,
he brought every stick and wanted no help 
from Momma

Warm, sunny mornings make us happy

 We skipped Friday morning meeting so we could go
to story time at the library.
Today George brought puppy to meet his father, Mr. Bear

 Reading to puppy

 Craft time! He is so proud of his little bookmark
and has it hanging on his bedroom door knob
"I built this!"

Before nap snuggles with Momma

Friday afternoon swinging

 George officially gets to help

 One of the projects was a sandbox for George
and Caroline

First decent night to eat outside, we quickly put out the table
to make the most of an unexpected warm evening

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hen House Complete!

Alan finished the hen house two weekends ago and the guinea's have a home that isn't in the basement or the shed. We're still running their light at night to make sure they stay warm. They can't be released for another three weeks. They have to learn that the coop is home so they'll hopefully return once released!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week of 5/8 in Pictures

Oh what a busy spring week. We celebrated Mother's Day over the weekend and spent the rest of the week gearing up and getting things ready. We finished the busy week with a very busy Friday. We went to Caroline's Friday morning meeting, got some errands done, went to Friday Family Read, and then met up with Caroline's former pre-school classmates. Over the weekend it was finally nice so after Caroline and I had a nice girls time going shopping and the library we met up with the boys (who were getting stuff for the yard) for some Hot Diggity Dog for lunch. After dinner we headed back out for some Dairy Queen. Bring on the nice weather! Oh, big growing news for Caroline too, see below :)

George showing that he can do the rings too!

It's coming along!

That's right, the other top tooth came out!
She is keeping that tooth and refuses to let the tooth fairy come :)

George asked and asked for the car wash,
then got real quiet when we went through. 
He told me later that day he was scared. 
Poor guy

Waiting on our ice cream!

Someone is happy about moving up to a big boy cone!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week of 5/1 in Pictures

Another fun week in the books! We started the week off by going to Great Gram's and meeting everyone over there for lobsters. It was nice seeing everyone again in a relaxed setting versus a birthday party or Easter :) Alan worked on the guinea coop, I hit some school board and PTA meetings and we celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony at Caroline's school. Big changes coming when she goes back in September! The kids sang some songs and it was really cute. Nana joined George and I which meant two sets of hands chasing George :)  Saturday we headed up to Portland to run a couple of errands and I finally got to check out Miccucci's Italian market and the awesome Sicilian pizza there. We enjoyed some tasty desserts as well! We ended the week with some laid back couch time.

 They're getting bigger!

 George didn't want to eat while at Great Gram's
so he chilled out by himself in the living room :)

 Uncle Rick & Caroline 
reading Charlotte's Web

 After a busy weekend, George had a case of the 
Mondays and mommy indulged him

 Aren't the kindergartners adorable in
their blue hard hats????

 "Best day of my life"

 Checking out the mother turkey on her nest 
at Nana and Grampy's

 Wish me luck!

 We know Caroline can be super silly
and loves to dance but George has become 
quite the little goofball :)


Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of 4/24 in Pictures

This week was really busy! Caroline went back to school and I was busy with school board meetings, trying to get my ballot form signatures, and the usual vet appointments, errands etc. Alan also took a break from painting George's bed since he shows no desire to get into it to work on the guinea hen coop. They definitely show a desire to move out and go in their own home :) We had sleet and snow and we had gorgeous sunshine. It was a weird week indeed! On Friday evening, we were all beat but wanted to celebrate our own little accomplishments so we headed to Allison's for a great dinner. The food was good, but our little foursome was having a blast!

 Psst, Daddy I'm not going to sleep

 Controlling or sweetness? Either way 
it was nice :)

 Someone thinking he is cool
because I let him sit up front while we waited 
for the bus 

 George likes his blue shoes, he likes his blue shoes...

 Grampy showing George how it's done

My Mother's Day weeping cherry tree has bloomed!