Monday, April 25, 2016

Week of 4/10 in Pictures

Spring is coming and spring break is almost here! We've got this last week with lots to do and then it's a little fun and relaxation time for the kids.

Over the weekend Alan and Willis started George's 
big boy bed and the kids came over to help.

George all cozy for bed :)

George waiting for the dentist

Being lazy in Momma's bed

Yippy Yay!
Trying to get more video of 
George so we can remember his sweet voice 
and sayings

Caroline's beautiful pinch cup she made in art 
in the fall. She got to bring all of her
artwork home finally! 


Lazy Saturday morning

Warm morning calls for chores :)

Walking around in his cousin, Owen's, new backyard.
George was taking it all in and fell far behind the pack

Caroline building a bird house
while Daddy works on George's bed

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Week of 4/3 in Pictures

While we started the week with Caroline's birthday excitement which was plenty on its own, the rest of the week was pretty fun too. We had a quick snow storm that handed us our last snow of the year. We had to protect the peonies, rhubarb, etc that was already coming up but it came and went quickly. On Wednesday, Caroline's Spring Concert took place at school. I wasn't sure what this would entail since it was a morning activity. The 4-5th graders band played and then the whole school sang a few songs. The Kindergartners were little elephants and "came out to play." Friday morning meeting was exciting as the Jump Rope for Heart results were released. The kids beat last years total of around $6,000 and raised $11,000!!!!! Caroline was recognized for raising over $50. Then, the birthdays for the week were announced. There were only two other kids who celebrated their birthdays and they were absent so Caroline stood out there on her own with her PE teacher, Mr. Woodcock. She did good, but was happy to get out of the center of attention very quickly :) Alan came along for that and then came home early so we headed to Tractor Supply to do a little research and check out the chicks and ducklings and grab some pizza. Then the weekend, ahhh a peaceful one :)

Caroline is in the hot pink sweater at the bottom 
(did that on purpose hehe)

Reading to George

Happy Birthday to Caroline!


Checking out the newt Daddy found

We promised Caroline she could sleep on her bean bag over the weekend.
It lasted 5 minutes. It was too different :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Caroline's 6th Birthday

Monday, April 4th. Caroline turned six. A pretty big deal here :) She headed off to school and George and I brought some cute Sea Glass jello for her classmates at snack time. She was a bit mopey about being at school on her birthday and no convincing from me that it would be super fun and cool would help. Her teacher had said it would be okay to come home and that was that. So, she came home with us and chilled out. She knew there would be no crazy celebrations as we had already done that all weekend.
We did head out to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner with Nana and Grampy. She loves the pasta and shrimp there and has no really started liking the calamari that I get there as well. Makes mommy very happy :) We had a great evening and when we got home it was off to bed. Birthday celebrations over, now the business of being a six year old begins :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Let's All Go to the Mall!

On Sunday morning, the day between Caroline's party and actual birthday, we planned on going to the mall to give her her presents. She was getting her ears pierced as her present from us. She's been asking for a few months now. George's gift was a surprise. The mall is her happy place. She loves grabbing a bite to eat, window shopping, and riding the carousel.
Before we headed out Nana and Grampy came by to give their present to her. It was a giant bean bag from... the mall :) She and Alan have been in and out of that store a bunch of times and Caroline was very excited to have her own now.
We got to the mall and went straight for the ears. There was nervousness, but she told me she was okay. That started to go away as they prepped her. I told her that we could stop at anytime but she went for it. Poor kiddo cried and broke our hearts. She didn't want to look in the mirror to see her ears really. Afterwards, we immediately look for some accessories which took some of the sting away. When we left the store we told her we had to go get George's present to her. Build-a-Bear! She jumped for joy and the ears became less painful. She's been wanting one for almost two years now.
She had a lot of fun building her cat and George had a lot of fun watching her. We were actually surprised at how quickly she chose her stuffed animal, a cat since she has no cat toys.
After Build a Bear we headed to carousel. We found out that since it was her birthday she and George got to ride for free and get a balloon. Score for us!
Our next surprise was lunch at Bugaboo. Caroline and George love the restaurant and we wanted to treat Caroline to a little late lunch. The whole ride home she kept saying how it was the best day ever and she loved us all so much.
Don't worry, her ears felt fine and didn't bother her at all after a couple of days and she loves them :) 

Being silly on her bean bag. 
What, you're too tired to go to the mall? :)

Watching another young girl get
her ears pierced

Those sweet, unpierced ears :) 
Had to get a little rub in before they were pierced :)

When she started slinking down in her 
seat and she looked so vulnerable.

Rubbing the cat, Julie's, heart

Placing the heart inside

Getting a push from her little brother

Showing off her goods

Happy with his balloon and stamp :)

Two kids with giant balloons in the mall. 
Glad we weren't walking by :P

Happy girl :)

Very happy boy 
(he loves all of these celebrations :))

This is the best day ever!

Goodnight sweet 5 year old Caroline
Tomorrow you start your new adventure
as a 6 year old

Monday, April 18, 2016

The After Party

After the party we actually took a nice swim in the pool, just the four of us. It was a nice way to relax and enjoy the pool and the kids in a low key setting. Plus, it will be a while before we're in a pool again! When we got home Caroline played while George took a nap and we unloaded the car. After George woke up we Facetimed with Gramma and Caroline opened her gifts from her. Gotta love technology! After, some more playing and then early to bed because there was another exciting day ahead of us!

 Caroline got a lot of great gifts from her friends. 
Two of her favs were the magic set from Aunt Barbara and Uncle Richard in the background
and the light up Barbie Mermaid from her BFF Brenna :)
Another was a My Little Pony ball from her friend Ellie that has gotten a lot of 
use by her and George, much to Mommy's displeasure. Can't wait for 
warmer weather :)

 Fairies for her fairy houses this summer

 She went right to work on her Fairy coloring book 
and pencils from Gramma

 George unwinding with some Pete the Cat

 Mommy unwinding with some cake :)

Fast asleep!