Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week of 3/13 in Pictures & the Easter Bunny!

This was a busy and crazy week and on top of it Alan was out of town for work in lovely Minnesota :) Sunday afternoon was really nice and after the chaos of the play and sickness Alan took the kids out to play for a bit while I tried to get some rest to recover and gear up for the week alone. The rest of the week was filled with doctor appointments, errands, work and fun. The kids were really great for me which was good since I lost my voice in the beginning of the week! We managed to still have some fun and celebrated St. Patrick's Day and had a great week. Alan came home late Friday night so the kids got to see him on Saturday morning. Once we relaxed and hung out with each other a bit we headed to the mall to see the Easter bunny and then headed to grab some Chinese. With the kids tucked into bed and everyone under the same roof again, we could finally settle back into normalcy?!

Caroline happy and showing off
that she got the second back wheel of 
her scooter off and could ride it like a big kid

The kids were awesome for me and Caroline helped
take over storytime for me since my voice was shot. She did such a 
good job and I'm so proud of her. George even said, "Proud of you Caroline!"
George helped in return by helping me tuck Caroline into bed each night :)

Finding worms on the way to the bus stop

Hey kids, the bus is this way :)

Since the kids were super good I told them
we'd go to McDonald's for dinner one night. 
Had to grab some Shamrock shakes 
before they were gone :)

George waiting for the doctor.
Who is this big boy?!

Back from the doctor's office and he had to 
hurry back to his buddies! 

George loved that Caroline read to him so
in return he had to tuck his bear in and read
to him :)

Saturday morning snuggles :)

"No thank you! No thank you!"
George did not want to sit on his lap. There were no 
tears, but he was not happy! 

I FINALLY got a decent fortune! The funny thing is Alan 
received the same one. I had Caroline sitting next to me and
Alan sat next to George. We figured however you looked at it, 
we were all pretty happy and lucky :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Twinderella ~ Caroline's 1st Play

Did you know that Cinderella has a long lost twin brother named Bob living in the same kingdom with his own wicked stepfamily? The separated siblings have enlisted the services of the Fairy Godmother, the Godfather (he ain’t no fairy!) and four enchanted gerbils to help wile their way into the exclusive royal festivities of Wychwood-under-Ooze. Bob has his sights set on Prince Percy’s all-kingdom baseball game, while Cinderella eyes the birthday gala for Princess Petunia. When the two strangers disappear at midnight after Cinderella hits a game winning homerun, the search is on to find the feet that fit the glass slipper and the muddy cleat!
That's the press info for the play and I figured I'd help all out with a little info since most have NOT heard about Cinderella's twin brother, Bob. Caroline's school put on this play and Caroline jumped at the chance to be in it. I always said she was a born actress! The Kindergartners were woodland creatures (or just funny animals) and Caroline knew she wanted to be a fawn. She did so well and loved the rehearsals. She loved hanging out with the older kids and really took her role seriously. A few times she was the only creature on stage at rehearsals doing what she was supposed to. 
The week leading up to the play was touch and go since she had the flu but we made it! George and I struggled but we all attended Opening Night. Nana, Grampy, Aunt Barbara and Uncle Richard came too!  
Caroline did fabulous on stage, even though she forgot to put her hood/deer head on. Backstage she was a little bored since they had to stay back there until the end. She was also pretty tired from recouping form the flu and being up way past her bedtime. All of the kids put on a great performance! The second night Nana and I attended and Caroline remembered her head :) She did wonderful both on stage and backstage. Monday morning the kids put on a play for the whole school and two other schools (she's not sure which they were). She was finally allowed to watch the whole play while she wasn't performing and it was fun since she had no clue about most of the play after her part so she came home and repeated line after line. Next year we'll let her stay for a few rehearsals so she knows whats going on :) 

We are so proud of Caroline for not only having outstanding performances, but for going out there and trying something new that could be a little scary, in front of all of those people. She took it in stride and loved every bit of it. She took her part very seriously and behaved so nicely and everyone around her loved working with her. She was nervous when she was sick because she so wanted to show off all she had learned and she did it. She's a star in our book, that's for sure! :) 

The woodland creatures help Bob and Cinderella 
with the cleaning

Caroline, 4th from right, takes a bow

Our star!

Second night drop off
A little more energy :)
On back of a friend 

Before the play
She had them put brown face paint on 
in addition to the pink cheeks and black
nose they had put on the night before

The little fawn peeking around Bob and sniffing around :)

Bow time again!

Those silly woodland creatures about to go on stage!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weeks 2/21-3/6 in pictures

Yup, that's right. These few weeks have been a blur with not many pictures and for the sake of catching this blog up to date I've consolidated them! Once we came back from Florida we were on a whirlwind of play rehearsals, mad science meetings, late nights at work and PTA meetings. Then, it came to a crashing halt the week before the play when George got the sniffles and goopy eye over the weekend and then Caroline went to bed Sunday night "not feeling so good." She woke up with a high fever and the day went down hill fast. We didn't have her tested since it's kind of invasive with that nasal swab but went right for the Tamiflu. We got peanut ready for her play but George and I were just hanging on. I'll be doing a separate post for the play though.

 What was left of Caroline and Alan's snowman 
when we returned. A LOT different then our return last year!

 I came out for breakfast with Alan cooking to this. 
He got the griddle smoking a bit much and apparently 
Caroline taught George who to drop down :P

 Farmer George helping George build sand castles

Playing "sleeping"

 George's Easter shirt that he had to have on the minute I opened
the package because it looked like 
"Daddy's shirt!"

 Sunday afternoon after a quick trip to the mall.
Little did we know that they were relaxing and letting 
their bodies be overcome with illness :(

 George and one of his favorite books
"Pete the Cat"

 Caroline's temp as we were headed out the
door to the doctor's :( Stupid flu

 Sick kiddos. Poor Caroline missed the entire week of school

But the show must go on and she was 
pretty excited about her fawn costume! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Last Day of Vacation

The last day of vacation we wanted to accomplish two things, cram in a little bit of everything while still relaxing. We did it! The night before Alan and I noticed a shell store down the street which was great,yet hilarious. We had been looking online for something so we could purchase a queen conch shell and had come up with nothing. The entire stay we kept turning right and when we finally turned left, 500ft down the road was a giant "Shell Bazaar!" We got a small conch for Caroline, a large one for me, a few other goodies and a gorgeous piece of coral for the living room.We finally got to the park as a family. We had tried the day before but a fall halfway through prevented us from going any further. Just like last year it was the day that we went and it was warm, but nice. We played for a bit, checked out the turtles, and collected some pine cones for back home. Then we headed back to the house for some lunch and by then the pool would be warmed up! After lunch we all went in the pool. Yes, the last day I finally got in since it was warm and sunny :) We had a lot of fun swimming and the kids did awesome. Caroline could swim the length of the pool without any kind of float and George was going under. No pictures since I was in the pool as well. Once George was out he fell quickly asleep on my lap and stayed that way for a while. Caroline and Alan enjoyed some extra time in the pool by themselves. Then it was dinner and a boat cruise to round out the day. Early bedtime for all since we had a 4am wake up call to get to the airport on time.

 George listening to Caroline's 
conch shell

 George pushing Daddy down the slide

 Caroline pushing George on the swings

 Looking, and scaring, the turtles away :)

 Sleepy George

And then we were headed home, tired and ready