Monday, February 29, 2016

Headed to Florida!

On Valentine's Day we woke up with lots of excitement. This is one of Caroline's most favorite holidays and there were lots of cards and little trinkets to share. So many wonderful treasures to express our love for each other. The kids did an amazing job of making cards, etc. and I wish I had gotten a picture before I packed them away the other day. EDIT: I took them out and took a picture:) We ate sprinkled Dunkin Donuts and then got a move on and headed out to Portland to catch our flight.
The kids were great on the plane and even did well with a long layover and then a maintenance delay before boarding our connection. It was almost an hour drive to Nana and Grampy's house after that but they were rock stars. George finally took his first nap of the day on the car ride and woke up a little unnerved about being in a different house, but we got them settled in for the night relatively easy.
The first morning we unpacked, hit the stores for a few items, and then came back and went in the pool. Caroline jumped right in and was happy to be swimming. George was a little unsure but when he was removed he was not happy. He realized the pool was the place to be!
We took it easy the first day. Caroline found lizards and the kids got used to being away. The second day was beautiful so we took a ride up the river and found a great sandbar to go out and explore on. There were 5 living Queen Conchs that were amazing to see and a slew of crabs and other awesome shellfish just cruising around in the pools. We found two dead starfish as well. Caroline had fun exploring and wading in the pools while George didn't like the sinking feeling of the sand between his toes but loved chasing the birds. He was VERY unhappy to get back on the boat though!  I so wish I had had my camera for this trip, but I had to jump out of the boat and walk to shore and I didn't want to risk it.

 The seasoned traveler

 With her trusty sidekick

 This was about the only button George could touch
since the first elevator in the airport he touched the alarm bell
Caroline was NOT impressed :P

 Pre-takeoff selfie!


 Daddy enjoying the aisle seat on the other side

 But that changed when we realized taking two window/aisle seats in front of another
was the best way to go. Divide and conquer!

First morning, first dip in the pool!

 First lizard of the vacation

Still has him, just had to dry off first :)

 Caroline out on the sandbar

 George heading out

 Another lizard!

George and Daddy playing with the remote controlled boat

Friday, February 26, 2016

Week of 2/7 in Pictures

Our last week before school vacation was a busy one. We definitely had to earn that vacation! The weekend was nice with getting haircuts, doing some things around the house, and Caroline and Alan enjoying some time in the snow. George had to miss it, yet again, because he was coming down with another cold and we didn't want to risk it with travel so soon. He and Tucker were good company though as he was also getting a cough! The rest of the week was busy busy! Play rehearsal, a last minute field trip, last minute school parties, Alan working overnight, PTA meetings, and school assemblies. We got it done though and somehow managed to all be healthy by the end of the week! Bring on vacation!

 Snowman building is hard work!

 One day to make something for Caroline's school party? 
No problem! I made sure to tip George and I with one cookie each for
all of our hard work :)

 George and Bear heading to Morning Meeting
and PTA

 So tired and sick :(

Bear and George are so tight, they
sleep alike :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week of 1/31 in Pictures

This time it wasn't fault that this post is late. Caroline had a surprise for Nana and she didn't want her to see it until we came down to Florida! This week we started counting down to Valentine's Day and our Florida vacation. We had our first snow day and did some crafting. We also took both kid to get their hair cuts. See the results below :)

Valentine's Day countdown! 

Bear enjoying some breakfast

George enjoying some sticker fun! 


After! She wanted it cut short, all her! It looks so cute and 
better now that we went home and actually blew dry it. 
She's having so much fun with her short hair. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week of 1/24 in Pictures

Another busy week here at the Lovejoy household. The weekend started with Caroline going over to Aunt Barbara's for a sleepover with her cousin Maia. They were treated to a LOT of fun and enjoyed every minute of it! The guys and me went to BJ's for grocery shopping while Caroline was having fun. Sunday afternoon we went over to pick her up and were treated to dinner. Add in some doctor appointments, book club, errands, my turn finally to go to Friday Family Read, Caroline's last gymnastics class (I'm kind of bummed I never got any pictures but it was difficult with the setup), and her first Mad Science class (She is SO excited about this) and it was a busy week!

George doing Caroline's chore for her
while she was Facetiming with Gramma. 
He does love to help!

Caroline showing George some Peppa Pig
who happens to have a little brother George too. 

Sssh, he's sleeping :P

Caroline & Maia


Officer George blowing his whistle

He wanted shoes and since they don't make
boy dress up shoes, he opted for some heels :)

Little fishy

Our little fishy. This reminds me of Caroline 
and her little birdie. Usually, when he swims he gets down 
on the floor but he knew he'd be too cold for that! 

Hanging around while Daddy cleans upstairs

Caroline caught up with a friend, Hallie, while ice skating

Friday Family movie night!