Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week of 1/17 in Pictures

This was a pretty relaxing week as we recouped from illness and took care of some things around here. On Sunday Alan took the kids out in the snow while I hung around in the house sick. This was George's first time really getting to play in the snow. He hated it last year and this year we're just been too sick! He had a lot of fun, but when he got stuck, he was done :) He still points out the window and says, "stuck!"

 Caroline eating an icicle

 Caroline eating snow...

 Steering the ship

 George waiting for his sitter, Sam, to arrive.
He picked out his most "handsome" shirt to wear for her!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week of 1/10 in Pictures

This week became the week of being sick for George and I. While George was slowly on the mend from croup I started getting my own respiratory junk. So, besides going to the bus stop, George and I were home every day.  Not much happened but we took a few cute sickly selfies and George finally laid down with me on the couch. He's huddled and cuddled but he's never laid on his side and chilled out! It was nice :)

 Monday morning sickly baby

 Monday afternoon after meeting Caroline
at the bus stop. He so wanted to be out there and play

 But after walking around for maybe 5 minutes, 
Mommy was right. It winded him.

 Meanwhile, this teenager was taking off 
for school on Tuesday morning!? 
She looks so big! George slept in almost every morning
so we got the chance to hang out quietly in the mornings before
school which was nice.

 Caroline doing an amazing job at reading!

 Caroline was putting on a show so George came up 
to me with a dress and said, "On! Princess!" 
He loved jumping around with the puffy dress on

Singing :)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week of 1/3 in Pictures

This was our first week back from vacation. With nothing planned besides gymnastics on Thursday after school. I'd get everyone back on schedule and get some things done around the house. For the most part, it went smoothly. Thursday night we were thrown for a loop when George woke up with croup. Friday was a chaotic day after that. Thankfully, Nana was already scheduled to go to Caroline's class's first Friday Family Read time and Alan came home a little early bearing Domino's pizza. We've all managed to stay healthy besides a sore throat for me. Alan and Caroline went ice skating on Saturday and she's getting better and better and I hope to go watch her next weekend. It was nasty weather wise so a good weekend for a sick kiddo.

 Caroline decided that under her bed was a 
great place to be and brought lots of stuff underneath!

 Watching Shrinky Dinks

 Every body line up!

 Officer George catching up on some reading

Dr. George

 Poor babe :(
This was Friday, by Saturday his eyes and nose were red
and he had squinty eyes. His right barely opened. He was a mess :(

Saturday night, George sleeping sitting up
He was really restless so we went and got him and 
he stayed up and watched Downton Abbey with us.

Dover Children's Museum

Saturday we decided to pack up the kids and head down to Dover to visit the Children's Museum. We wanted to do something fun for the last days of vacation and figured they'd both love this. The kids had a ball and we spent almost three hours there, with a lunch break in between. George loved the trains, cars, and balls, and Caroline loved the loom, topography, kitchen, Mindball. We all really had a great time!

It's been three years but she's back in the submarine :)

Building and racing cars

The object is whomever is the most relaxed wins
George and Alan won!

Learning about topography

Time for a play!

Daddy and George playing with nuts and bolts


Lunch break at Pizza Hut!
Just like we did a few years ago! 

Not happy about not eating yet and the camera :P

Now he is totally chilling!


George, who it appears may have
had his eyes open?!?

The loom, her favorite!

I remember watching her do this when she was so little,
now the two of them :)

George's heaven :) 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years! I know, it's a little late but it's still the new year and I can still wish a happy one to you! For New Years Eve we went back and forth on what to do and decided that we could achieve all of the fun we wanted throughout the day instead of in a few hours before bedtime. We headed off to the Bounce Zone to let the kids have fun and let out some energy. This was George's first time really going into the bounce houses and he loved it! He went in the big ones and the big slides with Caroline and nothing would stop him! Afterwards, we hit the Chinese Buffet and had a lovely lunch. These kids do so well and eating Chinese is always a pleasure with Caroline :)
We came home and relaxed for a bit.

For the big festivities we popped some popcorn and watched a new movie, Inside Out, which we all loved. Then we counted down and celebrated! Then, the kids crashed :)

 There he goes, up top with his big sister!

 During naptime Caroline opted to play out in the snow
so she came in for her mandatory fire and hot cocoa :)

 Breakfast for dinner!

George wanted to sit on the floor :)

First we watched the Puffin Rock countdown on Netflix
since the kids love this show. But, it was
kind of slow yet sweet. 

 So we watched another countdown and had a dance party

The grown up NYE. After the kids went to bed at 7:30 
I baked some of my freezer stash cookies
and we continued on our Star Wars marathon. 
Yup, milk, cookies, movies, and matchbox cars :)