Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fall Family Pictures

It's been a while and I have posted some of these on Facebook, but I wanted to wait until Christmas gifts were delivered. So now, here are the family pictures we had taken by my friend Carly Murray the end of September. The family pictures are okay, it's so difficult to get four people paying attention and looking good, but we LOVE the individual pictures of Caroline and George!

Santa at Cape Porpoise

Santa made his annual trip by fire truck to Cape Porpoise and we were there, as always, to greet him! This was our second visit to see Santa this year and both kids were excited. George isn't big on sitting right next to him, but he isn't scared either. His sister helps him though :)

 Leave it to the big sister to grab his cheeks!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trimming the Tree

We got our tree a week earlier than usual this year. We were jsut ready to get our holiday on and have fun with the kids! We went back and forth on where to get a tree but decided on good old Herb's again. It's become a fun challenge to pick a tree out of the few he has opened and the rest that are still tied up. The past few years we've only looked at 2 or 3 trees and chosen a winner. We've been lucky! This year was no exception. Alan cut one tree open but once he moved it we saw one that looked great. Even if it was still tied up! It had good shape and looked to be full. We unwrapped it but knew it was a winner! Last year I know we picked a tree out without even cutting it free. The following day we decorated it and had lots of fun. Caroline's reach is getting higher and she has become more dependable and George has taken over her job of putting some of the lower, non-breakable ornaments on!

Alan made his best pie yet, a vodka crust!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Week of 12/6 in Pictures

The second week of December was probably our busiest and most eventful weeks in December.

 George reading to Rudolph while Caroline
gets ready for school

 Caroline wearing my old Christmas pin from when 
I was little :)

 Vowel Bat performance
at Friday morning meeting!

 Trimming Nana & Grampy's tree

 George doing the final mow of the season
and Caroline and Alan building a rock wall

 Caroline built a laptop :P

Sunday, December 27, 2015

George's 1st Hair Cut & Meeting Santa at the Mall

After the pancake breakfast and rollerskating we decided that it was finally time to get George's haircut. Sigh. Good bye cute curls and waviness. I loved playing with it, but it was becoming a bit of a comb over and was time. So, we headed up to Snipits where Caroline had her first haircut. George was SO good. He sat there and was very patient. Caroline kept him entertained and the haircut was over quickly. He received his little octopus toy and Caroline received a wand for being such a great big sister.
Next, we headed over to the mall and met Santa there. George was so excited so see Santa, calling his name in line but once he was on his nap he clammed up a bit. He wasn't scared, but wasn't big on talking.
Afterwards, we headed to Red Robin for dinner to celebrate George's big boy haircut. We had dinner out for Caroline's so George received the same! There was a bit of an ordeal as we entered the restaurant that will live on in our memories as one of those funny stories when this reminds us, but I'll leave the details out for George's sake :)