Monday, November 30, 2015

Week of 11/8 in Pictures

Alright, I fell behind again, but we've been super busy. I'll get up to date here soon though since we are in the thick of the holidays now!

This was a busy week as we were prepping for George's party and Gramma's arrival on Thursday.  Wednesday was also Veteran's day so Caroline had the day off and we enjoyed some time together like the old days :)

 George watching Daddy's computer play the football highlights.

Cutely missing his new best friend Samantha

 Caroline modeling my third crochet project, her scarf

 Lazy bum caught snacking in front of the tv and 
bringing the coffee table over!

 We had a major errands fail with a store
actually going out of business on us, but there
were donuts to be eaten next door which made 
things better

 Caroline helping George learn his colors

 Morning Play Doh fun! 
They played so nicely together and even cleaned up!

 Wednesday night Alan and I finished the last little project for George's
party, the cupcake toppers. Thursday morning
in all of the chaos of getting Caroline on the bus and 
having to head to Portland George took it upon himself to destroy 1/3 of them. 
Then, got upset that I told him No!

 I made it up to him by letting him be a taste tester :P

 Candy Land fun with Gramma!

Saturday was lady's lunch and shopping with Gramma
Caroline picked her favorite, Chinese!
We had a nice afternoon, besides the table tipping incident ;)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week of 11/1 in Pictures

Oh this past week was rough. We started the Monday with a cold and it went quickly down hill from there with Caroline getting the stomach flu and the colds just getting worse and worse. Give us a break, please!? School days, gymnastics etc were missed and we didn't get much done but work on getting healthy. Once the weekend hit, everyone was mostly feeling better so it was time to get busy working on George's party prep. With just one week away we needed to get busy!

 George loves his new hat :)

On Sunday Caroline went to a birthday party at her
old classmate, Luke's. He had all sorts of animals etc. there. 
She and Daddy had lots of fun while George
and I recouped at home.  
^ That is a few hours old mouse


 First crochet project finished!

 George playing with his Halloween Play-doh
We hadn't played with any yet and he had fun
but really didn't want to touch it. Was more interested in 
it coming out of the container and then going quickly back in :)
We've been working on it though!

 I tell them to stay away from each other
since they have different viruses and
they couldn't be separated. This was after
I found them with their heads together :)

 I was cleaning the walls and dusting in the kids
rooms so George thought he'd give me more work to 
do in the playroom :/

 George & Caroline stopped by and visited 
Grampy at the shop on Saturday. 
This was George's first time in the tractor. 
He LOVES his tractor so I imagine he was pretty happy here :)

 Caroline moving some logs

Working on party favors

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We had a double dose of Halloween this year with trick or treating at the local businesses on Friday night and then regular residential trick or treating on Saturday night. Caroline was our sweet black kitty and George was a farmer. He watched Caroline grab candy from the first bucket and immediately took to it. Almost too well as he kept grabbing fistfuls. We tried to stop him, but half the time everyone said "aww he's so cute, let him have it." Mmm hmm. :)
We met up with Caroline's friend Hailey and her family and Caroline just HAD to stay with her so we tried our best to keep up with the girls on a mission. We left them towards the end when they decided to grab some dinner and made our way back. It was fun watching George get into things and Caroline see all of her friends and it be quite the social event for her. We ran into new friends at school, old classmates, even Bella and Rusty! We made a stop at Nana and Grampy's house next where Caroline basically took all of their candy! We headed home exhausted and with quite a bit of candy!

Saturday we bundled up and headed to Summer St. We got there when it was light out which was nice and were only planning on staying for a little bit but then we got into the line at the haunted house that Caroline wanted to do. It was long, but much shorter than last year. We did the "medium" scary and she did good :) Then we headed down a few side streets we've never done. George kept right up and was a trooper. Caroline got tired and we headed for the car with another bundle of candy! We made a quick stop to see our friend Betsy Cheney and then to Adam Martin and his grandmother. Then home and to bed since the following day was DSL and a birthday party. Busy busy!

Candy break! George enjoying his first ever M&M!

Trick or treat Nana and Grampy!

George didn't like going through the different door

Friday's loot

Both night's loot

Not bad George, thanks for the candy :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week of 10/25 in Pictures

The last week of October and I am finally up to date. Yay!! This was a busy week as started battling colds again. Caroline had her school pictures and we can't wait to start the classic 8x10 frame on the mantle of cute, silly, and awkward school pictures of years to come :) I dropped Caroline off at school for the first time, which she loved, so that she would miss morning recess and not freeze. We also geared up for Halloween and her school held a "Bookoween" on Friday where the kids dressed up as their favorite book characters and wore great vests that displayed their books that they had been working on. Caroline was Fancy Nancy of course! :)

 All ready for pictures!

 George snuck in for some pictures

 The big book of toys came from Toys R Us

 George learning how to put 
money in his piggy bank

 A little farm play before school

George put his animals to sleep and 
then napped along with them

 The Bookoween parade
Caroline is towards the right with the pink leggings, hair in pigtails, 
 and the fan in front of her face