Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week in Pictures 10/18

We're getting there folks. I'm almost up to date! Thanks for bearing with the onslaught of posts :)
So Alan was off from work this entire week and we continued to tackle projects, run errands, have some fun and relax. Basically, taking advantage of having two of us around to do things together and separately with the kids. After picking up the kids from Nana & Grampy's on Sunday from their sleepover (Mommy and Daddy ran some errands and saw The Martian) we came home and played in some leaves. Monday after Caroline got home we headed up to LL Beans to grab the kids some new hats and mittens, with a pitstop at Chipotle. Gotta love when we settle on McD's up in Freeport and she asks if we can stop in Portland for Chipotle. Yes, yes we can!!! The rest of the week was a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Organizing things inside, painting trim outside. Halloween costumes and party planning, etc.

 This year it didn't rain and make the leaves fall so they
were nice and crunchy!

 George loves to keep his towel on after bath. 
He usually goes in his room and reads while his sister 
gets her hair dried :)

 George showing Daddy what we do on school mornings :)

 LL Bean fish tank!

 Mommy being domestic. 
Crocheting and making ice cream!

 Who is this big kid? 
After school "homework" :)

 Speaking of big kids, Caroline reading to us before bed

 Sorry buddy, you're still too little!

 But Daddy will put you to work anyways :)

On Friday Daddy and George went to morning meeting and 
then I picked Caroline up from school. She was so excited since
she had never been a pick up before. I am SO glad I did pick her up!
Just before dismissal she and a friend had a slide incident and the little girl's
head hit Caroline just below the eye leaving a good sized bump and bruise. 
She'll be sporting a shiner on picture day. Poor kiddo. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Week of 10/11 in Pictures

This was a pretty low key week. Over the weekend we did some things around the house, errands etc. Then Monday was Columbus Day so Caroline got to enjoy her first holiday off from school and she liked it! Thursday and Friday Alan was off of work (and the following week as well). Since my surgery was canceled we decided to take the time and get some projects done around the house. We got a lot done, but of course not everything since there is just never enough time! Thursday morning Caroline got on the bus, George headed to Nana's and we headed down to Mass to Ikea to grab a few things for the playroom. Time to get it organized before someone's birthday and Christmas! Friday morning George, Alan and myself went to Caroline's school morning meeting where her class sang, which was super cute.

Daddy was interrupted in his cleaning of the fan by the kids :)

After my craft store, etc. run I took a few minutes to enjoy the warm weather 
during nap time. 

Alan turned the Pats game on and we found a monster lurking
inside of George. He freaked out over FOOTBALL!
Besides when he was 14 months old seeing the Super Bowl for a few minutes, he's never 
watched a game. Well that has changed. Kid asks for it all of the time now. 
He got really into it.

Before bed we had to go upstairs for a wedding
that Caroline was hosting. 

The ponies sang from the hymnals LOL

George freaked b/c he wanted football, not a wedding

Someone raided his sister's room and 
took her tee ball hat to wear to the store! 

Our little greenish pumpkins we grew. Not bad out
of 4 plants :P

Getting some help from big sis!

Enjoying some tea

One of the big kids at morning meeting

Helping Dad out at Home Depot

Thursday, October 29, 2015

W. Kennebunk Fire Station Open House 2015

Oh how we love the fire station's open house every fall. This is one of the best since they have so much for the kids to do and they take everyone on a ride in one of the fire trucks around the neighborhood. Caroline always loves it, her favorite thing being the smoke house. This was George's first year and he was beside himself. It was so much fun watching him go nuts!

This was George's favorite truck. He squeeled everytime he was near it
and loved checking out the wheels. 

On the fire truck ride. He was in awe and very quiet

George wanted his blood pressure checked too, 
sorry buddy

Those eyes...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

George's Invite Photo Shoot

We grabbed a sunny afternoon and took George outside for pictures for his birthday invitation. The problem was we were running down to the wire to get them made, he wasn't feeling well, and it was cold. So, what I figured would happen did. He didn't want to coperate and put his head through the life ring with his name on it to grab the desired picture. But, we got some great pictures of George being George and especially good under the circumstances! Here's our little cutie pie. I'm thinking since it was a month before his second birthday, I may give him a break and call this his 2 year photo shoot as well. :)

A plane was flying over head :)