Friday, September 4, 2015

Week in Pictures 8/23

We had a busy week of more appointments and errands, lots of rain, a good amount of play, and Alan and I celebrated our 8th anniversary! We were headed to Boston Saturday for  Trane employee event so we kept it low key and enjoyed some takeout with the kids at Laudholm Farm. Besides the 50 roses, it was a typical week I'd say :)

 You can build a high tower when your
brother is stuck in a bin :)

 Best part about this picture? The 
tv isn't even on! They were all excited after breakfast,
and got ready until Mommy told them no! :P

 Instead, we played!

 And were silly

 And then finally watched a little tv.

 It was a gorgeous evening and perfect for the kids, mainly George, 
to run around!

 Daddy had to go and sit by Caroline though and be the 
official bug swatter

 George trying on his new Carharts courtesy of 
Nana and Grampy

George in Mommy's closet again! 


Thursday, September 3, 2015


Another weekend of rain so Alan decided to set up the tent above the garage just in case. Caroline decorated it inside and out and was still pretty excited. We swam and had fun, cooked out, had some S'mores, and then put the little brother to bed. We watched a new movie and had some popcorn and then Alan and Caroline went to sleep in the tent. Apparently, she woke up in the middle of the night and asked Alan where she was, but otherwise did good :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dinner Out and a Little Shopping

On Friday evening we were itching to get out since the weather hadn't been the best. We decided to cross off another summer list item and go to Bugaboo Creek which is Caroline and George's favorite restaurant. Although, this time around George wasn't sure of the animatronic animals,but he got used to them and liked them. Afterwards, we went to Cabellas to see some more animals and the kids had a ball. An easy Friday night with lots of smiles :)

George loved the swan, but was unsure of the 
talking buffalo above his head. He tried to offer some of his 
food to him as a peace offering :)

George loved the giant moose outside

Which led Caroline into a song and dance :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week of 8/16 in Pictures

This week was a lot of fun as we got to play a lot around the house, with friends, and crossed off a lot of summer list items. On Tuesday we met friends Rusty and Bella at the BounceZone and had lots of fun and then went to Burger King afterwards with them. Another day Caroline enjoyed her "spa day" and had her nails done, a massage, a little relaxation and her first bath in my tub. She had lots of fun and George was pretty excited as well and wanted in SO badly! :)

 George wouldn't take no for an answer and was
right in the thick of it!

A bumper crop of cucumbers this year! 

An after dinner play

Sunset Trip to Perkins Cove

On Sunday, way back on August 16th, we took a boat ride down to Perkins Cove for some more ice cream. George is loving the boat and is probably going to start thinking that it always leads to ice cream! It was a gorgeous night and a great way to cap off the weekend!

 Stopping to enjoy the roses in Perkins Cove