Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week of 8/9 in Pictures

This week was a busy one with the celebration of my birthday, Caroline at camp three days, and Tucker getting some teeth work done :) We were pretty busy and pretty productive and had lots of fun.

 Caroline finally getting to hang her wind chimes from Gramma

 This is not a movable toy and George knows it, 
but it doesn't stop him from still driving it around. 
He deicded to go into my bedroom and hang out while I was getting ready

Taking selfies while Caroline is at school

 This kills me. Absolutely in love with this picture
One second they are yelling and then this.

 A Caroline creation!

Our daily haul

While George napped Caroline and I got crafty
and made a bird house :) 

 Everything from the playroom was brought down while we 
got all of the carpets cleaned. George was in heaven!

 He took the dress up stuff and thought his
throne should be properly outfitted!?!!

 Saturday Caroline and I went school shopping 
and then treated ourselves for our hard work
We brought some home for the boys too

 Saturday night Caroline and Daddy were supposed to sleep on
in the front yard, but then it poured. It only lasted 20 minutes but it was a downfall. 
Alan quicly brought the tent into the garage, but it was no good. 
So, keep your fingers crossed for this weekend! 
(George with a bat for security, Mommy anxiously checking the Doppler!)

 Caroline eating her "grilled" cheese sandwich made
in aluminum foil because we had hoped to cookout on the bbq :/

 We read a few extra books at bedtime and finally dried those
tears and had a relatively happy girl :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last Day of Camp Means Dinner at...Camp!

Friday night we wanted to do something fun. We wanted to go out to eat, eat some good food, yet not really deal with crowds, etc. Alan had taken the day off because we had to get some things done around here but Caroline had her last day of camp. So, we picked Caroline up from camp at 4pm and then headed to Sanford and picked up some great seafood and then headed to camp to dine al fresco. It was awesome. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the kids kind of did their thing. Caroline tried fried shrimp and loved them and gobbled down a few of my calm strips too. So, hopefully that kind of eating continues :) Afterwards, we took a walk to see if there were any blueberries left and then headed home. It was a lovely little break in the monotony.

 George eating on the run

 The grub

What? You wanted me in the picture, but next to them?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Birthday DQ visit

The night of my actual birthday we decided to make a run to Dairy Queen after dinner. There was no more Carvel cake and we couldn't not have anything?!?! Well, we should have had nothing, but we couldn't :) Caroline was excited to wear her new flipflops and George was excited since this meant he could wear her sandals. We decided to let him, he wouldn't be walking a lot and why not? He was so happy. He wasn't happy that no one was noticing though. He kept sticking his leg out to everyone.

 They're getting so big and George is really catching up!
He is 9 inches and 9 pounds smaller than her, 
yet just about the size she was when she was 3!

 Enjoying some blackberries on the side of our yard

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Birthday Hike on Mount Agamenticus

On Sunday we decided to take the kids up to Mt. Aggie for a little hike. We haven't been there in ages and we figured it would be a nice family/birthday activity. We drove to the top and then walked down for a bit before returning back up. Caroline isn't quite ready to hike up by herself yet and she's too big for carrying at this point! We'll get there though. Mt. Aggie has beautiful views of both the ocean and mountains. We got to look down at Perkins Cove and show Caroline where we are ice cream just last week. After our hike we sat down and had lunch and then took a walk through the learning center.

Caroline really liked this flower so we took a picture to later identify it. 
We found out through Uncle Bill that it is the New England Ground Nut
Who would have thought?

She led the pack down the mountain, but was exhausted afterwards

She as determined and made it! 

mmm lunch!

So tired

A kid found a milk? Snake so Alan and Caroline
 went to check it out

At the learning center

An animal they both could appreciate :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meg's Bday Dinner

We met Nana and Grampy at East on the Saturday before my birthday for my birthday dinner. Having been there a few weeks ago and realizing what we've been missing all along, I was excited to go back! Before we left we tried to get pictures of me and the kids since we're not all dressed up that often and it seems we never get decent ones of me and the kids. Well, the streak continues :) After dinner we went back to the house and had some Carvel ice cream cake that Alan got for me since he knows it is a childhood favorite and he knew after our 3 cake failure debacle that a regular cake was forbidden from this house. Daddy saves the day :) When Nana and Grampy left we goofed off upstairs in the kids room and got ready for bed. Lots of silly pictures from that below as well.

 Happy selfies with Daddy

 But now the antics start when a regular 
portrait is attempted :)

 Checking out the fish!

 My helper

 Fun with selfies

 It started to get loud when the kids started fighting
over a musical triangle

 Then Mommy got hit in the head by something George had

 Kissy kissy

 Settling down