Friday, July 31, 2015

More Camp Photos

Richard snapped a few photos and I wanted to share them. He went and grabbed his camera when George was on the rope but by the time he came back George had had enough. He got some good photos none the less :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hanging out at Camp

Sunday we headed up to camp and hung out with family. Caroline loves seeing her cousin Maia so any chance we can, we do! Caroline was all over, such a big kid now, doing this and that and swimming so well. She was pretty happy with herself for making it to and on the trampoline all by herself this year. George was being his goofy self and had us cracking up. He did this winking thing with Richard that just can't be described, really had to be there. Then he wanted in the water to do everything that Caroline did. Rain came and we all headed home, but I'm sure it wont be the first camp trip of the season!

 Eating a sandwich before the fun begins


 Still trying to wink at Richard (above Barbara)

 Who is that big kid on the rope? Or the one
behind swimming so far out?!

 George decided to take some of the tar off the road 
and play with that in the sandbox as well

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week of 7/12 in Pictures

Another fun ad busy week of summer put in the books. Sunday was one of our hottest days of summer and Caroline and I attended her friend's, Ayla, birthday party. Phew, it was hot! Afterwards, we came home and Caroline, Daddy, and George jumped into the pool. I was too tired and the pool was too hot. Gramma made dinner for all. Monday morning Gramma left and moved back to New York. The video below was taken while the kids hung out and played with her before she left.  It was really quite adorable because before I started taping they were both swaying and moving about very slowly, feeling the music. Tuesday Caroline had a camp make up day and on Thursday both kids spent the day at Nana's while I drove down to Boston for an appointment. Boy, I miss it down there! I had a quick lunch with a tall, handsome guy and then headed back home. Saturday was a rainy day so we stuck around the house and watched Caroline's butterflies emerge from their chrysalides!

 George does NOT want to use floaties!

 Farewell dance for Gramma

 George and Daddy goofing off

 Breakfast time, but not before George picked 
out matching heels :)

 Quick & easy dinner for the kids after my 
Boston trip. They were so excited to sit with
each other!

 Dessert took place outside though. 
George's first cone by himself

 Bedtime story

 Goofballs :)

 Snack time!



 Playing library :)

 Pig pile on Daddy!

An image for Mommy's work with Unilever ice cream, 
who's that cute model? :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Smiling Hill Farm

Friday morning we decided to head to Smiling Hill Farm and enjoy the day. Caroline's been here a time or two, but this was George's first visit. It was so much fun seeing everything that Caroline could do this time around, compared to previous visits. George had a ball with the animals, (at home his loves ducks, pigs, and kitties) while she was more interested in the playground equipment. After seeing the animals we stopped and had an ice cream break. The ride home was relatively quiet as the kids took naps!

Can I come up?

One of George's favorite animals, Kitty!

Pigs !

As soon as we approached the horses George put his hands to his cheeks, 
in his "Excited" pose. He was so happy. Definitely his favorite animal, 
and Caroline's too! 

A little calf that was born on Grampy's birthday, May 26

These turkeys don't look the same as the ones in our yard

Ducks! Another of George's favorite

Don't get any ideas George!