Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Caroline's Pre-School Graduation

Caroline graduated from pre-school and the Gymnation Bright Stars program on Friday, June 19th. It was such a fun night. The school and the kids did a wonderful job and everyone had so much fun! It was sad to say good bye but exciting to say, "hello" to summer and the future with Kindergarten. Caroline has come a long way since her first shadow of the school back in June '13! When it was all said and done, she was actually in three programs in two years. She was a Frog, then a Monkey this year and finished off as a Bright Star in the Begindergarten program. We are so proud of her and the little lady she is becoming. She put on a wonderful show for graduation, showing her dancing and singing skills, her theatrics, and her gymnastics skills. She had so much fun out there! Afterwards, we went back to the classroom for cake and a bittersweet goodbye to her friends (most are going to another elementary school) and her teachers. Thankfully, we'll see a few this summer when she does a few days of camp and we'll be back in the fall for gymnastics. Afterwards, we went home for a little bit more cake, some presents, and after George went to bed Alan, Caroline, and I went through her wonderful binder with all of her work that Coach Heather put together. When she woke up the next morning I found her on the couch quietly going through it again :) Then, we went through her large portfolio of her larger artwork!

These plates were made for the annual Mother's Day tea.
These are so adorable with their thumbprints 
and I am glad they had them out so 
I could take a picture of them. 
The one above is when Caroline was a frog and 
the one below is from this year as a Bright Star. 

Ready for the show!

Watch my girl sing and dance her heart out :)
Love her! 

Pre-school had me a blast
set to Grease "Summer Loving"

Miss Kate, Coach Molly, Coach Heather, Coach Ashley,
Coach Nadia, and Miss Lexie

Giving Coach Ashley her framed artwork of a rocketship
and planets for her baby's nursery. 
I really wish I had taken a picture of it 
because it was SO good! 

Coach Heather and Caroline

Pre-school graduation was filled with gifts!

George loved Caroline's 50's sunglasses :)

Caroline's mermaid comforter and pillowcase

Last Day of School & Father's Day Breakfast

Caroline's last day of school was also Father's Day Breakfast. Alan got to go to school with her in the morning and then head to work right after. They had a great time together going to school, eating breakfast, enjoying some songs, and seeing the classroom and the kids great artwork.

 Caroline's First Day of Pre-school 9/14

 Caroline's Last Day of Pre-school 6/15

 She's pretty proud of her Daddy :)

 Custom wrapping papper :)

 Her canvas art.
Eggshells filled with paint and then they 
were tossed at the canvas

 Caroline in front of her
artwork of Daddy

Caroline's artwork in Alan's office

SeaDogs Game with Trane

Thursday night we headed to the SeaDogs game that was hosted by Trane. This is the second year they've hosted and it's been a lot of fun. They have it set up in the picnic area so the kids can walk around and eat and watch the game and mostly run back and forth between parents. We headed out sometime around the 7th inning since we had lots of school activities the next day. Too bad since there were fireworks, but there will be other times!

 George was a mooch that night and took 
to the ground to find bits of popcorn. 
No, George!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Week of 6/15 in Pictures

Our last week of school was a busy one! We had lots of projects to finish up for gifts for our teachers, father's day, and to finish Caroline's graduation outfit. Alan was also in a class so he came home very late on Wednesday night and then Trane hosted a Seadogs game on Thursday night. Friday was Caroline's last day of school, Father's Day Brunch, and then graduation! Phew !

 George being silly in Daddy's shirt

 Our last (second) George & Mommy beach walk 
until school starts back up. Wish we had had a warmer spring!

 George packing up for school

 Caroline's second to last day of school. 

 George, his chair, blankey, cup and lion!

 George helping with the laundry!

 Caroline watching Daddy mow the lawn!

Coach Heather took the class to Dairy Queen for a end of
year treat. This was definitely special for the kids!