Monday, March 23, 2015

Week of 3/15 in Pictures

This week was a busy week and thankfully we were all back to health or just about. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day, Caroline had swimming lessons, and Alan accepted a new position as Area Service Manager for Trane down in Mass. Caroline is really doing so well with her words and spelling and has also memorized my phone number. She's just a little sponge and loving learning again, we are thankful the switch of classes has worked out. George just makes us laugh everyday. He is quite the goofball and has such a cheesy grin. He still loves all soft things but he has also taken to carrying the wooden knife from the play kitchen everywhere with him. He has also successful master the spoon with sticky foods like mashed potatoes. He loves eating out of a bowl now and continues to eat and eat and eat!

Caroline, lambi, and Teddy (from school) on his last night with us

George getting ready for the holiday

Caroline moved down a level in swimming this week, 
she is kind of right inbetween classes, she just isn't a fan of 
getting her face wet. We're hoping she finds
more confidence in this class

Georgie and Mommy selfi while Caroline is at Nana's after school

This brings back memories since Caroline used to walk around
with the same sweatshirt of Alan's! 

George has has great fun with the cake dome from Hannaford

George found Mommy's special blanket
and immediately fell in love
He just laid on it, knowing it's the softest thing in the house
Caroline had to quickly join in, but I drew the line with Lucy :)

Being silly with Daddy and Caroline

Lil Moose

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

On the morning of St. Patrick's Day the kids woke up and found that the sneaky little leprechaun had once again entered our house and turned our milk green. What he may not have realized was he left a trail of gold behind him! The kids at their breakfast with their green milk and then had some silly fun with festive headbands. The shamrock one has been around since before Caroline was born and it's fun seeing George wear it now and Caroline wear it and see how much she's grown! Caroline headed off to school in the silly orange braided one. We didn't have our corned beef and cabbage since Caroline had swimming lessons (she did good so we had to reward her with some McD's) but we made sure to have our boiled dinner the night before. Caroline and George gobbled it up so I think we'll be having that again sometime in the near future!

Collecting the gold!

 "He did WHAT to the milk?"

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week of 3/8 in Pictures

Last week was a very slow week here. The weekend was pretty laid back and then I somehow hurt my back Monday morning and Caroline woke up with another fever so she was out for two days of school and I was out for the week! She was good enough for swimming though so she and Daddy went and did that. Over this past weekend she went over to Aunt Barbara's and Uncle Richard's and had a sleepover with Maia. As always, the girls had so much fun. Caroline got to go bowling for the first time and they enjoyed Richard's famous waffles :) 

 Caroline and George learning to get the dogs to do tricks
(Caroline is on the other side of Alan)

 Best cousins and Snugs!

 George chilling before dinner :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week of 3/1 in Pictures

This week was kind of busy. School celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday, George had to go back to the doctor's office for a vaccination, Caroline had an in-house field trip where they brought in snakes and liazards, Caroline started swimming lessons and then...Caroline got sick and came home early on Thursday and missed Friday. We had a low-key weekend after that and relaxed :)

 Cuties before school

 All ready!

 George was excited he was getting to go bye bye too!

 I love sneaking in on him after nap : )

 George took Caroline's coat while she was getting ready for school, 
he was going this time!

 He wanted IN!

 Our little swimmer

 Dancing after school

 George being silly, 
but he broke the shelf to the oven :/

 Aww sleepy baby

 George & Daddy donating food for animals and people

Snuggly, sick little girl :/

Week of 2/22 in Pictures

This was our first full week back into the swing of things after our Florida vacation and vacation from school. We were originally planning on keeping Caroline out of school for the entire month but had changed our minds and actually enrolled her into the Bright Stars Begindergarten program which is 5 days a week. She has been wanting to go to this class since last year and had trouble adjusting to the Monkeys class so we thought this may be best. It's a small class, she'll be the fifth student. She has really excelled in this class (since I'm writing this in March!) and we're so happy we moved her!

 One of George's favorite things, sit or lay in your lap and read

 Caroline's off to the Bright Stars!
When did she get so big?

 George and I after Carolne's drop off

 George! On your bum!

 The princess

 Aww, morning sibling love :)

 George isn't impressed! :)

There's that cheesy grin!

Chilling on the couch

 Such a snuggle bug when he wakes up

 George's reading/thinking/ and doing business spot

 Love these kiddos!

 Her hair was getting so long and I loved it but it was too much. 
Daddy said it was time, so we got a hair cut. Sadly, the last of her baby curls
seem to have been gone and the last of her light blonde went with it too. 
4 inches cut off, but it's at such a nice length now. 
This is before...

 and after, but she had it braided since Mom isn't so good at those things!