Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tinkerbell, Jasmine, and Alladin

After we left Anna & Elsa we headed to breakfast, on the way out of the park we tried a few shots with one of the photographers to do a re-shoot of Caroline holding Tinkerbell. They came out slightly better :) She was tired and hungry but they're still cute :) After breakfast we immediately went to meet the real Tink. It was our last day and she was one of the most important people and we needed to scratch that off the list. We were the first in line to go in for the next round and Caroline got to be the line leader. We walked into a room and with the magic of pixie dust became small and "fluttered" (with Caroline leading the way) into Pixie Hollow. Caroline was pretty smiley and quiet at first and Tink commented on her flower on her sweatshirt. She asked Caroline what her talent was and Caroline said she wasn't sure. I mentioned that Caroline loves to build fairy houses, boats, etc. and Tink got excited because that meant Caroline had a little Tinker in her too. There were lots of cute little nervous giggles from Caroline (that were pretty regular her whole time at Disney) and it was so cute.
It started raining so we went into the Country Bear Jamboree which is an animatronics bear show that Caroline loved. Then, we realized that Jasmine and Alladin were just about to do a meet and great so we got into line to see them. Thankfully, between the small crowds and rain, the rest of the lines that day were maybe 5 minutes! We ran into a fellow blogger I know that was in line in front of us so that was pretty funny. Caroline had said that she wouldn't great Alladin and only wanted to meet Jasmine but when they came out she went right up to him and they started talking about Jasmine's tiger sneezing at flowers (Caroline's sweatshirt reference again.) Then Caroline wouldn't stop hugging Jasmine. It was pretty cute!

Proudly walking towards Tink as the line leader
She was So excited to meet Tink and a real fairy!

Anna & Elsa

Our last night at the hotel, while Caroline was fast asleep, we came up with a plan to be able to meet Anna & Elsa from Frozen. Timing would be critical and we would have to wake up early and we were already pretty exhausted, but we figured if it was possible then we would make the effort. We risked losing our breakfast reservations and all being grumpy in the morning, but we were going for it. So, we waited outside of the park and watched the opening celebration and then when they opened the gates, we very quickly walked, along with the masses, up Main St. and through Cinderella's castle. We couldn't go straight to the Fairytale Princess Hall because they had it roped off so we had to go around the carousel and then to the hall. I kept walking, very quickly, to the hall and the line while Alan dropped the stroller in the parking area and grabbed Caroline. We all filed through very quickly, you heard the chains of the lanes jangling and lots of commotion as every parent and grandparent rushed to get a decent place in line to meet Anna and Elsa! It wasn't a stampede, but it was as close as we'd like to get to one ever again :) The woman in front of me had a baby in a Baby Bjorn and was squishing herself, and by default the baby in it, to wedge into position. Once we were in line there was a 20 minute wait which was cake walk. We chatted with the other adults about the ridiculous of it all while Caroline played on Alan's phone. We met the ladies, Caroline had a lot of fun, although she was nervous around Elsa and didn't ask her all of the questions she wanted to, and then we high tailed it back to the hotel in time for our breakfast reservation. We were the only people leaving the park after it had been open for 40 minutes! Meanwhile, the general public was still in line to get in!

We were excited about winning "Parents of the Year" 
but the little one wasn't impressed :)  

 Cinderella's glass slipper
No matter how the picture was taken, it was 
just WAY to sparkly :)

Snow White

 Caroline and Anna talked about Olaf and all of the
snow in Maine and how Caroline builds snow forts. 
Anna told her she would come to Maine and they could build snow forts, 
because "it doesn't have to build a snowman" LOL

 Elsa was very soft spoken so we couldn't make out what they were talking
about but Caroline seemed happy about meeting her even if she didn't get to see her magic 
powers in action.

Sir Mickey's shop just outside of course had EVERYTHING Frozen! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 3 at Magic Kingdom ~ Opening Celebration & Chef Mickey's

On the final morning we headed to the park very early because there were "magic hours" which meant those staying on the resorts could get into the park an hour early. We were on a mission to be one of the first in line to meet Anna & Elsa since we did not have a Fast Pass for them and the average wait is hours! No thanks! So, we arrived and watched the opening celebration which was a lot of fun and had a preview of some fun Disney characters, including Mary Poppins, who we hadn't seen yet. Then we ran through the park and met Anna and Elsa and then headed back to our hotel to have breakfast at Chef Mickey's and check out. Then it was back to the park for one last fun filled day. Don't worry, the next post will be ALL Anna and Elsa ;)

 First some of the townspeople came out and greeted us
and danced and then the train came carrying one lucky family 
and the rest of the Disney characters. Then there was a big
confetti/streamer blast off and the gates were opened!

Our sleepy, last morning!

 Donald being a goofball and trying to hide 
Caroline's Mickey ears!