Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ice Skating

Caroline and Alan went to the rink Friday night before dinner and I can't believe the stories and videos of her! She has gotten so good in such a short time! She saw a friend from swimming lessons (and one soccer lesson), Jenna, and they skated together and hung out like big girls. Aww!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week of 1/18 in Pictures

Another winter week has gone by. Only one more week to go before warm Florida! We've actually been pretty lucky with the weather here, it's been very cold, but nothing for snow so far. We started the week off by going to the mall on Sunday. Then we mostly played around the house and finished some projects up.

 Caroline and Daddy decided Sunday 
morning biscuits were in order!

 Monday was MLK day so the kids chilled

 Tuesday morning sillies

George's first drawing!

Caroline writing her info on her new bookshelf!

 Tada! It's complete! We've been looking forward to this for a long time. 
The smaller one is now in George's room.

 Who wants to go to school when you can 
read books in your own personal library?

 Selfie :)

 George loves pre-dinner snacks

 Getting stuck

 Dr. Caroline helping Mommy after her cortisone injection in her toe!

 Building walls

Oh, miserable boy :(

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lets go to the mall

Last Sunday we decided to hit the mall so we could get a few things and wear the kids out. For Caroline, it's like going to an amusement park. First we hit Chipotle for lunch, Caroline's favorite and George's now too. Then we hit the mall and did some window shopping, rode some rides, and got some frozen yogurt. The kids were pooped by the end of the afternoon and we enjoyed a peaceful ride home :)


 So happy to be riding with her brother

 George's first carousel ride!

 No Georgie! Don't lick the pole....



and some running around to get rid of any leftover energy!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week in Pictures 1/11

Another week  has gone by. Actually, a few since I'm posting this late! We've been pretty busy getting stuff around here done, getting ready for our trip to Florida, and just keeping busy so they kids stay entertained. Here are just some pictures of the kids around the house as we played throughout the week.  George has been walking here and there now, taking more than the typical 5 or 6 steps but we've yet to get it on tape. Finally, by the end of the week we got a few videos.

 George likes to start his mornings off nice and easy...

 Doing some farming

 Fun at lunchtime

 George's new thing is undressing himself, 
and being silly after his sister puts a too small hat on him!

 Ready for school

 Attempting to catch the walk!

 A little "Let it go"


 Another attempt!

Being silly after Dad installs the playroom game shelf

Gramma finally got a better video of George walking

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week in Pictures 1/4/15

Baby it's freezing outside....So, we stayed home and inside as much as possible. Only venturing out for school and George's PT appointment. We just had to follow up since George had developed his little Russian Bottle Dance crawl and wasn't walking yet (not that he should be still) but halfway through the visit he was having no problem walking and hasn't since! So, those 3 to 4 steps have turned into 10 real quick! The rest of the week was pretty uneventful!

 Caroline and Daddy headed out for some snowshoeing on Sunday

 George decided it was too cold and 
hung out in his sisters hat a bit!

 Caroline and I read some books about our solar system
while George read about snow friends!

 Silly selfies to Daddy at work

 Mirror, mirror...

 All in a days work...
painting and lots of destruction!

 Caroline cleaned up by building a tower...

 that George quickly tore down

Our little Moose

 Someone was too tired for school so she had to bring a pillow down
to lean against in the morning :P

 George's morning activity, a book, blanket and his chair

Goof ball with a plate in his mouth!

He likes her hat on cold mornings and is reading about Spring!
My boy! 

George somewhat dancing (he usually grooves a little more)
to Happy while Daddy tries to watch some football :)