Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week of 11/23 in Pictures

This past week (yay I'm caught up now!) was a busy one. Caroline was on school vacation so I wanted to keep her a little busy and we were also gearing up for Thanksgiving. Sunday was pretty warm so Caroline and Daddy did some stuff around the yard to prepare for the upcoming snow storm. Mommy mostly worked since I had a recipe due the next day but I did get a chance to enjoy the warmth a little bit. Monday we were low key since I had Caroline's parent/teacher conference and it was pouring rain. Tuesday we packed up and headed to the mall for some window shopping, lunch and general mall fun. We all know Caroline LOVES the mall! Wednesday I had best laid plans, but ended up doing a multiple store run while Gramma watched the kids. By afternoon the snow started to really come down. Thursday was Thanksgiving, and the rest of the weekend we did stuff around the house and hit the new ice skating rink in town.

Start the week off nice and clean :)

 Mommy's in Maine Women Magazine again!

 Oh these silly kiddos

 Last time doing this for a while!

 Caroline and George trying to enjoy story time
except where is George?

 Oh! He's there...

 and here

 Silly boy just loves to put things on his head

 Cheesy bread and chocolate milk,
Caroline's favorite mall meal

 Checking out the train display
We also saw Santa, but just stopped by and said, "Hi!"
No pictures or anything

 A little window shopping
Poor kid never gets to check things out in stores
since we do most online so this kind of thing is important :)
At least, before the holiday chaos starts!

 A little carousel ride with Gramma

 While George and Mommy look on

 Here comes the snow!

 Such a good helper!


 All bundled up to watch Caroline skate

 Caroline and Daddy

 George and Mommy got too cold so we came back to the car
while Gramma watched Daddy and Caroline skate

 The first to come and watch the Norton Light show in Wells

 And then a drive through Main St. with the pretty lights, the 
just lit Christmas tree and the skate rink full of skaters
A perfect little town!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving we started the day with no power. We got about 6 to 8 inches of heavy, wet snow the day/night before and the power flickered on and off all night long, but it wasn't until 6am that we lost power. Alan started the generator so we could get the house warm and breakfast in the oven. We found out that dinner was still on as planned so we got ready while Alan did some plowing and headed out for a day of family fun at Aunt Barbara and Uncle Rick's house. Caroline had lots of fun, mostly hanging around Uncle Rick and feeding the cats. George had fun hanging out with everyone in the living room and eating copious amounts of food, mostly dessert! Between Gramma, Darlene, and everyone else in between, he was well fed and such a good little boy considering he had no nap and was apparently teething!

 Quick family selfies watching the parade between 
snow duties! 
With the power out Caroline had to watch
last year's parade online on the tablet, 
but once power/cable was back 
we turned the tv back on!

Hanging with Great Uncle Carlton & Mark
(Mark was checking out George's mouth and said he
knew where the next tooth would be, Friday night George woke up
screaming and there was that next tooth! His third, and his first top tooth!)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

George is 12 Months Old!

We've come to an end of the monthly pictures, which I think is okay with George :) I'll try and get one for 18 months and 2 years old like I did with Caroline though. So, our little guy is 12 months. I've said it before, but boy did that go by fast! Wasn't he just a tiny little baby a few months ago? Yes, he was 10 lbs and was never "tiny," but he was small and a newborn and oh so cute. Now he's a determined little boy who is all over the place and loud! Loud with laughter and growls and full of smiles and grins. He's a goofy little guy and we love him! Here's his animated 12 month photo shoot!
Oh! The details from his 12 month check-up! George is 32 inches tall, his head is 19.5 inches and he comes in at 28.85 pounds. His weight really steadied because he wasn't eating much due to colds, etc. and he was moving all over the place, but have no fear, he's still a big boy LOL!

Week in Pictures 11/16

This was the week of George's birthday celebrations so those were highlighted already. The rest of the week we tried to keep on the down low, besides George's 1 year check-up and Caroline's Thanksgiving feast at school. At school, they also had pajama day, but they have been working all month long on their Native American dress - headdress, vest with images of things to be thankful for, etc. and turkey centerpieces. Caroline had a lot of fun this month with all of their art projects. George's check-up went well and I'll post all of those details on his 12 month post :)

 The morning after the party. George playing around in 
Daddy's hat

 Caroline meant to write a birthday message for all to see, 
but we forgot to she got to work on it the next morning. 
She did an AWESOME job!

George cuddling up on his new chair with teddy and his blanket

 All smiles while we wait for the doctor

 George loves to watch for the dogs with Gramma

 Part of Caroline's vest
This is her family, one dog and one of her fish - kitty the cat fish 
(that happened to die by the end of the week :/ )

 Caroline is 5th from the left!

Part of their healthy feast!

George's First Birthday

On George's actual birthday Alan went in to work a little late so we could all come in and sing "Happy Birthday" to George. George wasn't sure what all of the commotion was about and he wasn't too happy. He just wanted his bottle in peace. The rest of the day went smoother. Caroline had the treat of being taken to school by Daddy. George and I hung out for the morning and later that evening we made George's favorite meal: Roast beef, mashed potatoes and peas! George and Caroline enjoyed birthday cupcakes and he got the final "Happy Birthday" of his first birthday sung to him. It's official, our little guy is one and headed into the toddler years. He's been gearing up for this and seems happier being able to get around and explore. He was never one for the cuddly newborn phase, but now that he is able to move and be where he wants, he does come back for cuddles. It's on his terms now :) George is a happy, silly little boy who loves to eat if he feeds himself, loves to laugh, is very ticklish, loves all soft things: IE blankets, teddy bears, loveys, etc. He loves to be by his sister and always wants to see what's going on. He's definitely a fun addition to our family and we can't see how he grows into his personality.

Happy Birthday George, we love you so much!

 After his first nap, 
in a little better of a mood! 

 This time he was feeling a lot better 
and was more interested in the cupcake!