Tuesday, October 28, 2014

George is 11 Months!

George is 11 months!?! This year has gone by way.too.fast! These photos were taken a week after he turned 11 months because he had a miserable cold and his second bottom tooth was coming in so he was a drooling, snotty mess. George is about 29 pounds and 32 inches. He loves all food, but don't try and spoon feed him anything. If he can't shove it in his mouth then he wont eat it! His favorite foods are peas and meat. He's all over the house now and uses everything for support to walk around. He has his two bottom teeth and he loves to snuggle with his bears. He adores his sister and loves to do what she does and have what she has.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week of 10/19 in Pictures

Last week went by so fast and these few pictures are all I have to show for it? I guess it makes up for so many pictures from last week! Alan took Monday and Tuesday off so did some stuff around here and hung out. George and I came down with colds so we dealt with that most of the week. We did lots of snuggling and watching movies, etc. Caroline and Alan went to a birthday party for a classmate Tuesday afternoon and Gramma and I went to the Lobster Chef Competition at the Harvest on the Harbor thanks to Nana, while Nana watched both kids! Busy, busy, busy!

 Caroline on the way home from the 
"chef" party

 In the tent  reading bed time stories

George and Mommy playing one morning 
while we were both under the weather

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week of 10/12 in Pictures

We started this week celebrating cousin Cole's first birthday. The kids had a ball and it was great visiting with family. They each brought home a balloon and they are still going strong on 10/25! The rest of the week was filled with the usual, plus Caroline getting some vaccinations and George and I going to Daddy's work for a health screening. The end of the week Caroline slept over at Nana and Grampy's while Alan, George, and I hit Portland for some birthday shopping for a certain little guy who will soon be one?!?!?!

 Cole's 1st bday

Columbus Day fun with balloons


 George loves climbing into bed with Caroline!

 Rearranging the furniture!

 Last S'mores of the year on an unusually warm evening

 George being silly with our friend Bella 
at Trane

George hiding his french fry at Red Robin :P

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Caroline's Last Soccer Practice of the Season

Caroline had her last soccer practice of the season on Saturday. She has had a lot of fun the past five weeks and wants to enroll again in the spring. Her last practice was good, she was a pokey little puppy during the middle of it, but she was interested in the last part so she finished good. It was cold, but the sun peeked out which helped. At the end, she gave her coach and high five and then went back for a hug :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week of 10/5 in Pictures

We had a pretty busy and fun week last week. Caroline had her first field trip off school property and without parents. They walked from school to Central Fire Station. It was pretty exciting for all of us. As I mentioned in an earlier post we also hit the Open House the night before. George is all over the place and learning so much! The two of them are really starting to play together and have lots of fun. It's fun to see George start to come into his own as a little guy on the move and watch Caroline really interact with him rather than just cooing over a baby.

 George LOVES his tunnel !

 We put up some fun polka dots in the playhouse
and I finally got Caroline to look straight at the camera and do a simple smile. 
I love this picture of my sweet little girl!

 Caroline reading to George

 George pushing his car around the house
Don't tell him it's supposed to be stationary!

 Learning to cook

 He loves to read!

 He carries his lovey all over the place

Pretty girl all ready for school

 George starting walking with his Dino this week
he had to learn that you can't walk it into the tunnel though!

 Caroline left the gate open and I was watching him, but he saw that
opportunity and went RIGHT for it!

 A duet with his sister

 A rare glimpse of sleepy George

 A typical morning here, Caroline and George 
playing at the coffee table with her Rapunzel figurines
It's so much fun watching them. Even when Caroline leaves
he will go back and play all on his own.

 George loves to watch the puppies, 
lots of time spent here

 Caroline dressing George up after the Open House