Thursday, August 28, 2014

George's 9 Month Photos

We took these photos last weekend while Caroline was at her sleep over at Aunt Barbara and Uncle Richard's. The sun was out, a little too much so we had to find shade, but we opted for some outside pictures since the inside ones always seem too dark. George was good for the first few seconds but then he had other things he had to do and had no desire to sit still :)
George had his 9 month check-up today. He weights 27 pounds and 10 ounces and is 31 inches. His head is 19.25 inches in diameter. He is a healthy and happy little boy who just happens to be the size of a two year old :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week of 8/17 in Pictures

 Last week was filled with doctor appointments and fun. We started the week off with our usual recovery from a busy weekend. Lots of cleaning and playing at home. On Tuesday George turned 9 months! Oh how it's going by too fast! George is crawling all over the place now and pulling up on furniture, says "Mama" "Dada" "Hi" Hello" and as of today "Hi George" lol He's just over 27 pounds and about 31 inches, we'll get the official details tomorrow (8/28) Wednesday George graduated from his helmet officially and then we went to camp. Thursday it was Caroline's turn as we went to the allergist and then had a girls lunch while Nana watched George. On Saturday, we hit the marina for a cookout lunch and then Caroline went to her first sleepover at Aunt Barbara's with her cousin, Maia. The girls had a ball and stayed up late and woke up early. I'm still hearing little tidbits from it. Meanwhile, this mommy kept her cell phone close by :)

 Bedtime Stories
and George being rough on Daddy!

 George loves to listen to Caroline's stories

 but has found an appreciation for books on his own as well
His face lights up whenever you turn to a new page. Loves them!

 Hey little baby! Wanna play?

 Reading a book together *love*

 While Caroline napped, George kept trying to get her
deflated balloons. Before I snatched them away I had to get a shot!

 9 months today!

 Big boy George and tiny Josie :)
For reference, Joise is about the size Caroline was, 
she is two months younger than George

 George's first bite of fried dough

 Playing at camp while his sister is all around playing with the older kids

 Sleepy baby

 Love girls lunch
We hit the buffet since she loves trying new foods there
Only snapped this picture because I thought the Royal Caribbean glass was funny

 Caught my big girl reading on the camera before coming down in the morning
She stays up there quietly now and reads until 7am

 George all bandaged up by Dr Caroline

Caroline & Maia

Friday, August 22, 2014

Boat Rides & Floating Lanterns

This summer has gone by so fast and we have yet to get out on Grampy's boat so on Saturday we hit the marina after nap for a boat ride, some dinner, and then a little surprise for Caroline. Caroline loved driving Grampy's boat and made lots and lots and lots of left turns :) Nana stayed back with George since he is too little still. After dinner we brought out Caroline's surprise, some Chinese floating lanterns. I've had the idea since Caroline's Rapunzel birthday party and Alan ordered them but we haven't' had a chance to use them all summer. The night was perfect for them and Caroline had a ball watching them. We have a few more that we'll hopefully send off before the end of summer!

Caroline loving on one of the pups

Walking the Trails

Since our first hike was a little more difficult on Caroline's legs we decided to take the flat trails and head to Laudholm Farm on Friday, our last "vacation" day. The day started off very overcast and cool but it turned out to be a great day. Caroline still wasn't into walking very much but she had lots of fun looking for blueberries, butterflies, and flowers. The rest of us enjoyed the fresh air and the chance to be outside!

 I can't get over her hair! It just does this on it's own *sigh*

 Showing her sleeping brother her leaf necklace she was making :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

An Evening at the Beach & Out for Ice Cream

After nap one day we decided to hit the beach. The evenings are always so much better and easier. Parking is available, there is more room to play, and we don't have to contend with the glaring sun as much. We packed a picnic and Caroline's kite and headed out. George and I stayed back while Caroline and Daddy flew the kite. Afterwards, we headed to Big Daddy's since Caroline has been earning those red stars with a fury :) Her new flavor was Oreo this time around!