Thursday, July 31, 2014

Taking a Hike!

Sunday's weather was up in the air, but we didn't want to stay home, inside, if we could help it. So, after a wonderfully "piggy" breakfast that matched Caroline's "Happy Birthday Pookie" book that Daddy made for her we got dressed and headed out to Bauneg Beg Conservation Area and hit the trails. It was an easy enough trail, albeit a little muddy at first from all the rain we have had. We didn't make the peak since we got a little off track but we found our summit when we found a clear patch of land with loads of blueberries! We took a break to pick and snack and then headed back down. Caroline got to check off another item on her "Summer Bucket List" and a few items on her scavenger hunt and she even had a tiny praying mantis land on her hand, how cool!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week of 7/20 in Pictures

Another busy, fun-filled week put in the record books for this summer! On Sunday we headed to Bauneg Beg to hang out with family and have some fun in the lake. Then, on Monday Gramma came back up for a visit and brought Aunt June and Elissa with her! The girls are only weeks apart in age so they have lots of fun. We ended our exhausted week by hanging around the house and finally checking our garden out. It had definitely grown in the past few days and we had quite the harvest! Everyone benefited from it!

 Caroline hanging out near the rope

 George watching the kids with Aunt Barbara

 Caroline and Elissa at the Nubble Lighthouse

 Caroline and Aunt June watching Wreck it Ralph

George started clapping this week and LOVES doing it!
He also took his first few "steps" of true crawling,
 is reaching out to others, and loves spaghetti :)

 Gramma left and said,"Watch him, he's going to be pulling up soon" 
Thanks Gramma, you were right LOL

 As fresh as it gets!

 Caroline's carrot and green bean "garden pizza"
She put raw peas on after it cooked lol

George ate some carrot goodness too!

Friday, July 25, 2014

George's Baptism

It's been almost a month and I am finally able to post this! Between the MANY pictures that were taken, the re-do shoots, and family visiting this has been a long time coming.
On Saturday, June 28th we celebrated the baptism of George Willis at St. Ann's by The Very Reverend M.L. Agnew. M.L is retiring at the end of this season so we were very thankful that we could have George baptized since he also blessed our marriage and baptized Caroline. It was a beautiful day. We celebrated with the same close friends and family that we had at Caroline's baptism and went home for a luncheon afterwards. You can see all of those details on my food blog here.  The really was no way to trim the pictures down so just be prepared for lots!

M.L. showing Caroline the baptism book and 
her information for when she was baptized on 8/14/10

 Caroline helping pour the holy water into the baptismal font

 George handled it like a pro like his sister!

 George, Nana and Grampy

 George and Gramma

We came back to the church the following week for some
more shots with George's and Caroline's 
godparents Aunt Barbara and Uncle Richard

 Oh, Uncle Richard watch out for this one ;)

Monday, July 21, 2014


On Saturday, Nana and Grampy took Caroline to the Ogunquit Playhouse to see Cinderella. When Caroline was told what her Saturday plans were going to be she immediately said she wanted to wear her Cinderella dress and her "glass slippers" otherwise known as her silver glitter shoes. If we were going that far, I figured I could do her hair up and use a ribbon for the black choker that Cinderella wears. She was SO excited! Apparently, she was enthralled with the show and wouldn't take her eyes off the stage. More proof? Miss Chatterbox wouldn't even speak :) Afterwards, they took Cinderella out for lunch. We had a very excited little girl come back with all sorts of goodies fit for a princess and lots of stories. She enacted Cinderella many times for us as well. This kid was made for the theater!