Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week of 6/15 in Pictures

This was our first full week of no school! It was also a busy week for George's doctor appointments but we were sure to get plenty of fun in there as well! Monday George had his PT and he wont go back for one month! While we were there, Caroline went out to lunch with Nana and Great Gram. Tuesday was fun day, Wednesday was George's helmet day. He is just about done! We go back in three weeks and we anticipate that will be that! A total of 9 weeks! A lot less than originally predicted! Thursday was supposed to be one more appointment for George but it got canceled and we are done with that. Friday lots more play and then we headed to the beach for a picnic dinner, followed by some ice cream! Busy and fun, the perfect combination :) Oh, and George turned 7 months this week? We are on the downhill slide to 1 :(

 George decided he is ready to crawl. 
He's in position and he is making quick progress!

 Later in the afternoon he showed me how he can pull on the 
handle to pull himself over and slightly up, oh boy!

 Caroline showing George how to smash block towers!

 Doing yardwork with Daddy. 
George's new favorite toy is Caroline's microphone :)

 Caroline the monkey!

 Being siblings :)

 George enjoying some banana in his mesh feeder
for his 7 month treat. So far, it's the only food he likes!

We found lots of baby grasshoppers

 Caroline had her first run in a sprinkler

 George falling asleep after a crank session :P

 Caroline going WAY to high on the swings!

 Enjoying dinner

 Mommy and Daddy were snapping pictures of each other at the same time!

Then we tried Big Daddy's again. 
George actually licked the cone a little, but didn't seem all that happy

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Alan spent Father's Day doing what dad's do most weekends in the summer, mowing the lawn! With the constant rain we've been having there hasn't been much chance to catch up and get the lawn completely done so Sunday he went out and finally tackled it when he had the chance. We're having gorgeous weather finally, but that could change in an instant! During naps, Alan whipped up a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam and we got things ready to head to the marina for a cookout with Nana and Grampy! As with any holiday, Caroline loves celebrating and especially loved celebrating for the best daddy in the world. I typically get pictures of Alan, George, and Caroline all of the time, every day, but of course Father's Day I didn't get any :/ There's plenty of proof that he spends time with Caroline and George and is an awesome father though, his love shows with the way Caroline and George love him back. Everyone else can say they have the best daddy, but we know these kids are the lucky ones ;)

 While George napped and Daddy mowed Caroline and
I made strawberry rhubarb lemonade and enjoyed some comb honey

 George loves playing with Caroline's microphone
He puts it to his mouth and yells!

 Once Daddy was done, the little mermaid scooter-ed for a bit

 Caroline got to finally test out her new crab traps and was pretty successful

 Caroline had a crab loose just to her right so she wanted to hurry and chase him :)

 George and I mostly hung out in the sunshade

 Some of Caroline's cards and paintings that she made Daddy

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week of 6/8 in Pictures

Last week was filled with some firsts and lasts. The weather was nice, if only for a day, so Caroline was able to ride her scooter outside for the first time and we had our first dinner on the deck. George outgrew all of the baby stuff, including his car seat, so he made the move to the big carseat which means we have to take him out and carry him wherever we go now. He can't sit up in a grocery cart yet and he's pretty heavy so this has made some things slightly challenging! Caroline finished up her first year of pre-school and is ready to start having some summer fun. Me too kid, tell Mother Nature this!

Oiling the table for the season

 Trying out her new chopsticks with pancakes :)

 George wants to be right in the thick of it, even if it means he is on the cold tile floor. 
We joke that this is the second child effect because we let him :)

 This week George finally started napping again!

 Which led to a happier George and family :)

 The peonies started blooming, although the rain had its way with many :/

 The night of her pre-school celebration Caroline got right
into work and started treating patients

 George is starting to get his bum up and use his legs, no more pulling with just his arms
he is on his way to a crawl here soon! 

 Headed out on our first Farmer's Market trip of the year
Caroline is festive since she was very excited it was Flag Day!

 She likes her rhubarb raw and plain!

 Daddy took us on a three hour tour afterwards in search for some landscaping things
so Caroline took a snooze

 Then she made friends with a catepillar, only to scream "Get it OFF!" 
when he climbed on her arm

He tried it again and she let him stay :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Caroline's Last Day of Pre-school

Yesterday we attended Caroline's Pre-school celebration. It's not a graduation since she isn't graduating and will attend again next year, but she was promoted from her Frog's class :) They had a little presentation with songs and then did a showcase of all of their gymnastics skills. This was followed by cake and snacks and goodbyes to teachers and friends. I'm not typically the emotional type, but I was a little sad/happy/proud of my little girl and all that she has accomplished this year and all that has occurred since her very first day.

 Yay! The last day of school!
(Although I have a feeling she isn't going to be happy when she realizes how "long" summer is!)

 It didn't "feel" like summer with a cold, rainy day
Seriously, how cute is she? :)

For reference, her first day of school!

 George was super and very excited to see his sister!

Here comes our little star!
(she was supposed to be Earth, but thankfully she wasn't cranky about it!)

Singing her favorite song of the year, the planet song! 

 Always out-climbing everyone :)

 Walking backwards on the beam

Coach Molly giving Caroline her medal
Each kid got a medal and a certificate

 And Daddy's got to go help them and
receive a Father's Day gift since that is this weekend!

 For all of her talk about standing on the podium, 
she couldn't wait to jump into Daddy's arms

 Last snack with Kayla and Saif

Caroline and Coach Ashely

 Oh, that smile LOL

Ah, yes! He loves to work for fun :) 

So, what does she do after she comes home?
She grabs her workbook and gets to work,
my little learner!