Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week of 5/25 in Pictures

This week was actually pretty calm in the grand scheme of things. George only had one appointment, he had to get his noggin measured to see progress with the helmet. Good news, there was progress and we'll go back in 3 weeks! Caroline had school but nothing special going on. The big thing was Daddy took the week of to get some things done around the house, but it rained most of the days so he didn't get as much as he had hoped to accomplished. Anytime it wasn't raining though, he and Caroline were outside and George and I made it out as much as we could as well!

 We finally got the garden in

George and I played in his new shade tent
while Daddy and Caroline did some yardwork

 George loves sliding under the couch and coffee table. 
Thankfully, the helmet prevents him from going too far!

 Bed time stories!

 George and Fivel are now best buds too
Fivel lets George grab both ears and try to fit Fivel's face in his mouth. 
I can not believe how accommodating he is, but we are also trying to teach George
 to be a little nicer!

 I'm back to making baby food!
First up, butternut squash

 Caroline earned 10 red stars so we got to
go to Big Daddy's
Mommy and Daddy may have pushed for that 10th star to be earned :) 
This time, Caroline tried "Banana Chocolate Chip" and has officially tried more flavors there than
Alan and I combined!

 George on the other hand did not like his ice cream!
He was finally awake to get a lick and he was not a happy camper

 Caroline thought he'd like hers better,
but he didn't once he actually got some in his mouth

 Caroline had no problem polishing hers off!

 George is scooting all around now and
can climb into his toys and pick some out now :)

 Pizza making time! 
Seems like just yesterday Caroline was in that high chair "helping"

 Caroline did great at swim class this week
Not here, but she did swim a little bit without any flotation device. 
Go Caroline! 
Next week is her last class and then we do lots of practice over the summer at home and at camp!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day '14

Memorial Day has become a big thing in our house. Besides the importance of remembering those who have and are serving our country, it's the kickoff to summer. We go downtown and see friends in the community we haven't seen all winter and we take pride in our town. We have a lot of fun at the parade and we have a lot of fun making it a big deal. Caroline has always had so much fun dressing in her patriotic outfits for the parade and this year we got to include George in on it too. The weather was touch and go but it cleared long enough for the parade. The rest of the day wasn't so nice though. Fun was had and hopefully out weather here will start looking a little bit nicer!

 All ready to go!

 Heading to the parade!

 She loves a parade and has grown so much, 
but I still see that little girl in her first pigtails marching in her overall dress :)

 George taking in his first parade

 Her second year taking a picture with her friend Gary
She was offered the chance to ride in the parade in this engine 
but she deicded not to the morning of because she was afraid she wouldn't 
get to see the rest of the parade then. Maybe next year!?!

 Sleepy baby
He was tired from the start and quickly fell asleep once the parade was over

Dancing and twirling while the speeches were going on

Monday, May 26, 2014

George's First Foods

Now that George is six months he can start tasting some new foods and getting the hang of pushing foods back with his tongue. It's all experimentation and play for now. We started with some rice cereal but it's not like this big boy needs the empty calories so we'll be moving him to some yummy vegetables and fruits here very soon :) He did pretty good, but it will take some practice since George has a very busy tongue!

Harris Farm Field Trip

Last Thursday Caroline's class took a field trip to Harris Farms. Nana went along with Caroline and it sounded like they had a lot of fun! They saw pigs, goats, bunnies, and cows. All of the kids milked a cow, except Caroline who apparently thought that was getting too close to the cows bum! Caroline said her favorite part was the hayride and enjoying some blueberry milk!

 Farmer Caroline ready to go!

This picture cracks me up since she always 
looks like a grump in her class photos

Kids saying, "Moo"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Grampy's Birthday Dinner

Friday night we got dressed according to Caroline's tastes, all must look beautiful and handsome, and headed to The Steakhouse to celebrate Grampy's birthday. Here are some cute pictures of the kids I had to share :)

Dapper George in his cable knit and seersucker :)

 Beautiful Caroline

 A quick pic before heading out

 Our little photographer!

 Happy, social little boy

 How many 6 month olds get their own seat and can look above the table? :)

 The guys!