Monday, April 28, 2014

George is 5 Months!

George turned 5 months the day before Easter and we took these pictures and I've been so busy with all of the other posts, I haven't gotten them up yet! We went with the bunny theme for obvious reasons! The pink bunny costume was actually Caroline's first Halloween costume when she was almost 7  months old :) It was quite big on her then. We weighed George last Thursday and he came in at 22lbs 6oz. He has a doctor's appointment this week and we'll get all of the measurements then. It's his 6 month appointment which is very early for some reason!? George is a big fan of giggling, blowing raspberries, playing with his feet, chomping on anything, log rolling, trying to get the pets and can scoot a couple of feet now pretty easily. Bring on the cuteness that is George!

He decided he needed a break and laid down in this adorable position! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week of 4/21 in Pictures

This week was vacation week for Caroline. While she only goes to school two mornings a week, it was nice to just stay home if we wanted to do something and not adhere to a strict schedule. We played, we were productive, we played some more, and Daddy took Friday off so we could have a little more family hangout time.

 She came downstairs looking like a Rock Star! :)

 George has started to cuddle a bit, as long as you are standing

 George is really into the animals now and they are interested in him as well

 Caroline and George did a lot of playing together. 
No one can put a smile on George's face like Caroline!

 You can get giggles out of him most of the time though!

 While Caroline played with Nana, George and I went shopping
As you can see, he's not much help :)

 Cuddling with Mama

 Found him like this one morning
I remember Caroline traveling towards Seahorse too! 
He was pretty proud!

The song by Caroline is good enough to deal with the often times 
lopsided video :)

 Silly babies!

While Mommy got a haircut, the pirates were taking over the house! 

 Cuddle time!

 Caroline also got her hair cut, this was her before. 
It was almost to her belly button if you pulled it straight from the waves

Not too short, but a little lighter for the summer
We're hoping after a bath some of the curls will come back. 
I hope! 

A silly and sweet Saturday night bedtime! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Dinner

After nap we headed to Nana and Grampy's for Easter dinner. While Caroline was napping, we took George's 5 month pictures, and decided he would wear the pink bunny costume over to the house and then have his Easter outfit on underneath. The pink bunny costume was Caroline's first Halloween costume at 6 months that was slightly too big, it fits George just right!
Before dinner Caroline checked out the Easter baskets the bunny left there, ate some candy, found some eggs, and goofed around. After dinner, she kept Aunt Babara busy playing games while George was having a giggle fest. Little guy was so awesome and stayed awake the entire time and didn't nap until the ride home, 4 hours later!

 That's one big bunny!

 Watching Caroline hunt for eggs

 These two crack me up 
I had to share what it takes to get a decent picture :)

 Neither interested

 Feigning happiness


 Caroline with the block

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Morning

Caroline woke up early on Easter morning and of course the rest of us wanted to sleep in. We told her back to bed at 5:50am. She was relentless and kept coming down every few minutes so we finally gave in. Of course, we have to make sure that everything was set up first though! We went upstairs and got George ready and Caroline and headed downstairs to see what the Easter bunny brought.
Caroline went through George's basket first, then her own, and then searched for the Easter eggs. Afterwards, she tried hard boiled eggs for the first time. She liked the whites, but not the yolk, same as her mommy :) We played with all of the new stuff and chilled around the house the rest of the morning until later on in the day when we went to Nana and Grampy's for dinner. More pictures to come from that!

 Hair clips with her name on them

 Showing George his very own giant, soft animal

 Her very first Peep

This reminded me of when Caroline was one year old and had her last bottle on Easter morning! 
They are same size too :P

 Hippity Hoppity

 He's almost the same size :)