Monday, March 31, 2014

Week of 3/23 in Pictures

I had best intentions to get these posted on Saturday after Caroline's ballet class but we were busy prepping for the big birthday party that will be happening next week that it just didn't happen. We finally got George's monthly pictures taken so I'll be posting those this week I promise! Life with a 4 month old and an almost 4 year old has been busy around these parts. They keep growing and wont slow down so the pictures get taken and then stored for a bit.
Last week was another big doctor appointment week so nothing really new or exciting. Time at home was spent playing, relaxing, or in party prep mode.

 Sleepy George 
George had a rough weekend and had to catch up on some Zzz's the start of the week 

 and then he was good!

 He and Daddy conducted Caroline at the piano

 Gramma sent Caroline a poster of the planets
and Caroline got right to work with educating George

George is very ticklish!

 Caroline working on her Pas de Bourree

Working on their recital dance

We finished the week with a lot of rain, so much that we lost a tree :(

Monday, March 24, 2014

Last Week in Pictures

I know we're already underway for this week, but I wanted to share some pictures of our week last week. Sometimes, the week goes by so fast that the only way I can look back and remember what we did was through the pictures that we snap here and there. So, a snipit of our busy week!

 Our Saturday started in tears since Caroline swore that her hair would be prettier in a ponytail, 
until she saw what I did :)

 Then she and Daddy went to ballet where our competitive little girl can never stand in the line with the other girls like she is supposed to!

 Umm, Daddy, George isn't supposed to have any screen time!

 Ready for dinner at Nana and Grampy's in her horse dress, again lol


 Crazy hair day at school!

George had his 4 month check up and then vaccinations, 
which meant lots of sleeping afterwards!

 Lots of sleeping!

 This past Saturday Caroline and I went to ballet and then had a girls day

 We did some shopping and went out to lunch

 I love going to lunch with this sweet little girl
We haven't done this since George was born so it was overdue :)

 and fortunes like these don't hurt either ;)

 While we were out George laid on Daddy all day long
He wasn't feeling too well and spent the entire day on Alan, no exaggeration :(

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Last week in pictures

It's Saturday morning and Caroline and Daddy are at dance. George is napping so I figured I'd get these pictures posted before a new week actually starts! After Monday's excitement of sledding, the rest of the week was pretty mundane. We all battled another round of the cold, but I believe we are all on the mend as of today.

 Caroline's painting of Rapunzel with her yellow hair streaming all around. 
She's holding a frying pan like in the movie :)

 George, you'll have to get used to dress up :)

Sick little baby

 Playing while big sis is in school

 The deer have returned! 

These animals and books were ALL over the floor
I asked Caroline to clean her room and she didn a wonderful job!
Then, she continued to do the living room!
To be fair, I tackled the playroom so she didn't feel like Cinderella :)

 Friday afternoon cuddles
George was asleep so Caroline crawled into bed with me after her nap and we finished our books together

Friday night I made these cute little guys for her upcoming party! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


While George and I went to PT on Monday, Caroline and Daddy checked out the big hills at the Kennebunk dump. Caroline was having lots of fun until her sled popped, but that didn't stop her and she went a few more times. In her words "I warned Daddy that if he sat on my sled and went down with me it would pop." Daddy says, "She said no such thing." They picked up a new sled that they'll hopefully try out this week. Caroline said it's black, has handles that are brakes, and it's faster. I asked Alan how it went and he said, "typical kid, big hills weren't big enough and she couldn't go fast enough. She wanted to be carried and didn't want to bring her sled back up. Sometimes, she even laid down on the ground." So, they had fun :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week of 3/2 in pictures

This was another busy week. I know I say that every week but each week seems to get busier and busier. Monday we started the day by heading to George's physical therapy. Caroline came with me for the first time and did really well so one the way home we treated ourselves to a shake. Then, I asked Caroline to clean up her toys while I did a few things and the living room was spotless. She didn't just shove things in cubbies, she cleaned like I would have. I was so proud I took pictures!
Tuesday we dropped Caroline off at school and ran a few errands and I had an appointment. Wednesday was Caroline's planetarium fieldtrip and Thursday Caroline was back to school. Friday we hung around the house in the morning, me doing some cooking while Caroline worked on her workbook. Alan came home early so I could go to another doctor's appointment and we hit Allison's for lunch. George slept while we ate so a nice, easy lunch was had by all :) Saturday Caroline and Daddy went to ballet while George and I hung out at home getting some things done for Caroline's birthday party in a month. Phew, I can't believe she is going to be 4! Wasn't I just making a duck cake for her first birthday??

 George and Mommy playing while Caroline was at school

 George being silly
He is a drool-puss lately and likes to gnaw on his ball

 Snuggly little guy

 Sweet little girl :)

 George! Quit it!

 George posing in his sister's chair

Our little priss :)

 Daddy's big boy

She was supposed to be napping...

So then she said if she could lay in here she would sleep
(it didn't work!)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Planetarium Field Trip

Last Wednesday Caroline's school had a in-house field trip to the planetarium. This was supposed to occur in February but a snowstorm happened and it had to be postponed. It was so neat how they brought the planetarium to the school. Caroline had to go in the bubble by herself since I had George. I didn't dare bring him in and then have him cry and need a quick evacuation! Before they went into the bubble the talked about all of the things seen in the night and day skies. Afterwards, they were each given something to put in the correct spots on the sky and answer a question about them. I knew that Caroline was going to want the rainbow, what kid wouldn't? Well, she was handed the rainbow and the smile on her face was huge! She said in a goofy voice,"I got the rainbow!" Everyone laughed and smiled. Then she kept saying, "I got the biggest one." OK kiddo, lets not rub it in  :)

 Listening and learning
Caroline is on the right hand side in front of the girl in the green shirt. Caroline is wearing her brown dress with white shirt.

 George and I stayed in the back just in case :)

 I got the rainbow!

 Getting some help with the rainbow since it was the biggest one :)

Entering the bubble