Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Photos

These were all from last week, but I couldn't do a "Friday Photo" post since exciting things happen around here until Friday night and by then we're beat! Caroline had school vacation this week, so we mostly spent this snowy week indoors. Caroline and I worked on activity books and learning words and George worked on building up those strong muscles and his infectious grin.

 Caroline received her Rapunzel dress for doing really well at not sucking her thumb. 
She immediately put together her ensemble

 She and Daddy spent Sunday snowshoeing

 Caroline having some game time while we took George's 3 month pictures
3 going on 15?

 When Mommy's away, the kids will play!

 Enjoying her lollipop from Santa

 George trying on 9 month clothing
Um, it fits perfectly which is not good, needs to be a little bigger!
He looks like such a doll!

 All smiles as we get ready to go to the doctor

 There have only been two times this has ever happened:
After Caroline's 3rd birthday and when she was really sick last month. 
I guess she was beat after a week of staying home :) 

 Tried out the Bumbo seat, but George already is a bit snug in it!
We'll see how he is in a few weeks when he can actually sit up and is age appropriate!

Caroline and I ended the week with some baking and hot cocoa with whipped cream and peppermint treats!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

George is 3 months!

George is 3 months!?!?! How did that happen? We've been so busy living day to day that the time has flown by. We put the big man on the scale yesterday and he was... 17 pounds and 12 ounces. Yup, he has no problem growing! Besides some pudge around the middle though he doesn't look it. He's growing quite long as well so he's just a strong little boy. He loves to smile and talks up a storm. He was sucking his thumb last week but has appeared to have stopped that. He has started sleeping in his crib at night, something we're all adapting to just fine! He loves his sister and smiles anytime she is near. Right now, we think George is going to be the jokester of the family. He already makes us smile and laugh so much right now.

 George, it's not nice to stick your tongue out at Daddy!

 That's right, I caught you!

 Wanna blow this joint Bear?

 You can't hide from Mama's camera!

OK, OK, I can't see you! 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Week of 2/10 in Pictures

Last week was a busy week with something going on every day. We started the week off with dinner at Nana & Grampy's on Sunday. Monday was our day of rest for the busy week ahead! There was school, physical therapy, dentist, DO, Nana's birthday dinner out, Valentines Day parties, snow and freezing weather. We finished it out with a busy Saturday at ballet and then a friend's birthday party at Jokers. Phew!

 Happy George

George was bound and determined to hit that elephant

 Our mermaid

 Ahh yes....

 Dapper George ready for Nana's birthday dinner

 Caroline looking beautiful as always!

 George loves his cozy suit

 All pinked out for Valentines day at school!

 This was a huge thing! George doesn't just fall asleep on the floor like this!

 Having fun at Jokers

 Exhuasted after Jokers! 
The mark on her head was not pretty!

 Movie night after a busy day

George is captivated by An American Tail

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week of 2/2/14 in Pictures

Last week started off slowly as we were all still recovering from colds. Tuesday, George had his 2 month well baby check up (at 11 weeks) He had 6 vaccinations so that made for a sleepy George on top of him being so congested. Thursday night Caroline announced during dinner that her ear hurt extremely bad so we headed to the doctor's office just in the nick of time. Yup, we made it almost 4 years until she had her first ear infection and had to take antibiotics. Not bad I guess. Both ears, poor thing! Friday George had his first physical therapy appointment. Between that and the adjustments we'll be very busy with him for a while! But, he'll learn to like all of these ladies adjusting him and playing with him, etc.! Saturday, we headed to Caroline's ballet class. She had missed the week before so she was a little unsure of some things and still tired from being sick, but she had fun and hopefully next week she'll be back to good!

 Sunday snuggles with Daddy

 Sunday story time with Daddy

 Post vaccination snuggles with Mommy
This is the very first time George has slept on my chest!

 George loves his baths! 
Big boy is going to need to lose the hammock part of his tub and go in the deep end!

 Smiley siblings :)

I was interviewed and featured on the front page and a few pages in by the York County Coast Star newspaper! It was half of the interior page as well!

 We were the first to arrive so she had some fun playing around by herself!

 Doing plies

George hanging out with Grampy at ballet

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Week of 1/26/14 in Pictures

Last week we spent most of the week sick. It had started good, with a relaxing Sunday with some possible sniffles on the horizon, but things were disappearing. On Monday we had a play date with Carly and her son.  Afterwards, both kids took a VERY long nap! Tuesday Caroline went to school with a slight cough but felt fine. Then, the rest of the week just tumbled out of control. George was congested, Daddy had a cough, Caroline had a cough and a fever, and I had a good old cold. On Friday, Alan and I took George for his reflux and gastric emptying scan. He did so good and we'll be chatting with his doctor on Tuesday about the results. Besides not liking the fact that he had to lay on his back, he's not big on that, he was OK. Well, that is once I suggested Alan turn on some music from his phone. George went right to sleep after that! We struggled with illness the rest of the weekend so Caroline had to miss her second dance class. Here's to a better week this week?!?!

 Some weekend smiles from George!

You can also hear Caroline singing her Planets song in the background :)

 Caroline's birdhouse project!

 George waiting for our friends to arrive

 Caroline showing off her puppy clip :P

 Liam and Caroline had such a good time,
but I think Caroline thought he was younger since he is shorter lol

 I should have known the long naps meant something was up, 
they would both wake up not feeling good :/

 Sleepy eating :)

 Little toes :)

 George likes to check himself out in the mirror

 Snoozing during the cat scan :)

 Caroline and Daddy being sick together

Caroline's artwork she made while she stayed at Nana & Grampy's
Our family :)