Sunday, January 26, 2014

Caroline's First Ballet Class

Saturday we all packed up and headed to Caroline's first ballet class. She was beyond excited and even the cold that was coming on wasn't going to get in her way. (Although, it did get really bad right afterwards, but that's OK the weekend was over as far as we were concerned!) With her pretty ballerina outfit on and her hair up in a bun she ran to take her place out on the floor. In the past, at other lessons, our little girl would wait for us, but she never looked back as she joined the other girls. We watched with smiles and pride as our little girl jumped, twirled, and learned the positions of ballet. I will admit that Mama Bear came out when the whole passing of the flower things came and the girls were told to hand off the flower to the girl they wanted to go next. Once Caroline was chosen last and she was so patient and waited so eagerly with such desire on her face. But, I stay strong and wont say a word to Caroline so she doesn't pick up on the fact that I wanted to grab that rose and hand it to her! She is enamored by her teacher, Miss Hailie, and can't wait to go back. She even drew a picture of her before we even attended the class, but we forgot to bring it, oops! So, lots of pictures and video this time around. I promise next time to take better quality and probably show less quantity :)

 They pass the flower to the next kid the want to go next

 This girl was not as into it as Caroline was, hmpf!

 Taking things very seriously

 My little girl :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week in Pictures

Lately, the weeks are going by so fast that I can't remember what we did until I upload pictures from our cameras. Thankfully, we still remember to take pictures, at least most of the time. It's harder now that there are two kids and two parents. One one parent always has a kid and not a free hand to grab some pictures. This past week was about trying to get organized. Take care of some loose ends, ignore some others, doctor appointments, and running some errands. Caroline and I hit the store to complete her ballet outfit, (which you'll hear more about tomorrow) and we had lots of fun trying it on and playing around. We also took George's two month old pictures and finished up his nursery. (I'll try and get some pictures of that up next week as well!)

My angel and my Superman :)

 My beautiful ballerina

 Ignore the crying in the background, foreground, everywhere like I apparently did for this video 
It's been a constant and I forgot otherwise I would have turned audio off :)

 As always, George had a case of the Mondays

 But was calmed down by my bed.
I literally put him down for a second so I could fix his swaddle in the pack & play in front of out bed!

 Snuggles :) This was a good day

 A bad night so I stuck him on the bed, worked like a charm! 
Kid likes Tempurpedic, down comforters, gets adjustments and massages and will soon be spoon fed. *sigh*

Friday night chaos in the kitchen, 
but George had to rest up since he had a long night of keeping us awake :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

George is Two Months Old!

George turned 8 weeks last week and we took his monthly pictures. I keep saying it, but time is flying by and he is growing so fast! At his doctor appointment last week he was 14lbs and 11oz. They didn't measure his height but that is definitely growing as well! George still has some things going on with his neck and gut, but we seem to slowly be figuring things out and making him comfortable. With that, it means we are finally seeing some gummy smiles and grins. We are hearing more coos and more reactions from him. Hopefully, by next months update, all of this will be a thing of the past!
George looks so much like Caroline in these pictures, it's remarkable. He really sat up well on the couch for all of the pictures all by himself and only leaned to the side once. He's quite the strong little guy!

 My little angel showing his wings :)

 "So, what you're saying Dad is she is going to do this every month?"

 "Well, this is how I feel about that..."

 my handsome guy :)

and then he was done!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Last Week in Pictures

Last week was mostly filled with trying to get George settled. Things came to a head, but that also usually means you see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're hoping that this week get closer. Caroline kept busy with games and crafts around the house and she stayed for lunch bunch at school one day and the other day they went out and played in the snow and went exploring!
We had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and George weighed in at 14lbs 11oz! That's a 20 ounce gain since his appointment two weeks ago! He's also 8 weeks now. EIGHT WEEKS! Goodness time is flying by.

 George doesn't like Mondays

 Caroline was pretty proud that she can wear a ponytail without clips holding up the loose, shorter strands!

 George the wiggle worm is on the move.
He decided gnawing on the bars was incentive


 George was pretty fussy this week.
So fussy, Mommy and Daddy had this shipped in overnight!

 But as always, our bed seems to be where he can crash the best!

 Going to his first party

Connor's 4th birthday party had an animal show
Caroline got to pet a bearded dragon and a snake. Joy! :/