Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Week of 12/21 in Pictures

The week of Christmas is always pretty busy, but we try to make it filled with fun too. Alan had the week off so we had some extra time for fun! We got a few things accomplished that we have been wanting too, finished our Christmas chores, and embraced all of the holiday fun. The anticipation was pretty high as we approached Christmas Eve! After Christmas, we relaxed quite a bit and enjoyed the down time. The kids played with their new toys, even Daddy :) I seem to have lost some of the post-Christmas pictures as my phone was maxing out on space (oops!) but hopefully I'll find them soon :(

 Caroline hosting a wonderful tea party for Mom and Dad

 Caroline and Daddy busting a move

 Caroline watching her message from Santa! love!

 Checking out the tree in all of its glory 
Caroline snacking on a snickerdoodle

 Caroline got her first library card!

 Then we ran some errands and she fell asleep :) 

 Later, we took Caroline up to Friendly's since we
owed her a big reward from some awesome work she had been doing.
I forgot to take a picture of her enjoying her first Friendly's sundae, 
but she enjoyed it thoroughly!

 George was quite social with the baby behind him

 Then we headed up to Freeport to watch the lights at LL Bean

 Lots of gift making in the kitchen

 Georgie delivering the goods

 Making chocolate chip cookies for Santa

 George got quite a head injury so he enjoyed a couple crumbs and some milk 
to calm him down :(

Caroline's gingerbread village!

 Caroline on her new Hello Kitty big girl bike

Daddy playing with his new helicopter! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Afternoon

After breakfast and presents we had some down time to play and get ready for everyone to come over for more presents and dinner! George took a nap and when he woke up, everyone was arriving so it was perfect timing. I didn't get my nice formal of Caroline and George since Caroline was already in the process of showing everyone her gifts and opening up new ones, but oh well. Uncle Richard got some good shots and everyone had fun and that's what counts!

 Caroline hanging her Hello Kitty ornament from Aunt Barbara & Uncle Richard

 George was finally getting the idea : )

 But George really just wanted to play with Caroline's puppy all day long

 Ball gown and lab coat, this makes me so proud : )


 Getting tired before dinner

 After dinner performance

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Morning

Caroline woke up at 6am on Christmas morning. She came into our room and was pretty excited. We got out of bed but told her she could only play with the things Santa brought unwrapped. Then we'd do her stocking and make breakfast and wait for George. But, George slept until 8am so we unwrapped a couple of other presents by then. I don't think he minded. He was happy to see all of her stuff unwrapped anyways!

 Caroline noticing the candy canes Santa left on the tree!

I never got the chance to take a picture of our stockings, oops!

 Caroline's gift to us from School

 Caroline was bummed because she opened up sweaters lol
Meanwhile, George was happy with the fire truck she got him!

 George "unwrapping hands"

 Very excited about the Elsa dress Gramma got her

 The chaos

 After presents we realized George still needed to open his stocking!

 Caroline as Elsa, with Elsa and her puppy