Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last Week in Photos

We laid pretty low the past week or so, trying to get things done around the house. Checking off our Fall To-do list and getting ready for the baby. It's actually been nice not to have places we have to go to and soon the list will be done and we wont have anything to do either. Days spent just hanging around aimlessly? We'll take some of those!

 Caroline & Daddy hit the breakwater and DQ
while Mommy got some mani/pedi treatment

 Breaking out the warmer clothes!

 Showing off her "princess" hair :)

 Helping out with some chores
Kid loves to do windows!

 Showing off her new, white, soft gloves
She loves them so much she had to wear them first thing in the morning!

 35 weeks! Almost there! I popped a lot earlier this time around and 
my belly is a lot more rounder and heavier, but I guess there isn't too much difference
between the pregnancies. Weight etc has been exactly the same this time around as well

Just for some comparision, this was me at 35 weeks with Caroline. 
This was the day I went into the hospital, luckily I had the foresight to take one last picture! She was here just 2 days later!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

West Kennebunk Fire Station Open House

Caroline and Daddy went to the open house this year by themselves as Mommy stayed home after a high blood pressure day watching Pretty in Pink. Last year was a lot of fun and they take the kids on a decent fire truck ride so we didn't want her to miss it. She had a ball! She got to go on two rides, went through the fire station, met Sparky, and learned "Stop, Drop, and Roll." She wore her own bunker gear to the open house as well. The best part of all of this? The following week her school brought a fire truck and ambulance to school and Caroline didn't like it and told them she was scared?!??! We all know that isn't true, this kid lives for fire trucks!

 Bunker gear loaded with snacks & her water bottle

 Touring the station with Dakota her occasional baby sitter

 Caroline loves Sparky

 Going for a ride!

Learning the rules of evacuation

Monday, October 21, 2013

One Last Trip to the Orchard

We went apple picking one last time last weekend. As always, the first trip is really hot and we spend a lot of time getting apples, pumpkins, cider etc. The second time is blustery and we grab some quick apples and head home. We didn't get to take a tractor ride the first time so we hopped on it for a quick ride, or so we though! They actually go pretty far and by the end of it we were all ready go to be finished :)

Finally got a picture of her looking at me and smiling!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

2 weeks in pictures!

We've been quite busy around these parts. Trying to enjoy fall and get ready for the baby. Add on top of that lots of doctor appointments, service techs at the house, the internet down and now my phone spending some time in the washing machine and it's been quite hectic! There are a couple of things I'll save for posts of their own, but here are the random pictures from the past 15 days.

 Caroline has had a lot of fun with all of her old baby stuff.
She truly fits into her Bumbo seat and will watch TV in it!

 She still meets the weight requirement for her infant seat!

 But, she is a big girl! Who is very opinated when it comes to what she wears to school. 
She begged for this shirt at the store and couldn't wait to where it. She showed it to everyone at school!

 Making Clover Rolls with Daddy to help Mommy out with some work

 Learning the history of the Clover Roll recipe

 Helping Daddy out with his tire

Long sleeves turn beautiful hair into pigtails!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

This week was a pretty productive and educational week for us. On Saturday we headed to Maine Medical Center for Caroline's Sibling Class. While we know she is going to be an awesome big sister, we thought this would be a good chance to tour the hospital and see what it is all about. She is very aware of all things medical, but she was a little apprehensive of Mommy going to the hospital since she thinks is all surgeries and illness :) Afterwards, we hit her favorite place, the MALL!!! Monday was Great Grammie's funeral and afterwards we picked up Caroline and headed to Aunt Brenda & Uncle Robert's house. Caroline had a ball hanging out with her cousins which she doesn't see too much of this time of year. Daddy was home for a few days so they played outside a bit, he took her to pre-school on Tuesday which she loved, and they started and completed the front walkway. On Wednesday Caroline's school had a woman come in and talk about owl's so I took her to that and she had a lot of fun. Thursday it was back to normal with Daddy going to work and Caroline going to school via Mommy.

 Learning the swaddle

 Screech owls are annoying, but so tiny and cute!

 Caroline's favorite since it lives outside her window, the Barred Owl 
who says "Who, Who, Who cooks for you!"

 Caroline trying to attach an owl wing to herself :)

 The large Horned Owl that Caroline likes once she learned they eat skunks!?!?

 Seriously, how cute are they holding hands?

All done! Grass will surround the stones in the spring. 
Good job Daddy & Caroline :) 

 Friday night equaled apple crisp night!