Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

This past week was a crazy week that was jammed packed with appointments and rushing here and there. On top of that, our Great Grammie Sophie passed away. Caroline hasn't been told about this yet, but I'm sure she will start picking up on it pretty soon. Hopefully, we are able to satisfy her questions without having to get too involved for a three year old. Our job now is to make sure that Caroline does remember her and we re-visit memories often.
While it was a difficult week, we managed to sneak some fun in here and there. Caroline is also thriving at school and making lots of friends. Last week they had Show and Tell with "My favorite stuffed toy" and she brought her baby that her Aunt Carol gave her. She has really been into babies lately now that she hangs out with a lot of other little girls :)

 Caroline & Daddy went to a b-day party while Mommy stayed home and rested

 They had a photo booth there and Caroline became a little treasure troll :P

 Caroline and Daddy set up the crib. My office is slowly becoming a nursery!
Wasn't she once that tiny little baby that slept the other way because she was so tiny?

Someone added her Goodnight Moon bunny :)

 Lots of bubble wrap that protected the crib makes a girl VERY happy!

 Someone is going to be a cowgirl for Halloween!

Mommy was put on slight bedrest this week so someone
made sure that mommy was tucked in very snugly and had company. 
She also had to be the one to "un-tuck" me in the morning lol 

 If you look closely, you can see the little guy's eyes, nose, and lips. He's looking right into the camera. He has very chubby cheeks, is about 4lb 2oz, and keeps turning which
is causing a bit of grief. Once we think he's good, he goes breech again! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yearly Sweet Caroline Boat Pictures

This has become a yearly tradition,  granted this year it was with a new boat. We try to get a picture of Caroline on her namesake, but this year we didn't get to do it until September and the last night we chose to do it was very cold. There were some great outtakes, but print worthy pictures were few and far between. We decided to pack it in since we had a very chilly little girl in a very light summer dress. There's always next year!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Because I'm Proud :)

I mentioned in the last post how Caroline loves to write now. We are really following her lead and not pushing writing with her but she is doing pretty good, I think. For Gramma's birthday card I had to write out "Gramma" on a separate piece of paper for her but she wrote it on the card all by herself. The "R" is crossed out on the card because I crossed it off on the paper as she went and she copied. Oops lol  Gramma took a picture of the card so I could have a copy of it and how well she is doing so I thought I'd share!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

This past week was a busy one. Between Caroline going for another allergy blood draw, pre-school, and OB appointments (count them, 3!) we've been on the go! When we've been home we've been trying to have some downtime, because frankly, we all needed it! Caroline has really been impressing us lately. She loves to tie knots and now she has moved on to wanting to tie bows so she can help Mommy with her laces :) She is really getting good at writing. I wish I could have taken a picture of the card she wrote for Gramma, she wrote everything out herself and you could make out all of the letters! The flower she drew pictured down below was the first I've seen. My little girl is blooming and growing :)

 Caroline has gotten even more so into babies
since all of the girls play with them at school. 
Here, we constructed a carrier for Belle :)

 Her first Frosty after a job well done with her blood draw!

 A weeknight batch of Apple Crisp with Daddy

 She's been begging me to stay after school for
"lunch bunch" so Thursday was her first time
and she loved it! She also loves her lunch box :)

 The turkeys have come back!

 There were more on the side of the house as well. 
The other day I counted 19!

 Snow White & her apple

 Caroline's flower! I'm impressed :)

If you're going to play the piano, you'll need a microphone!
This kid kills me :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Picking '13

While we are sad to see summer go, we do love fall around these parts. The leaves are changing, there are apples and pumpkins to be picked, and lots of yummy baked goods to be enjoyed! Sunday was a gorgeous day, a little chilly here but very warm as always at the apple orchard. We grabbed Caroline's wagon and headed to Giles Family Orchard. We didn't plan on it, but they were also having a fair at the same time so after picking some great apples, they are having a great season with an abundance of very large apples, and the perfect pumpkins and some cider, we headed to the fair. We checked out some great local crafts, ate some fries and apple crisp, and listened to some music. While it probably wont be our only time picking for the season, the first is always the best!

 She's become an expert apple picker over the past few years :)


 The best part :)

 Who needs the extension pole?

 Relaxing on the way to the pumpkins

 On the hunt!

 We've found a winner!

 She & Daddy had to go far out to find his perfect pumpkin

Another picking season goes into the books!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Caroline's First Baseball Game!

 Alan got home early the Friday of Labor Day weekend so we bee-lined it to Portland so we could catch a Portland Sea Dogs baseball game. It was the last weekend for games and we wanted to make sure Caroline got to see one!
We were a couple of innings late since we had dinner at Margarita's around the corner. Why do I always end up there when I am pregnant and can't partake in a wonderful drink?! The timing was good since we could take a picture in front with Slugger.
Caroline loved the game and loved counting the players and watching them. There was a little boy about her age who sat in front of us so they had fun as well. We finished the game with an ice cream sundae and headed home. We left in the 8th inning with the Sea Dogs in the lead and headed home. Caroline's first game was definitely a success! We may have gotten rained out of the July Red Sox at Fenway and been sold out the first Sea Dogs game, but we made it happen!

 Caroline wanted to sit in the photo op that a kind stranger made happen for us, so that made pregnant Mommy happy :P

 A VERY happy little girl :)

Learning the rules