Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family Night at the Marina

On Sunday we headed to the marina for some dinner. Great Gram, Aunt Barbara, and Uncle Richard were joining Nana and Grampy. We fished, we ate, and then Caroline decided dessert was a must. How about some Big Daddy's for ice cream? Sure! The poor little girl "was in the middle with ice cream everywhere!" She did her best to try everyone's though :)

Showing off to Uncle Richard that she has hot fudge and he doesn't :P

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

This past week was some what busy, we had a lot to do but we made sure to have some down time as well. On Wednesday night we headed to camp for the last hurrah with all of the kids before they head off to school. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures because there was such a big crowd and lots going on!

 Over the weekend Caroline helped Daddy shingle the shed

Headed in for some dinner. Yes, those are onesies getting fresh on the line!

 Mommy won a year contract with Smart Balance to develop recipes for them

 This was actually the little man from 1.5 weeks ago (24 weeks)

 Caroline is so happy to have princess friends!

Mommy's lunch date :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mommy's Birthday!

This past weekend I celebrated my 35th birthday. Neither Alan or I are big on having big birthdays so we spent the day doing what makes us the happiest, spending it with Caroline and enjoying a gorgeous Maine day. Seriously, I think my biggest present was that it was the nicest day so far this summer!
After breakfast we headed to Portland and took the ferry over to Peaks Island. It was a short ride, 15 minutes. Besides exploring new areas together, we knew Caroline would love the ferry ride. It was such a clear day and you could see all of Casco Bay. Once we arrived, we walked around for a bit and explored fun things like the tiny library/police station/fire dept combo and weird things like the umbrella cover museum? You heard me, umbrella COVER museum. Caroline loved the "unique" lady running the place and was given an orange drink umbrella to take with her. Alan and I just kept a polite smile on our face and exhaled when we left the store LOL We had lunch at the Inn on Peaks Island. Sitting outside, eating and watching the people and boats go by with my two favorite people was all I needed. After lunch we walked around for a bit more and then headed back to the ferry ramp. Once we arrived back to the Old Port we took a break in the shade while Caroline chased and fed the pigeons. We headed home for a little R&R and then decided we were too full for dinner. I had made a cake, but that could wait, so we headed to Big Daddy's for some birthday ice cream!
On Sunday, we relaxed at home and got some things done around here and then had a relaxing dinner on the deck and enjoyed some birthday cake. A happy birthday indeed!

 Of course she spotted some dogs :)

 "This is the life"

 This was just funny. She meets friends everywhere now, 
but wanted Daddy to take a picture of her and her new friend :P

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Week in Photos

Alright, so I've got these pictures to go and I'll be just about caught up, making sure I post about this past weekend in a day or so! :)

Last week was a busy week filled with dentist appointments (no cavities and she sat down in the chair and exclaimed "I'm so excited!", Tucker's surgery (all went well and he is fine), and my OB appointment (all good there too, I WILL post about this child/pregnancy soon I promise!). In between, we relaxed and enjoyed some summer days and nights.

 Playing with her new googles

 Snorkeling with Daddy :P

 Random hail storm that destroyed my tomatoes :(

 Deep thoughts at lunch time :)

 Rocking the orange safety glasses at the dentist! 

 Face painting at Beach to Bacon

 Driving Grampy's boat

 Lots of seals!

Out on the breakwater with Daddy again!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Catch Up!

The past few weeks have been really busy, but before I play "catch up" this week, I wanted to show some pictures from the past few weeks and share some of what we've been up to!

 Caroline & Daddy hit the breakwater one evening while Mommy was at an appointment, 
she went all of the way out to the end, my big girl!

 We also hit a Chinese Buffett where Caroline got to try out her new chopsticks,
we thought there would be a struggle, nope! Mastered on the second bite!

Her new favorite character is Rapunzel and she loves to dress up as her!

 We also met up with our friend Connor & went to Palace Playland in OOB for some fun

Mommy finally got to experience OOB & Pier fries for the first time as well :)

 After going to OOB, on the way home we picked up this cute little puppy :)

 No, we didn't keep her, she was just a foster that we had over night :P

But we made sure to get lots of puppy cuddles in and have some fun!

 Caroline is very into dancing like "Prince & Princesses" lately

 One rainy evening Daddy & Caroline decided to build a rocket!

and as always, there is plenty of dancing during the week!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Please Help My Food Blog!

I hope that you all know that I have a cooking blog, The Way to His Heart. It's been growing and keeps me busy. What you may or may not know is this is how I contribute to the family (besides being an amazing wife and mom! hehe). I was asked to partake in Smart Balance's Battle of the Bloggers contest where you make up an original recipe using their products. There are 20 bloggers and right now I am going back and forth for first place!!! Winning this contest will mean that I will be contracted out to develop one recipe per month and will be compensated for that. So, besides the pride factor of winning, this will help out as we gear up for baby #2!

Here is how you, my family and friends, can help. If you have a Facebook account, go to Smart Balance's page and "like" them. Then, go to their Battle of the Bloggers page and hit "Vote." Look for my Lobster Roll Cups and vote! Not only will you be helping me, but you will also be entered to win prizes. 5 people will win products from Smart Balance for a year, but also win a prize package from Calphalon!

You can vote once a day and voting ends on August 11th. So, pretty pretty please, vote :)