Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Next stop, Home!

We woke up Sunday morning, Mothers Day, in Aberdeen Maryland. I woke up first, but as soon as Caroline saw me awake and she ran and got my card :) We got ready and packed up the car one last time. Then, we headed to breakfast, passing a ton of Little Leaguers going to breakfast as well. Yup, we realized that we were in the heart of Cal Ripkin Jr. country and all of these boys were spending the weekend with their dads! Caroline got her last fix of biscuits for breakfast before we left the south for good and we hit the road.
The drive home was pretty uneventful. We only made a few stops and as we went through NY Caroline took a quick snooze. We kept pushing through while she was asleep, putting off lunch as much as we could! While in NYC we got to see one last interesting thing. As we were going over the bridge and I said, "Aren't you glad we are almost to NE and home?" 10 blackhawk helicopters went by, right over the G.W Bridge! They were pretty low too! There was a civilian helicopters out in front and then they hovered over them as they went by. Filming a movie perhaps? Who knows, but Alan just wanted to get home at that point :P
With a quick stop in CT. for a bite to eat we were making our way through New England pretty fast. When we hit our road Caroline and Daddy celebrated and we couldn't open the door fast enough to greet our puppies! While we would have been happy staying in SC for longer, if we couldn't be there we wanted to be home!

These little feet make me a very happy Mommy :)

NYC skyline in the distance with the Freedom Tower with its new spire

There they go!

and finally, testing out the stroller here at home :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day! The entire weekend was cold and rainy, but not today. It was a beautiful day from the get go. A little colder than last year so we had wear some layers under our beautiful dress, but that was the only thing putting a damper on our day. The sun was out and bright, the air was warm, and we had lots of fun. Caroline loves Memorial Day. She lives for getting into her cute patriotic outfit and marching along with the parade. She has so much fun climbing in and out of the fire trucks and waving at everyone from the side, or from her own personal float :)

Afterwards, we hit the nursery and picked up some plants and then home for lunch and nap. After that, we headed to the marina for our first boat ride of the season and some burgers. A little Dairy Queen, a bubble bath, and a nice bed time story made this day complete! This is another picture heavy post, but there were so many great ones to pick from that it was difficult picking just a few!

Looking at herself in the mirror!

She was giggling as we walked back, not asleep!
She was eating grapes, oh what a life!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

On the road again...

On the first leg of our trip back to Maine we made a few pit stops, but actually ended up taking less than the previous ride down. We hit our average of 1.5 hours before the bathroom was requested just before South of the Border. We wanted to stop there and take some pictures and grab a sombrero for the little one anyways. Afterwards, we made pretty good time, stopped for lunch, and then drove up to D.C. Daddy took a wrong turn and instead of jumping back on the highway we decided to go with it and check out the Washington Memorial and the Capital Building. We got out and stretched our legs a little and walked around. Then, once we got back into the car we were curious if could get to the White House without it being too much of a pain. Just a couple of blocks away and we were parked and taking another stroll. After our fun, we got back into the car and headed to our hotel for the night. While we were sad to leave South Carolina, the day had still been fun!

 Sleepy baby. A little physical exertion and she was done :)

Her favorite part was swinging on the fence

 Being an imp with Daddy, 
we decided that this would be Daddy's classic face for years to come :)

Crashing at the hotel
We turned the chair and ottoman into a little bed for her, complete with her own down comforter 
and she couldn't have been happier. 
We were happy to each have our own bed too! :)