Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! This year, like the rest of the holidays, Caroline really got into it. She went to bed pretty well the night before in anticipation for the Easter bunnies arrival. When she woke up she went downstairs to check out her goodies that the Eater bunny had left her and to hunt for Easter eggs. This was the first year we did an egg hunt and she was a pro!

After nap we headed to Great Grammie's house to visit with her. Caroline loves playing with Aunt Brenda's dog Bella as well. Then we went to Nana & Grampy's house and visited with Aunt Barbara, Uncle Richard, Great Gram, and Uncle Carlton. Caroline was not too keen on eating dinner, but she polished off dessert like a pro and had a second Easter egg hunt there as well.

So now she is all sugared up and her birthday is just days away. I think we'll be doing a detox :)

I was in charge of photos while Daddy was in charge of video so there is plenty of both! At least from the morning, the evening was too busy sadly so we didn't get as many of her in her beautiful dress!

Searching for Easter Eggs

 First egg reveals a jellybean!

 Popping jellybeans in as soon as she finds them!

 Enjoying her first chocolate Easter bunny

Relaxing with the puppies and reading them stories

Getting ready to leave and pleading for more candy!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maine Maple Sunday '13

Today we ventured out for Maine Maple Sunday. We've never been and we figured Caroline was at a great age to go and really have fun. We headed to Andy's Agway in Dayton, but realized their events had taken place on Saturday?, so we headed to our next destination. Harris Farm. We love Harris Farm since we get our milk and our corn there, and always love to stop and say, "Hi" to the cows.

Earlier in the morning Caroline had stated she wanted to be a horse farmer, but after deciding that the cows were her favorite part she changed it to a cow farmer. Then she went on about how cow's poop stinks and we informed her that picking up cow poop was a cow farmers job. She got silent for a minute and then asked what kind of cow farmer could she be where she didn't have to pick up poop. My clever little girl! We told her a paper pushing corporate farmer. She decided she liked that!

Since we had already eaten breakfast we stopped in and visited with the cows and then checked out the sugar house. Caroline loved the taste of the fresh sap and kept going in for more! Then we waited in a very long line to grab some fresh, hot donuts, maple syrup, and chocolate milk.

Afterwards, we finished up with a sleigh ride.

She was told she had to stay in "Daddy's shadow"
The line was long and she was actually pretty good

 She would step out and giggle 
until we told her to get back in that shadow or come hold our hands :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stop Little Birdie

Every evening, after her bath, Caroline and Alan go through this whole routine of Caroline being a baby animal. Usually, it is paired with her corresponding hooded towel. This evening though, she was a little birdie. I was downstairs putting away all of her puzzle pieces that she decided to mix up while they were upstairs. I heard these antics for about 4 minutes and went upstairs so I wouldn't miss the fun. I finally started filming about 2 minutes in, so by this point she was actually laughing less if you can believe it and was getting tired!

Weekly Pictures

This week we visited the eye doctor. We've been before, but not since Caroline can really remember.  He was very impressed with her ability to do a lot of the testing and said he usually can't do the tests until the kids are five. She has perfect vision and we will go back before Kindergarten, yikes!

I also snapped some pictures of Caroline playing around in quiet moments with my camera. Usually I only have the camera phone handy, but I'm trying to get better!

 Her signature was better than my printing her name out!

 Being silly waiting for the eye doctor!

 and we got a ton more snow :/

 Trying on new pretty dresses :)

Silly girl!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Another holiday that Caroline can finally get into the spirit with :) She went to bed the night before waiting for a silly little leprechaun to show up. She looked everywhere for him, but he left before we could find him. We did realize that he turned our milk green. That silly, sneaky little leprechaun! Caroline had lots of fun looking all around for him though and eating her cereal in green milk. Then we received a fun eCard from Gramma that had Caroline dancing around the living room.
While we Skyped with Gramma, Daddy was upstairs building something super fun for Caroline. Afterwards, we went up and she found herself with a brand new balance beam!

Later, we took Nana and Grampy to the airport and Caroline received her first green carnation :) We hit Outback for an early dinner (yeah not so Irish but unfamiliar pubs are out of the question with a toddler!) Caroline was still decked out in her Irish attire and we were in a festive mood.

While my thoughts were with my family in Long Island, I made sure that we were happy and joyful this St. Patty's Day! Next year though, we are making it to the parade! It doesn't feel like St. Patty's day without a parade!

Green Milk!?!

Irish jig

 Feeling extra festive and painting the tops of her hands as well!

Testing out the new beam!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Photos!

Yay for Friday! Although, it doesn't feel like Friday since Alan is off again. So, yay for three day weekends! We are going to get very spoiled this month. This week was pretty busy and adjusting to Day Light Savings time. She did great, although she wanted to sleep late and I wanted to take advantage of that, but we had appointments to keep. Boo!

Last weekend, we took advantage of the warm, 50 degree, weather and "crunched" on a lot of snow. Daddy had shoveled a lot of it onto the driveway to melt and it made for fun stomping.

Tuesday we had another fun time at gymnastics. The coach told me she was telling everyone about Caroline's upper body strength and the owner even came over to see her on the rings and do donkey kicks that actually end up being a straddle in mid air. No surprise to us as Caroline has no fear and loves to hang and leap like a monkey :)
Thursday I went to Zumba with my moms group and Caroline hung out downstairs with the babysitter and other kids. She really loves playing with them. I actually go more for her to have that opportunity for an hour to get away from family rules and hang out with other children her age!

Caroline was so good on Thursday and we wanted to change up our evening so we hit the road and ran a few errands and went out to eat. Oh, how she loves to go out to eat. She chats it up with the waitress, always saying, "Thank you" when food is delivered or refills are offered. She loves when they ask how her food is and she always orders for herself now!

Today she went to Sherman Williams with Daddy and wore her St. Patty's day headband that has the little bobbing shamrocks. We've seen them in past photos as they were originally Mommy's. Yup, Gramma brought in some St. Patty's day spirit when I was spending most of March in the hospital before Caroline was born. So, really she's been wearing them for 4 years now :)

 Preparing gumpaste for birthday goodies

 Using her Daddy built snow steps.

 She decided that if Frosty was going to melt away, then she was going to help!

Mashing Potatoes!

 She put a sticker on every finger and said they were sticky, like a Red Eyed Tree Frog!

 She dug this out of the basement!

 Watching the Buffalo talk at Bugaboo Creek

Very excited about the fire fighter book Gramma sent her!