Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2/24 Snow!

Yup, lots of snow here this month. We have been lucky the past few winters with minimal snow, but Mother Nature has made sure we have plenty this winter! This time, we got got about 6-8 inches and it was very wet and heavy. Perfect to fix our melting snowman! As I write this, we are actually preparing for another storm that could drop another 12 inches!

Fixing Frosty

 She was singing "Rub a dub dub" and said she was taking a snow bath!

 Lucy being thrown in for some fun!

Always love the morning after a storm!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Caroline's First Hair Cut!!!

The time has come. We didn't think we would see this day for a long time. Caroline, like the rest of us, was born with very fine, wispy blonde hair that took forever to grow! This past year though it has really come in and she was finally do for a little shaping. We didn't take much off, but wanted to shape it so it would look nice, healthy and grow in better. She was such a trooper and did awesome. Like the dentist, she can't wait to go back! I'm sure it will be a while before we go back to the hair dresser again though :) Oh, my little baby is growing up! I can finally write up the one section that has been empty, "My First Hair Cut."   :)

Walking in!

She said the water "hurt" so the stylist sprayed the comb from then on :)

She was great, except when it came time to do the front of her face. She didn't like the tickling by her face from when the hair was combed straight down :)

She got a lollipop for a reward and a small slinky!

She was refusing to smile :)

A special dinner treat for being so good. 
Her favorite! Chipotle

It was a really special night so Lucy was allowed to stay in bed with Caroline.

It lasted 10 minutes. Caroline didn't like that Lucy wanted to sleep :)

The next morning :)

It is nicely shaped and her little curls do still show up, not in this picture though

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week in Photos

This week we had a lot of fun hanging around the house and being silly. We had our first play date at our house with our friends Rusty and Bella. The kids did fabulous and after an hour Caroline said, "I don't want to play anymore." If only they got tired in the same amount of time at home by themselves :) Beforehand, we decided to make some muffins for our guests and Caroline decided she wanted cranberry. I suppose she thought this was a silly ingredient for a muffin, but she realized it was actually very tasty :)

Later in the week, I went to a Mom's group Zumba class while Caroline stayed downstairs with the kids and was watched by a babysitter. This was Caroline's first experience being left with a baby sitter with a bunch of kids. I was a little nervous, but it was the best set up to see how she would do. She was great and loved helping the babysitter out, surprise surprise :) She can't wait to go again. So, the class will be beneficial to both of us!

That night we went out to dinner to celebrate Nana's birthday. As always, Caroline rarely eats at home but will inhale her food at a restaurant :)

 Out & About and saw a 15ft snowman in the works!

 Crazy hair! Thinking it might be time for that trim!

 Found the sticker to one of her stuffed animals....

She totally put her new snowsuit on by herself for the most part.
I came back into the room and caught her doing this :)

 Our delicious cranberry muffins (coming to the blog soon!)

 My little kitty cat, see those cute paws?

 We were especially chilly during bedtime story :)

Gramma made Caroline a pipecleaner tiara & Caroline has been wearing it
again a lot and decided she needed a pillow to prop up with as well. She is the Princess after all!

 Every dress must be checked out in her big mirror
A dance must be done and a silly face :)

 Heading out to dinner for Nana's birthday!
(Otherwise, I would have grabbed my camera to take a better picture! Love the dress!)

After we wrapped a birthday present for this weekend, she decided that Rusty liked her toolbox and she should wrapped that as well!

Voila! Complete with stickers! 
The present became mine halfway through :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Day of Swimming?

Caroline had what may be her last day of swimming lessons this winter. Last week was rescheduled because of the blizzard, but we have a birthday party to go to next week so we just aren't sure if we will get it all done in time. So, we treated this week like it was the last, just in case!

I decided to bring the video camera rather than my camera. So, here is the little one in action! Oh, she loves to stand on Alan's hands in the house as well and be lifted into stunt position :) You'll see this in one of the videos!

She was the only one who actually kicked the ball, 
but she was more into catching the ball with her feet and floating on her back :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Photo (Sat. morning!)

With all of the snow pictures and Valentines Day there were lots of posts this week and not many random pictures. But, there are a few and a video I wanted to share!

 Frosty started to lean the next day since it got warm, 
Daddy got home early and fixed him before Caroline woke up from her nap. Phew!

Tucker had his teeth cleaned and was sedated so he wasn't very happy afterwards

 Poor Tucker Man!

 Almost every night she tells us a story and it's almost the exact story to a "t"
All made up by her :) She got a little stage fright though with the camera :)

 Taking care of Tucker Man

We finished the week with some coloring or as Caroline says,
"Arc-ing" She combines art with -ing!


 ...and Frosty is a bit gaunt in the face :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Caroline has become a lover of holidays! I honestly think she had more excitement in this one day then she did for Christmas! She woke up and said, "Happy Valentines Day Mama! Let's go decorate and I need to wear a pretty dress," neither of which I told her we would be doing but it sounded like a great idea to me! We played games, we made paper chains and decorated the house, she wore her Christmas dress and danced around, and we had a fabulous day! After we decorated she told me the house looked beautiful and we had a "happy family." Then, when I received roses from Alan she said,"Awww that was nice of Daddy." hehe
Below is a video from our card making session for Daddy a couple of days ago and a few tidbits here and there of our Valentines day fun! No pretty, single shot of my little Valentine, she was way to busy to sit still and smile for the camera in a posed way!

Making Daddy's card

Her First card arrives!

Valentines morning...

 A requested breakfast that was extra special

 Waiting for Daddy to come home

 Opening her first round of loot! 

 Showing Daddy her cards

 Loves her balloon from Daddy!

 Dressed for dinner

 Wearing her "mermaid" hair she got from Gramma

 She thought it was a volcano!

 Thank you Aunt Barbara and Uncle Rick!

Now she gets it!

A heart-shaped candy ring really is the best!