Friday, January 25, 2013

Yay for Friday!

It's been a very chilly week here and we have been home staying inside since Monday morning. We have kept busy not to get cabin fever and are actually okay with it!

 Getting a taste of the American lifestyle
Enjoying some McD's after a birthday party
She thought it was hilarious to eat in the car!

 Going over her letters with Daddy

 Daddy was very proud of how she was doing with 
sounding out the letters and finding the matching words

 Regular puzzle time

 It was cold, so we did some curling up

 Not how I wanted Caroline to learn to count :)

 Our beautiful artwork

 Yup! Way too cold!

This kid loves to be up high. 
Here, we are trying to show her that she can't stand 
on Daddy's shoulders and go in the living room

Baby owl after her nap

When she runs, her wings flap :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Swimming is Fun!

This morning was our second swimming class and just like gymnastics the second class went MUCH better than the first. She had a lot of fun, you could tell it on her face and when I asked her as we got dressed if she had fun she said a resounding, "Yes!" Now, this post is a little picture heavy, very picture heavy, but she is just so cute :P

 I remember giving this look to my dad when he took too many swimming pictures :)



 She said that floating on her back makes her sleepy :)

All done!

Next time I need to stop moving my hand when I am moving to look at the coach!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Photos

It's Friday already! We had a busy week of errands and appointments and it wont end there as we have swimming lessons tomorrow (which she says she is excited for!) and a birthday party on Sunday. It is amazing how fast January is speeding by, before I know it my little peanut will be three, yikes!!! This week Caroline has really been in to reading stories herself, and doing a good job at it. We also had a really fun day of errands that involved the Post Office, Library and grocery store which Caroline loved. We ran into her gymnastics coach at the library and an old coworker of mine who just happens to be a police officer. Caroline loved that he knew her name already and can't wait to go to the station like he suggested!

 Saturday night we headed up to Freeport for some shopping and 
Caroline's reward for staying dry all week long, McDonald's!
(We are currently in regular underwear vs. thick underwear during naps and she gets a reward every week if she stays dry. A few more weeks and will we do the same with night time!)

 Playing around in LL Bean

 Making Auntie's Meatloaf 
She set the table all by herself and helped make mashed potatoes as well!

 Taste testing some King Cake Ice Cream for Mommy :)

 She liked it :)

We've stayed healthy so far this month, but baby has a cold :(

Caroline's Christmas flower finally bloomed! 
Each flower is larger than her head!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making Gingerbread Men

As I was downloading swimming pictures I noticed there were some pictures that I never got a chance to see from Christmas eve. I was busy in the kitchen that day and Caroline helped me out by making some gingerbread men. We cut the shapes out in the morning and then after nap we decorated them. I thought I'd share since she had a lot of fun and it hasn't been that long since Christmas :)

 She really was a pro and didn't mess any up
This was her first time doing them besides when she was super tiny

 Showing Daddy a thing or two