Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 6 Weeks George!

For most, it's New Years Eve, but we are also celebrating the fact that George is 6 weeks old today! Time is flying so fast. It always goes fast but the holidays just made it go faster :( We weighed George on Sunday and he was 13.4 lbs! That is up from last Sunday when he weighed 12.2 lbs! We didn't measure him since we did it last Sunday, but he was up 2 inches from birth to bring him to 24 inches. So, besides a few things we are still trying to get some use out of, he is out of 0-3 month clothes! For those that don't know, 0-3 ends at 12 lbs so we are way over :)

Alan wanted to recreate the shot where he held Caroline on his arm and we had to get that in, but I realized that we took hers around 5 weeks so we aren't too far away from when we did hers. She had a lot more balance and was still very newborn looking (remember, she was 5 weeks early so she really was just ready to be born!) whereas George was very wobbly but shows a lot more strength. We tried for a few more shots of him in some of his cute outfits before they don't fit, but he grew too fussy, which is the norm right now, so we will try again this weekend.

George 5w 5d

Caroline, for comparison

 More George


More George :)

 George spent the morning and afternoon of 6 weeks
sleeping, barely eating, and being fussy :)

 I just hope he isn't resting up for a wild NYE night! :)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Afternoon

After breakfast we got ready for everyone's arrival and dinner. Nana and Grampy arrived first and then Great Gram, Aunt Barbara, and Uncle Richard. Caroline and I were upstairs getting her beautiful flower petal gown on with "glass slippers." I grabbed the camera to take a few shots of her in front of the tree and then I headed for the kitchen until dinner time. Caroline, as always, kept everyone entertained. George did his best and entertained as well. After everyone left we cleaned up and Caroline went right to bed. We took a few shots of George in his "First Christmas' bib since we missed our chance earlier and then we all crashed! Another Christmas for the books, as it seems, they just keep getting better :)

 Finally, a smile when it really counts :) 
Love this sweet little girl!

 George came in the kitchen for a few minutes to tell 
me he was tired and getting fussy. So, I took him upstairs and go him ready 
for a snooze

 Someone else was tired :)

 Dinner was a little late so someone
ripped into her leftover from the night before!

 Relaxing time

 George was done and that is the most we got
from that First Christmas bib :)

Merry Christmas! 
We are blessed!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was a lot of fun around here. I'm not sure who had more fun really. George was up around 6am so we fed him and the animals and went back to sleep until Caroline woke up. We both stirred around 7:30 and laid there until almost 8 when we heard the pitter patter of little feet. Alan and I jumped out of bed. I ran to the kitchen to grab the video camera and Alan grabbed his phone and recorded her coming down the stairs from our bedroom door. The first part we took only video and after the stockings we hit the regular camera. There are some blurry ones, but we tried to capture moments while still enjoying them. We ripped through presents a lot faster than years past, but it was great. We enjoyed some cinnamon rolls and then played with toys and slowly got ready for family to arrive.

While we opened our presents George was sound asleep 
in our bedroom. We finally woke him up after we had breakfast 
so Caroline could open his stocking and presents

Caroline was happy when Mommy opened her present from her, 
a "little pot" for Mommy to cook in

I'm not sure who was more excited about this gift. 
Caroline wanted Daddy to have soft pj's like we all have
and she picked these Superman ones out
because "Daddy is my hero." 
Seriously? *sigh* This kid is too cute!

Opening gifts from Gramma

Caroline delivering Mommy's last gift
This was pretty hilarious. After we finished opening our gifts we went to get breakfast ready.
Alan went behind the tree and gave Caroline something to give Mommy. 
On the way, she decided she wanted it and wouldn't let me come near it, no less open it becuase
it was "so little and cute." She was in full tears. Once I opened it and she saw what they were?
She went to the coffee table and played with her toothbrush, claiming it was much better!

Mommy's earrings from Daddy :)

Setting up her dollhouse

He's not impressed :)

His puppy dog from Santa

The kids Christmas morning :)

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve we stayed close to home and took it easy. We made some fudge the night before, then some peppermint bark and butter cookies, and Caroline and Daddy finished their gingerbread house. We cleaned up the house for Christmas Day and then went out to dinner with Nana and Grampy. We were busy, but it was a nice day. After dinner we talked to Gramma on the phone and then set out the cookies and milk for Santa. Caroline went to bed so that Santa wouldn't pass our house and Daddy and Mommy got to work! Daddy put together Caroline's dollhouse while Mommy finished up wrapping presents. We went to bed late, but we were just as excited for the morning since Caroline was really getting the spirit of Christmas this year :)

 She really wasn't in the mood for pictures :)

 Daddy's job begins, total time 1.5 hours

Our family stockings :)

 Santa came!