Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Photos!

This week was our busiest yet! We had gymnastics, vet appointments, doctor appointments, and lots of things in between.
It was our last session at gymnastics for the smaller kids group. Next week we start the next level and I know Caroline will love it. The coach set up the rings just for Caroline since she knows she loves them, but Caroline just wanted to spin on them. They also set up a mini foam pit which Caroline loved. Although she had more fun stacking the blocks than jumping in them!
We also got our flu shots this week. I told Caroline that we would both get a shot and it would hurt for a second and then be over. I told her she could have a blue yogurt pop when we got home. She was fine with this and when the nurse came to get us, she told the nurse she was there for her shot! The nurse gave me mine first and then asked if she could get a lollipop for Caroline. I told her sure, special treats for occasions such as these are important! Caroline sat on my lap and watched as the injection went in. She never flinched nor cried! Afterwards, she asked for her band-aid and was VERY happy to receive a blue lollipop! That was that. No biggie from my little trooper! The nurse was amazed and yet again, just like her blood draw, she was the talk of the office!

Caroline has also had a lot of fun playing around the new shed that Daddy is building. She tells him where the windows and door are going. She also says, "Man's gotta take a break." Not sure where she gets that from, but breaks are good! :)

 Patiently waiting for her turn for the flu shot

Enjoying her blueberry lollipop!

Working while Mommy is on a business call!

Spending a quiet Friday morning making green pancakes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My "big" little girl

There are moments when I see the big kid in Caroline coming out. Whether it be the things she says or does, I see that my little baby is growing up fast and furious. Seeing her ride her bicycle is one of those moments. She seems way too little to be doing so well. It also is bittersweet that she doesn't need our help! I honestly didn't think we would be dealing with bicycles and training wheels for some time. Where are the days of Big Wheels? She masted her tricycle in the house over winter and doesn't even want to ride it on the driveway. Seeing my baby do so well makes me so proud, but I really want to hit the pause button. Here is a video from the other day showing how well she rides her bike, can correct herself and turn all without us. Doesn't she look way to big for 2.5 years old? *sigh*

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Time (Early!)

It is only Wednesday and it has been a busy week already. Thursday and Friday prove to be just as busy, but I wanted to get this post up because we are having dinner over at Nana and Grampy's and we wanted to show one of the videos to everyone else that is going to be there, including Darlene :) So, here are the weeks photos a day early and next weeks will probably have more since there will be a few extra days attached!

The front lawn looking amazing 

We said, "Good bye" to our garden's resident frog and covered up the beds for the season

We did a little shopping (which meant a ride was a must!)

Bedtime stories with Daddy

We stopped riding our bike long enough to swing. 
Why waste time taking your helmet off? :)

Caroline was going around the kitchen telling me she was off to school and handed me her baby to watch. She told me she had to go spend time with Hello Kitty. I had to catch some of the rest on video and am glad I did!

Mommy made an apple pie and Caroline was busy making cupcakes

Caroline watching the intro to the old Muppet Movie. She isn't rubbing her belly, she is playing her banjo :)

Tumble! Of course I get the one that is somewhat delayed on video!

Dancing to the new Muppet Movie

Relaxing with Nanny

Building blocks with Daddy after work

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kennebunk Harvest Fest '12

This year we all got to head to Harvest Fest. Last year, if you recall I was laid up from my foot surgery, so I was excited to go this year! We walked around, enjoyed some hot cocoa, saw some friends, decorated pumpkins, ate pier fries, played around, met some new friends, and rode on the horse driven wagon. It was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and we were all pretty happy!

 First, Caroline and Daddy decorated a pumpkin

 Then, Mommy and Caroline decorated the other side

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Open House at the Fire Station

Thursday night was open house at the West Kennebunk Fire Station, or as Caroline calls it the Firefighter Station. Daddy got to show Caroline all of the trucks and what was on each. Having used to be a firefighter at Washington House, he knew where all the neat stuff was and also where to keep her little hands away from! Afterwards, we went for a pretty long ride on one of the trucks. Caroline was lucky enough to get to ride on the ladder truck. She was so excited to go help someone in an emergency hehe. Between the trucks and the free Dunkin Donuts munchkins and apples, she was a pretty happy kid!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Family Fall Pictures

We have been trying to get some family pictures taken again this Fall with Uncle Richard, but the weather just doesn't want to cooperate. We decided to go for it last Saturday before the apples and leaves were gone. We only had about 15 minutes before it started to rain so mother nature and a two-year old were not on our side :) Getting three people to all look at the camera and smile nicely is never easy!

Friday Photo Time!

We had a fun week even though it started to get very cold and when it was warm it was raining. Caroline has been asking about camp a lot this week, but we remind her each time that it is Fall now and although we can't go to camp we are doing lots of other fun things. Halloween is just around the corner and we're pretty excited about that as well!

 Saturday was very warm, probably the last time we'll be out without a coat and hat for a long time!

 Fivel didn't care for the bubbles :)

 Before heading out for family pictures we needed to play a tune

 Look Ma! No hands!

 OK Coach, I'll put them back!

 Storytime with Daddy

 Snuggle time with Mommy