Sunday, September 30, 2012

More gymnastics

Caroline is getting better and better at gymnastics. In just a few short weeks she has really grown with her listening skills and patience. She takes turns and listens to her coach. She also trusts her coach more and will do anything she asks. During this session Gramma came along with us. It was a smaller group so it was fun having her there. Apparently, I missed a great photo-op while talking to one of the other parents. Gramma, the coach, and another mother were all impressed when Caroline was swinging from the rings with her hands and feet in them! Since day one she has loved the rings!

Fun times with Gramma

The weather wasn't always the best during Gramma's stay, but we still had a lot of fun. We went shopping in the Old Port and then headed to the mall to get a few more things for Caroline's Halloween costume. More importantly, we were there to ride some rides!  We also went out to dinner at The Ramp in Cape Porpoise and after eating a massive bowl of pasta Caroline asked for ice cream. Who were we to disappoint? So we found out way to Dairy Queen!

 Caroline baking in her new chef hat!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Punkinfiddle Festival 2012

Saturday was the annual Punkinfiddle Festival at Laudholm Farm in Wells. Caroline hadn't been feeling well the days beforehand and the morning was quite foggy, but everything cleared up and we were so happy we went. She rode a pony through the field, she fed a horse a LOT of hay, she hung out with goats and alpacas, danced, and surprisingly she hung out with the ladies who were spinning for a while!

 Eh, I'll sit here and read my horse coloring book

 Dancing with Daddy

Gramma's Visit

Gramma arrived on Thursday, the 20th and we wasted no time having fun. Caroline and I woke up first and started making Gramma's birthday cake. We headed out for a day at Dock Square, but between construction and cruise ships in town, we headed to Harris Farms for some corn instead.

The next morning Caroline woke up with some sniffles so we stayed home and played around the house.

 Very happy with the froggy purse she got from Gramma

 Checking out the cows

 Looking at photo books with Gramma

Reading Flossie the Flounder which I actually got back in SC last year on our trip. 
I used to read that book all of the time at the marina in Murrells Inlet and now she loves it!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Weeks Friday Pictures!

Gramma arrived from South Caroline the end of last week so we were busy playing with her and never added the pictures from last week. I figured I would go ahead and post those today and tomorrow's Friday pictures will just be the start of a LOT of fun pictures during Gramma's visit!

 Caroline is not impressed. 
(If you know the Makayla Meme's you know what I'm talking about!)

 Someone saw a Hello Kitty Fedora and HAD to have it. 
It had all the vital components. Black and white polka dots, pink, Hello Kitty and it was a hat

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple Picking

On Sunday we headed up to Giles Family Farm and picked some apples. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time. We will be back as they didn't have any of the yellow delicious apples yet. Afterwards, we headed over to the bakery at Norte Dame and picked up some goodies. We are sad to see summer go, but we have lots of activities planned for fall. The seasons get better and better now that Caroline is older and really gets what is going on!

 She kept wanting to look around. When I got her to look at me, this was the face I got!

 A little to the left, no higher Mom. I'll just stay here and munch away.

 Left us to pick pumpkins while she got a drink! LOL

 So heavy!

 A little help here?

 Mmm apple turnover

 This is the life!

 She is at that phase where she has to scrunch her face and say, "CHEESE!"