Friday, July 27, 2012

Photo Friday

A friend of mine, who has a blog, uses Fridays to add random pictures that were taken throughout the week. Since I take a lot of silly, random pictures of Caroline I thought it would be a good idea on here as well! Some of these are a couple of weeks old, but I still wanted to share them with you.

 My dinner date. Alan had to work late so my one-gloved girl ate with me :)

 Leading the pack at the Bounce Zone

 My diva :)

 Finishing her cup of tea before we run out for errands

Getting ready to do some gardening

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wild Blueberries

After Caroline's nap on Sunday we headed up to camp. She requested some place "fun." We spent a little time up there, but didn't end up swimming. Instead, Alan took Caroline and I for a walk up to the point. Caroline and I got to enjoy or first taste of wild blueberries. Daddy warned Caroline never to eat any berry unless Daddy gives it to her. He couldn't pick them fast enough! She was gobbling them down like never before. I think Caroline and Daddy will have fun in the years to come going to and picking blueberries, just like Alan did as a kid.

Collecting tiny pine cones :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Service

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. We headed to church first thing. It was our first time since last summer so we knew it would be an entirely different experience with Caroline. Yup! I told her if she was quiet she would get a treat. She repeated this to everyone there :) She was so excited to go, but of course once we got there it was a different story. She was such a chatterbox. Of course, George Bush was there (typically he goes to the earlier service) and the Boston Trinity Choir, so there were a few delays in the normal program having to deal with longer hymns, Secret Service, oh and a baptism! Caroline took a few walks outside :) Caroline was all about seeing the Very Rev M.L. Agnew, but the few times she encountered him she clammed up. It was about the only time she was quiet! When we left she stopped and played on the lawn for a few minutes and Barbara Bush noted that she was precious. Yup, we know :) Although I think this particular morning she was more precocious! It would have been fun to get Caroline's picture with the ex-president, as a few tourists were, but we figured we'd let him be. So, she has this to read back on now instead!

 Finally have the tripod and remote for family pictures and now Caroline is too interested in the remote!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Our garden is well under way and we should have some zucchini any day, and the peppers and tomatoes will be close behind. We've already enjoyed some fried zucchini blossom.

Caroline has had a lot of fun with the garden. She loves going out and watering it with Alan. When we go out she points to the zucchini flowers and says, "We can put cheese in them and eat them!" Today we did a bit of weeding and checked our veggies. Caroline can't wait to eat the cucumbers and bring some grape tomatoes to Grampy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Caroline and took off this morning for our first official "building sandcastle" day at the beach. When I showed her the big tub of pails and shovels I had gotten she was all smiles. She has been so excited to build sandcastles lately and went straight to work! She was an absolute delight on the beach this morning. It's my first time taking her to the beach alone and she listened to me and we had a great time. There will be lots more sandcastles in our future this summer! She was great leaving the beach since I told her she could rinse off in Mommy and Daddy's big shower. :)

 Forgot to write the year like Gramma did last year!

Our ruins after the tide started coming in

A Tea Party

Yesterday was going to be another hot day so I broke out a new toy. I have a closet with some things that she hasn't opened yet for days like this. Caroline, myself, and her closest teddies had a tea party.

We also did some early morning gardening and had an adventure when we went to get the mail. When Daddy came home we headed off to downtown Kennebunk for the craft market and ran into an old friend. We snacked on some fresh raspberries and headed to Colony Beach to watch an evening storm roll in. Who said it was unbearable? We had a delightful day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Girl and Her Tractor

Caroline loves when Grampy brings his tractor and excavator over and she gets to ride in it. A few weeks ago Alan and Willis finished up the backyard and we already have grass growing. Besides a little bit of work where Alan's shed is going, I believe we're done with the big machines. These pictures are a few weeks old, but I thought I'd share since she loves it so much. She loves to honk the horn and can totally control it. She loves going backwards the most. While she wont get to play with them here anymore, I think she'll be happy she has a yard finally! :)

Everybody else watching what is going on :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

First Nightgown

When Caroline got her big girl bed I thought it would be fun to move on to little nightgowns as well. I also thought it would be easier for her with going to the potty on her own. Well, the XS sizes were still too big so we had to wait. Last night we tried it again and it was quite funny. She exclaimed, "I need my pants!" She was shocked at the thought of going to bed without pants. She got over it and the next morning loved pointing out her bedtime dress :)

I tried to get some pictures, but she was being very serious. They are still funny though.  Most were really blurry since she was moving so fast.

Diva pose :)

Morning at Camp

Our last morning of vacation we decided to head up to camp. It was a gorgeous morning there. Typically, it is much warmer there, but it was hot and stagnant at home and at camp there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was warm, with a lovely breeze.

When we first got there Caroline was more interested in playing with the toys then going in the water. She had lots of fun running around, doing chalk drawings with Daddy, and finally swimming. She was hesitant at first, but once in she was fine. What was really funny was while in the water she told Alan, "I want a pool. Not this." This was her first time in the water this season and she did really great. She liked keeping her feet on the ground, but had no problem going under water. We took a short break and had snacks and then when she went back in the second time she wanted right in. She practised swimming and had fun swinging on the rope. She told her "I like camping." :) Now that the water has warmed up kiddo, we'll take you a bunch!

Modeling her new swimsuit

 Scoping things out

 Don't worry, no jet-skiing. They just swam out to it!