Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pig Tails!

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Caroline has had very little hair and it's so fine that I just haven't attempted any kind of spout or pug tail. The other day I decided to give it a go and they were so stinkin cute! The best part is Caroline loves them! She calls them her Olivia Pig Tails, since Olivia the Pig naturally has pigtails :) The only downside is they make her look even more grown up.  *sigh*

Memorial Day 2012

We love a parade! Seriously, kiddo gets so excited that it just rubs off on us. Caroline was very exicted to see a marching band. She loves marching at home when e become our own marching band. We headed down to Dock Square and got settled in to watch the parade. We skipped the speeches by George Bush and company and when they would pause Caroline liked to march in place next to everyone. A local photographer got some great pictures of Caroline marching, waving her flag, and sitting in the antique fire engine and I hope to get those soon. I got a short video of Caroline marching, but of course as I started to finally film the parade started back up!

 Practicing our marching at home

Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving to the Big Girl Bed!

Friday was the big day and Caroline was ready for it! When she woke from her nap we said,"Good bye" to the crib and headed to a playgroup. Daddy came in behind us and set everything up. When we came home I ran up first to get the camera ready and took the following pictures. I couldn't leave one out since they tell the story! She loved it!
The first night was different. She didn't want a story, etc. she only wanted to go to sleep in her bed. Except, when we left after she kicked us out she realized she did want everything. We came back in and did the routine. She whined a few times, saying, "Stay in Big Girl Bed" snif snif. Like she was thinking "what did I get myself into?" After that she settled down and was great. She never got out of bed and she slept nice and late in the morning. She stayed in bed till we came in and got her.
Saturday we spent an exciting morning at Chuck E Cheese so naptime was extra sleepy, but she couldn't settle right down. I think too much excitement. Once again though, once she never got out of the bed! Ever since she's gone right to sleep and been great. Transition complete! We're so proud of our little "Big" girl who adapts to change so well and is so brave and ready for adventure!

Crib Memory Lane

Before I post the pictures from Caroline's Big Bed Adventures I wanted to share a few of her when she was tiny. I was going to post one with the "Last night in the crib" post, but I started going through some old ones and couldn't just pick one! So, here is my tiny baby! The very last picture was about a year ago, sometime right around Mother's Day.

Last night in the Crib

Thursday night was Caroline's last night in her crib. We put it off for many reasons, like needing to paint the bedframe, time, and wanting to start this process on the weekend. But, the time had come! Caroline helped count down the days all week and she was a happy kiddo going into her crib for the last time for bed.
We read a story like usual and then she wanted to be rocked, which isn't a normal occasion. I tihnk she did this more for me than herself :) We did all of our normal rituals and kissed her goodnight, knowing this would be the last time Alan and I did this for her in the crib.
We remembered when we first put her in that crib. She was so little that we put her perpendicular and had to put blankets on either side so she didn't roll in her swaddle. Now, my little girl was pleading for a big girl bed because she was, "All done with this one." *Sigh* I'm so proud of my little girl, but it's a bittersweet moment for sure!

Showing us how big she is 

 Daddy trying to see if Mommy will cry!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

We went to a birthday party for a friend this morning and Caroline made her first visit to Chuck-E-Cheese. She took right to it and enjoyed every minute of it. There is no more ball pit, so parents can relax about the iicky germs :) Caroline had fun playing games, mostly she liked putting the token into the machines. She enjoyed eating at the kid table and having pizza and patiently awaiting CAKE! As she took a bite she said, "Happy Birthday Jonathan," like thanks for the cake man! When Chuck-E-Cheese came to the table for the birthday boy Caroline loved him so much! She had to run over and give him a huge and another high five. She followed him around for free tokens and danced with him. When the real guy wasn't around she danced with the animatronic one. She played ski-ball for the first time and got to ride a horse a few times as well!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snow White

My little Snow White acts more like Cinderella around here. Always cooking and cleaning for her Mommy :) She always makes sure she looks her best though. Even while she is cooking she wears her high heels, headband, tutu underneath to give her dress more poof, and to protect her beautiful gown an apron. Goodness I love this child :)

 Oh dear! There is so much that needs to be done!

 My sweetie

I need to rest!