Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beans, Kitties, and Popcorn

This past weekend we headed up to LL Beans to do some shopping. Caroline and Daddy go to check out the Moose and fish while Mommy had the joy of standing in the long lines :) While we were there I noticed some great slippers for Caroline. All of the other ones for her age I feel like they would cause more harm then good. We've been using slipper socks, but they fall down all of the time. So, we tried on some bears, moose, and then we stopped black and white kitties. She loved them! She wanted to hold them the whole way home. She also showed Fievel that they looked just like them! We hug and kiss the kitties, like everything else, goodnight and then they go in a special spot in the closet. (That is so we don't see them and call out for them all night long)
Later that night, I had the hankering for old fashioned, stove-top popcorn. Alan and I whipped some up and Caroline enjoyed watching and listening. She wanted her own and we made a large batch so we let her have her own bowl. Before you think she ate the whole thing, remember, she is 21 months and clumsy. She also has 2 dogs that are very interested in what she eats. She even practiced strong will power and said, "No more" after a few bites.

The best part of shopping is the bags!

Feeding Lucy some "Yum Yums"

Feeling pretty good sitting on the couch, by herself, eating popcorn :)

Notice she is eating with both hands :P

A visit to Great Gram's

A couple of weeks ago we went to Caroline's Great Gram's and visited with her, Aunt Barbara, Aunt Carol, and cousin Maia (who is only 4 months older). The girls had lots of fun sharing toys, not sharing toys, and generally being hams for us.

Ready to go to G Gram's!

We left Elmo to his reading

Great Gram and her great girls!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day

I couldn't wait for Caroline to wake up so I could show her the snow. The ground was already nicely covered, with lots more on its way. The past two times we've gotten snow this year haven't been much so this time would be different.

I didn't show her the snow outside of her window. This time I was ready with the video camera and wanted to catch her reaction out the back slider. She saw the snow outside the front door window and starting saying, "SNOW!" I turned the camera on and figured we'd start shooting from there. As you can see, by the time we got downstairs she was already kind of over it and more interested in taking care of her baby.

Today is the first day Caroline has been out in the snow since last year. As far as she is concerned, it's the first time! I couldn't wait to get her all dressed up and out there. As you can see, she wasn't that thrilled with it. In the video you'll see her point upwards and say, "Belt." I'm wearing my ear warmer and she uses that as a belt for the baby on her tricycle!

While editing the video Caroline came over to see it. She wasn't happy that the baby in the video was out in the snow. When I say "Caroline do you want to go inside?" She nodded on my lap "yes!" Get that baby out of the snow! Sorry for the "bumpiness" of the video, but it's an action shot :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Quiet Afternoon

Caroline is growing and developing before our very eyes. Her vocabulary has really exploded, she is in the throes of potty training, loves to help out, and really understands and executes so many things now. She loves anything baby. She'll see a baby in the store and tell the mother the baby is sleeping, taking a nap, needs milk, etc. It is so funny. She loves to clean and organize her belongings. She loves music and the piano. Our little girl is blossoming and coming into her own. It's hard to believe she'll be two soon. I still see my little baby, although at times I swear I'm looking at a 15 year old with some of her actions and comments :)
Today we stayed home and played around upstairs. We played dress up in her tutu, we tried on her Babylegs to see if they still fit (they do!), we played with our puppy ears, and we dressed Tucker up!

Just waking up from a nap

My pretty girl

La la la

Friday, January 6, 2012


We woke up this morning to snow. There was no snow in the forecast, but it was coming down good. We got a good dusting, our first since Halloween. I showed Caroline out her bedroom window and she was pretty happy. When we went downstairs I ran to grab the camera as she ran to the back door. She was squealing "Nooooo" as I was hitting record. I missed the big excitement, but you can still see she was pretty happy. She kept taking her different bears and babies to the windows to show them the snow and telling them "mine" and "white."