Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!


Someone was a little more interested in the tape it took to make the hat fit her :)

We got some excitement, but the hat wasn't showing :)

More Christmas Dress photos

I can't resist adding these last few :)

Playing some tunes for Elmo

Teaching Elmo how to play

Cinderella loves to sweep!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Christmas Tree Pictures

Last night Alan and Caroline checked out the tree for probably one of the last times. It's getting very dry so we're going to have to take it down a bit early. Whenever Caroline has Alan pick her up she goes to the star and it cracks me up because she looks like a little shooting star herself. So, I was sure to grab the camera to take some pictures.

My shooting star

Pointing to "Mommy & Daddy." Our wedding ornament

Flash forward 15 years :P

Playing with her new measuring tape

Christmas Pictures Part 2!

I can always count on Uncle Richard to fill in any empty spots I have when it comes to pictures. The good thing is he gets some of me, since I'm always behind the camera. The bad part is we never get any of him. Hmmmm :) Here are just a few of my favorites. Family, if you want to see them all just visit the Shutterfly site. We didn't get any pictures of the major hit of the party. Alan's remote controlled helicopter. Who would have thought that Caroline's little gift to Daddy would have all of the men wanting one? :)

Monday, December 26, 2011


I could barely sleep the night before Christmas. Partly, it was due to my cold, but I was really excited to see Caroline's reaction. From this Christmas on, she's going to have so much fun! As you can see in the two videos, she was pretty excited. After the videos, we went for the stockings and then opening presents. We stopped and had some Creme Brulee French Toast and then opened presents. Skyped with Gramma and then opened presents. It took us a while since she was so preoccupied with the toys she had already opened!
She never took her morning nap, she was so excited. Great Gram, Uncle Richard, and Aunt Barbara arrived and she was very excited to show them all of her new toys. Then, Nana and Grampy showed up and we opened lots more presents! From this point, I was cooking and stopped taking pictures so I'm waiting and hoping Richard got some good ones. We will have to get Caroline dressed up again to take a nice picture, since she was so busy playing we couldn't get her to sit still and take a nice "pretty" picture.
I've heard that Christmas means more when kids are around and it's so true. I've never been more excited. Watching Caroline was so much fun. This whole entire season has been so special. Alan and I have really enjoyed it. Last years holidays were really just teasers. Little introductions and all of the "firsts." This year, and from now on, we truly are Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth-fairy, etc. and I couldn't be happier playing those roles to this special little girl.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we headed over to Alan's Aunt's house for some festivities. Caroline got to play with her cousins and it's always a great time. First, we took some family pictures, that came out blurry, and some cute ones of Caroline. I told her she looked like Santa in her dress and she tapped her head and said, "Hat." So, we took Alan's Santa Hat and she wore it for a good part of the night.
Afterwards, we came home and put out Santa's fudge and Bailey's. We know Santa needs a little something to keep him warm during his travels :) Caroline thought it was great that she got to have a little taste. She knew she was taking Santa's treat and she thought she was quite the sneaky little thing.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

False Alarm!

On Monday Caroline discovered the "Test" button on one of our Carbon Monoxide detectors. Once that went off and the dogs went running, the security panel started beeping. A few minutes later dispatch called and I thought we were all set. Until a police officer knocked on teh front door and I heard sirens in the distance. Two fire trucks, one police officer, one fire chief, and 4 personal vehicles from volunteers were in our driveway! So now, Caroline knows this button causes fun chaos to happen with lights and sounds! She hit it again today, but luckily I jumped into action and called everyone immediately! We're in the process of getting covers like you see in hotels and offices! I wish I had gotten a picture of her standing tip-toed looking out the front window in her cute little red pj's yelling, "Truck!" :)

Not a whole lot else is going on. We're getting ready for Christmas and hanging out since it's getting chilly out. I took the first few pictures a week or so ago and then the one with the hat on Monday. Caroline picked out a sweater we got at her baby shower. She loved the hat of course!

Who is this big kid?