Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Caroline's hair has been slow to grow, but we were not surprised. No baby, on either side of our family, has been born with lots of hair. Factor in thin, blonde hair and it's going to take a while. I actually love that she has wispy, baby like hair still. It keeps her younger looking for a little while longer, which makes this Momma happy!

The past couple of months her hair has finally taken off. It's been getting thicker and now it's starting to get longer. With the length, comes more curls. They are just so cute. Her hair is still flaxen blonde, but with these pictures it's difficult to tell. We figure it will turn to a light brown in a couple of years, like both Alan and my hair did. You never know though, we do have lots of blondes on both sides of our family too!

Here are a few pictures from last night. She had just had a bath and the curls were really prominent. No the best pictures, she's making lots of funny faces, but still wanted to share :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm a little late on this post, but we've been busy enjoying what we're thankful for, family! Plus, me getting better and the long weekend. Thanksgiving morning Alan went skeet shooting with family while Caroline and I stayed home. Naturally, she was tired and went down for a nap three minutes before the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade started. So, I taped it. When she woke up she caught the last bit of it and the best part, Santa. Oh, and we've gone right from "Gobble gobble gobble" to "Ho ho ho." Kiddo loves these holiday sayings :)

Alan got home in time for Santa and then we went and had dinner with lots of family. Caroline was still sleepy and was mostly quiet the whole day, but she still loved hanging out with everyone. We didn't really get any pictures because she was a bit of a grump beforehand and the camera was a bit blurry.

This past weekend we've been going out and about as a family now that I'm mobile. Caroline has always been doing so many new things. I keep saying, "I need to blog this, I need to blog that." She's been dancing up a storm, with lots of new moves, to her Thanksgiving eCard from Gramma and to the taped parade we've been watching all weekend. I'm going to try and be a little better this week with blogging, but it's going to be my first week without much help from Nana so we'll see! Here's a video of Caroline after she woke up and was watching the parade. She is not a big fan of me videotaping her, so of course she wasn't quite as silly as before I started. She loved watching the marching bands, floats, and cheerleaders the best.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Little Pianist

I grew up around music and always knew I'd create that same environment for my kids. So, when we were offered a piano this weekend I was definitely excited! As soon as Nana, Grampy, and Alan left the house after bringing it in, Caroline went right over to it and wanted up. I sat her in the seat and she took right to it. Perfect posture and everything :) By the time we took this video she was ready for a nap and was NOT happy when we pulled her a way from it. Hopefully, she'll continue to love it. We already know baby loves music and has the long fingers to play with ease!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

1 Month Progress

It's actually a few days past 1 month, but I've been busy doing a whole lot of nothing :) So, at one month things are slowly progressing. I'd love to say I'm shuffling around and a lot has changed, but it's hasn't. There has been progress though. It's been a week since my last doctor's appointment and I can now bend my foot and get it into the aircast. I can't keep it in there too long, but it's improvement. I've done 2 therapy sessions and have made good progress there also. My next doctor's appointment is a week from today and I'm hoping he'll be happy and that I can walk, with the aid of crutches, into his office!

It's also been over a month since I've been up in my peanut's room, brushed her teeth, carried her around, fed her or anything else that is second nature to me at this point. This weekend, with the help of Alan and probably a little dragging of the leg, I am determined to get up the stairs to her room. I want to sit on her floor and read books and play with her animals.

Here are just a few pictures since the last post. She loves her little Radio Flyer Fire Engine. She loves anything that allows her to be pushed real fast around the house. Of course, she needs 2 purses, a hat, and her best bud Bear to come along too! She's been spending lots of time with Nana and Grampy too. Oh, and of course having fun with Daddy in her room, at Tucker's expense!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year Halloween was a little chaotic. We knew it would be so we decided ahead of time to go easy with the costume. Had I only known then that zipping Caroline up in an elaborate costume like last year would have been the easier! I found these adorable felt puppy ears on Etsy and knew they would be perfect for Caroline. She loves to say, "Woof woof." We paired it with some comfy brown clothes and a brown nose and "voila" a puppy. Or so we thought. Caroline loves headbands and hair bows, but last night she wanted nothing to do with them while I tried to take pictures. She was tired from her schedule being out of whack and by the time Alan got home and we headed out it was 6pm, almost bed time. We still decided to go for it and we're glad we did.

Our first stop of the night was our old neighbor, Betsy. We hadn't seen her in a while and we wanted to show off our puppy. Caroline had no problem wearing her ears and received an apple as her treat. Twenty seconds later in the truck we hear, "Chomp!" She loves those apples! Our second and last stop of the night was at Nana and Grampy's. She got a new wooden puzzle as her treat and again, wore her puppy ears. Apparently, she understands you have to wear them in order to receive treats, but you don't have to wear them for your Mommy who wants pictures!

She loved them a month ago!

Aw! My baby last year at 6 months, starting to stand up on her own!