Friday, September 30, 2011

We're home!

Caroline and I arrived home from South Caroline late Wednesday night/Thursday morning. When we woke up we saw that Daddy had been hard at work while we were playing on the beach! We came home to the front yard all nicely spread out and ready for seed and our front steps in place, along with some mums! We decided to try out my new tripod and remote and take a few pictures.

What's not to love when you get home and both your child and husband are vacuuming :)

Last day in SC

Our last day in South Carolina was gorgeous. We took full advantage of it! We met our cousin, Gina, for breakfast and then headed home for a nap. After the nap, we picked up Devon and hit the beach. Caroline has become a seasoned pro with the beach and runs to the ocean! We saw a lot of neat stuff on the north end of Pawleys Island too. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the horseshoe crab that we saw swimming in a tidal pool. We went back to Gramma's and had some fun pool time, ate a nice dinner and then tried for pictures. Why, oh why, do I wait till the end to take pictures? By then peanut was a bit tired :) She didn't nap though, she must have known it was our last day. She finally came out and sat with Gramma and I on the couch and relaxed and chatted with Gramma. She danced and snacked and enjoyed some quiet time with Gramma and Callie pup.
Our flight left SC at 10:30pm and Caroline was pretty pooped. So was Mommy! She had so much fun playing in her carseat in the airport, but did NOT want to be in it on the plane. She wasn't bad, except for the first 30 minutes while we taxied (there was a bad storm we had to wait out), but the flight was a bit exhausting. We were pretty happy to see Daddy and she took a nice nap on the way home from Boston. We had a wonderful time in SC and were sad to leave. Hopefully, we can get down there next Summer for some beach time with Daddy! Now, we're ready for some Fall fun in Maine!

Baby crab :)

Eel skeleton

It was a good day for sea creatures! We found this starfish and Caroline loved feeling it move on her fingertips.

Deedee and Caroline

Gramma with her two granddaughters :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Southern Food & Garden City

Tuesday we headed to Surfside and back to Bubba's Fish Shack for some more Southern Fried food :) It was gorgeous out so we decided to sit outside. Caroline had a lot of fun watching the motorcycles and cars go by. She liked the hush puppies and fried pickles, but she really enjoyed the fried Calamari. Go figure!?!

Leaving a lasting impression 0:)

We hit Garden City and the Pier afterwards. Growing up, we would always go to the Pier on the weekends and listen to music, dance, and have fun. It was fun going back and having my little one with me. Caroline saw the beach down below and all she wanted to do after that was go swimming. She was racing down the beach trying to get to the water. There was another little girl her age from Buffalo NY trying the ocean for the first time. It was funny how Caroline acted like an old pro since she had been in it once before :)

I think she was breaking out in a Flash Mob Thriller dance here :)

Fishing boat

Ah, a beach where everyone, dogs included, can be happy ;)

She couldn't get to the water fast enough!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Inlet

We lived in Murrells Inlet and I worked and played there during my college Summers. I used to work at Capt' Dick's Marina, but along with a lot of other things around here, it's changed. It's now "Crazy Sister Marina," with Capt Dick's doing rentals and a restaurant also included. It's fancier now, but I miss the old one!

All along Murrells Inlet is a Marshwalk. It's great to walk by all of the boats, hit a few restaurants and bars, and sit and enjoy the scenery. We took a nice evening stroll here last night. Caroline was given a pretty palm leave rose and she loved walking by and saying, "Hello" and checking out some of the fun stuff.

I caught the big one!

She's pointing out that he's wearing a hat while she is wearing a bow :)

Goat Island :)

Caroline and Gramma

Tired baby and Momma

Atalaya Festival and Georgetown

On Sunday we headed to the Atalaya Festival at Huntington State Park. Atalaya is a castle that was owned by Anna Hyatt Huntington, a sculptor. It's fun to go through on any given day, but the festival is a great chance to check out some beautiful artwork by local artisans. It was pretty hot, but after all of the rain we didn't mind some sun! Caroline enjoyed saying, "Hello" as usual!

Oh! I want that!

These were just neat. They literally paint the scales and apply the paper on the fish. Wonder if they still eat them?

Next we hit some shops and my little duck whisperer found a bunch to feed! We came back to Gramma's and played in the pool for a little bit and took advantage of the good weather.

Could there be any more ducks?

She was meticulous, only giving it out one by one :)

On Monday, we headed to Georgetown and walked the Harbor Walk. We looked at all of the boats and checked out some beautiful shops. We had lunch at the River Room, a favorite of ours, but Caroline wasn't interested. No shrimp or flounder for her, nope! LOL


Just a funny. She was all excited to get the gallon of milk to feed Lambie!

Monday, September 26, 2011

A morning at Pawley's Island

We finally had a good morning to hit the beach on Sunday. We quickly packed up and enjoyed some time before the sun got too hot. It was actually perfect since we didn't have to worry about squinting. Caroline was a little apprehensive of the sand at first and although she enjoyed the water she was much more intrigued by the lab that was playing fetch in the waves. Once the dog left, she was all business with the water. We couldn't get her out! She would push us and try to let go if we brought her closer to the shore. We finally distracted her with some birds on the beach and she had fun exploring and waving at everyone. Our little "Mayor."

I miss seeing pelicans fly by

What a face!

She had to rid the beach of seaweed and put it back in the ocean!

Brushing off