Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Miss Magic

The other day my phone started playing iTunes. Caroline immediately perked up and wanted it. I let her hold my phone, which I normally don't, and watched her. We were both sitting on the couch, but once she had the phone she went to the other end and curled up in the corner. She hugged the phone, she smiled and clapped, she kissed the phone, and she sang along. It was the sweetest thing to watch and I wish I had the camera then. This went on for 20 minutes, until Alan came home. Of course, second time is never the same, but still worth a share!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caroline's Car

After sneaking up on her she gives me the wink to let me know she's got this under control!

The duck lips have been making a comeback lately!

She wont listen to us when we say no trick riding!

Proud :)

Busy Weekend

Friday was extremely hot in Maine. My car read 104 F! Yikes! We decided Friday evening to hop on the Sweet Caroline and see if we could escape the heat. Luckily, it worked. It was nice and cool on the ocean.

Couldn't for the life of me get her to stay still long enough for a good shot. She was having too much fun wearing Mommy's hat. Think it's time to get her her own!

Saturday afternoon we headed to The Picture People at Maine Mall to see if we could get the elusive family picture that has escaped us so far and a few cute ones of Caroline. Caroline was as happy as could be all day. She loved going around the mall and waving at everyone. She liked playing in the store and waiting our turn for pictures. She HATED being in the room having her picture taken. We only got one pose where she wasn't bawling her eyes out. Nothing would console her. Well, until we stopped. As soon as we were done she was fine and back to waving at everyone :)

Saturday evening Caroline hung out with Grampy and Daddy and had some Steak and Cheese from Bennet's while Nana and I headed to Stonewall Kitchen for a cooking class. We'll definitely need a repeat of that night because both parties had a lot of fun!

Sunday morning we headed to church. St. Ann's is a Summer chapel so we have a very small window of opportunity to get there. This was the first time back since Caroline's Baptism last year. She was really good and didn't start to whine until about 40 minutes in. Not too bad considering the service is just under an hour! She had a lot of fun walking around with Alan and waving at everyone. She had fun making animal noises with The Very Reverend M.L. Agnew and peaking around the pews to look at everyone.

Sunday afternoon we headed back out on the Sweet Caroline. It was a lazy way to finish the weekend.

This picture is from Monday morning. I was greeted with turkeys in our front yard. They were here all last Fall too. There were quite a few babies in the mix. All in all I saw about 13!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The simple things...

I guess I've officially grown up. Little, simple things make me happy nowadays. Last week Alan set up a clothesline for me and I've been using it everyday. I get excited to use it. It's a new toy to me! Not only does it cost nothing to dry things, but the sun has amazing stain lifting abilities. It's the perfect drying agent for peanut's cloth diapers!

The other thing that gets me excited in the morning when I put out the clothes to dry are my veggies. We decided to do a small container garden this year. Six tomato plants, some plum and some grape. Three green bell pepper and one jalapeno pepper. Next year, on the 'Port side of the house, we'll plant a garden. My hope is to never need to buy rhubarb, tomatoes (sauce included), pumpkin puree, etc. again! Oh, we can't forget the zucchini and squash, Caroline's favorite!

Some of our tomatoes

Hello there little grape 'maters!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Caroline

Today was filled with fun Summer things. We started our Sunday morning with a cruise on the Sweet Caroline. Yup, that's right, Grampy got a boat and named her the Sweet Caroline. :) Caroline did great out on the ocean. She even took a snooze, just like out on Sebago, this time on Grampy's lap!

We came home for a nap and then headed to camp mid-afternoon. We grilled out, swam, and relaxed. This was the first time for Caroline, and Mommy, to ever get in the water at camp! We were going to hit Shaw's Ridge for some ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream day, but we were tired and figured we'd save it for another day. It was a wonderful day, with or without ice cream. We thought Caroline would go right to sleep tonight, but she had lots of stories to tell her friends in her room. She talked for quite some time before turning her seahorse back on, letting out a sigh, and going to sleep. Love that little girl :)

Driving the boat takes lots of concentration!

Loving the fact that boaters wave to every passing boat.

A very tired baby.

Testing out the waters

I don't want to use a baby float, I want to use the big girl one!

Playtime at the Mall

Friday afternoon I met up with a couple of friends and had lunch. Afterwards, we hit the mall so the kids could blow off some steam. Although, they were really pretty darn good for us during lunch!

Caroline had a lot of fun chasing the older kids. There was one incident that had me cracking up. A little boy came over and hugged her, then he left to hug another little girl. Caroline walked over to them mid-embrace and put herself between them! He then took off to hug another little girl, but my little girl didn't cry. She got a hug from her friend and moved on :) So cute!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video catch up time :)

Just a couple of videos of Caroline. The first one was from last night. She took her sunglasses out of the diaper bag and put them on. She kept walking in front of the couch and being very confident. She'd look over at Alan and I and just as she got passed us, she'd giggle. I finally got up and grabbed the video camera and regular camera.

This next video was from over the weekend. I grabbed this little Sing-a-long Elmo toy from a box of hand me down goodies from her cousins and put it out for her. Caroline and just come in from shopping with Daddy when she saw it. It was love at first site. She still smiles, dances, and sings whenever you turn it on. Sorry the video is a bit dark at times, the sun was really bright and I was trying to capture her without her running towards me and the camera!

A cone of her own!

Lately, whenever we go and get ice cream a certain little cutie pie gets very demanding and wants to eat all of Daddy's ice cream. Not because his is better than Mommy's, he is just better at sharing than Mommy :)

We've joked a few times about getting her her own ice cream. After our walk at the Rachel Carson Refuge we hit Dairy Queen. Daddy ordered a vanilla kiddy cone and Mommy ran for the camera! Caroline was getting a cone of her own.

She did pretty well. At first, Alan had to hold it for her, but once a lot of the ice cream was eaten (some by Daddy, had to keep it from dripping you know!) she was able to hold it. She did a pretty good job and wasn't happy that we took her cone away, but luckily a couple of motorcycles went by and distracted her.

Ohh. Whatcha got there Daddy?

Thank you Daddy!

Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge

Ever since I've moved to Maine I've wanted to go to stop in to the Rachel Carson Refuge down the street. Just never got around to it. Then, a month ago, we were invited to go with a friend. Caroline and I really enjoyed it and knew it would be a great place for walks. It's so quiet, there is a clean path, the views are wonderful, and it's nice and shady so it's perfect on a hot day.

This past Sunday Alan, Caroline, and I decided to go back. Alan has never been and we were excited to show him! Caroline loved playing with the dirt and leaves. We passed by one gentleman who saw us taking pictures and asked if we'd like one with the three of us. He said, "You probably have a bunch of two of you, but not the three of you." Oh, he is SO right! He took a few pictures for us and we're so happy.

Let's walk Momma

We wanted to sit and enjoy the scenery, but she had places to go!

Pointing out over to a big log.

15 Month Appointment

Playing with Great Gram's ducks!

Caroline had her 15 month appointment yesterday and just like we girl, she's a happy, healthy little girl! Alan came with us since I wasn't feeling so well (tonsillitis) and we'd need extra support since Caroline needed a blood draw for an allergy test. Within 5 minutes of eating peanut butter last week she broke out in hives. They went away within an hour, but it still needs to be checked now.

So, she had a great appointment. The doctor said she was very confident with her Daddy around. It was really fun to see her play up to everyone. She is usually like that with the nurses, but once the doctor starts she closes up a bit. She enjoyed watching Mommy have her appointment and get the same things done. Then, she had two vaccinations, a quick cry and she was fine. Afterwards, we walked over to the lab. She was having so much fun waving to everyone and even grabbed one of the tech's hands and wanted to go for a walk. She did so well getting her blood drawn. She sat on Alan's lap and put her little arm out. She cried and wasn't happy, but after it was over she was OK.

Here are her stats:

Height: 31 3/4 inches 90%
Head: 18.5 inches 80% Huge jump! She's always been 50%
Weight: 21 lbs. 2 oz. 30% Huge jump! Whole milk is putting some weight on our peanut!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Upta Camp

July 5th we hadn't had enough of the weekend so we prolonged it and headed to camp for a little swim and some grilling. We didn't end up swimming, but we still had fun and are planning on doing this weeknight activity more often.

Caroline had lots of fun snacking on Cheez-Its, playing by the water with Grampy, and watching the crew down the road.