Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pool Time

This evening we hit the pool at Quest Fitness. Besides a quick dunk last 4th of July when she was 3 months, Caroline has never been swimming. She loves the bath and doesn't mind getting sprayed with water so we weren't too nervous with her. She was a little shy at first, too busy looking at everything and everyone around her. There were a few kids swimming that had her attention, but she warmed up. I wish we had pictures of her grinning from ear to ear as we swam really fast to Daddy or when Daddy and she would try to go under water. She didn't go completely under, but she did go under as far as her eyes! We had to cut pool time after 30 minutes since she was shivering, but we'll be back.

Getting in. She wasn't sure why Daddy wasn't following us!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Playing on the deck

We love to play on our back deck during the mornings or evenings. Especially since, for now, it's the only yard we can play on. This Spring hasn't been kind to get a lot of yard work in which means we're still looking at dirt!

Here are just a few, OK maybe a bunch, of pictures of Caroline playing on the deck yesterday.

That looks says trouble!

Oh! The kitty kitty!

Why can't I wash the kitty's head?

The Chair

We bought this little Adirondack chair for Caroline a couple of months ago. There have been a few videos and pictures of her sitting in it posted. This chair has become Caroline's favorite spot to sit. When it first arrived she wouldn't get out of it long enough to paint it so we went and bought another one! I thought I'd do a little "ode to the chair" post :)

Watching Daddy and Grampy build the deck

Relaxing with Bear.

These two have come a long way :) He used to be so much bigger than her and she didn't care for him at first!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

The past few weeks Caroline and I have been working on a little gift for Daddy. We wanted to show what a good father he is through pictures and to display the sweet little girl he is raising.
Happy Father's Day Alan and to the rest of the wonderful fathers out there!

Happy Father's Day! from Maeghan Lovejoy on Vimeo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I see the sun..

We've had over a week of rain and 55 degree weather, but Wednesday the sun came out in all of its glory. I decided we needed to make a trip to the Wells Farmer's Market. I needed some rhubarb and strawberries and we all needed some sun!

Caroline enjoyed stopping and chatting with everyone

She also took Nana for a tour of the grounds of the Wells Town Hall

Thursday we had lunch with Nana, Great Gram, and Aunt Barbara at Federal Jack's. Caroline loves doing lunch! The weather was gorgeous so we sat outside. Has Summer finally arrived?

After a quick nap at home, for all of us, Alan and I decided to head to Big Daddy's and grab some ice cream. We are realizing that a certain little one is getting pretty demanding and the cute sharing of the cone has ended. She may just need her own from now on!

Prepping for a basket toss (just kidding)

Taking a walk at Wells Harbor

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've always used coupons when shopping, but after watching TLC's "Extreme Couponing," I realized I could do so much more. I thought, since several of you have asked, I'd share how I save. Now, let me preface this by saying that I am not collecting thousands of tubes of toothpaste. I am not going to hoard laundry detergent or sticks of deodorant. I am purchasing things that are free or next to nothing and am stockpiling them, a little bit. I actually make a point of trying to collect pet related items and other items that we may have no interest in using and donating them to the appropriate places. If I'm already clipping and spending the time, why not get a few things for others if it costs pennies or nothing?

So, the picture above is from my shop today at CVS. CVS is great because you can earn Extra Bucks, which you can use for your next transactions. They are paper gift cards. Another great thing about CVS is you can get a rain check if the item is out of stock and it will include sale price and Extra Buck rewards. I only realized this this week.

I did this shop in a few different transactions so that I could use the Extra Bucks I earned on the rest of the items. The above merchandise retails at $73.94. I paid $15.30 and have $4.00 Extra Bucks leftover. I'll use these on 2 items that were not in stock, but I have a rain check for!

So, how did I save 80%?

The sodas were on sale for $0.88. I did not use any coupons on these. I just know it's a good deal. The two newspapers were discounted 30% from a previous coupon I had from CVS. I used these two papers to get the coupons for the rest of the items.

The Zyrtec was on sale for $5.99 and you get $5.99 back in EB (Extra Bucks). I had a $2.00 off coupon so I used that and MADE $2.00 on the purchase.

The Bayer was on sale for $3.00 and you receive $1.00 EB, I had a $2.00 off coupon so I got this for free!

The Motrin PM was $4.00 and I received$3.00 EB, plus I had a $1.00 off coupon so they were free. CVS allowed 3 per household so I grabbed three! The benefit of collecting multiple copies of coupons.

The Hydro 5 Razor was on sale for $8.00 and I received $4.00 in EB. I had a $3.00 coupon so I paid $1 for the razor. The cartridges for the razor were $8.79 on sale and I got $4.00 in EB. I used a $1.00 off coupon and purchased them for $3.79.

The Mitchum deodorant was on sale for $1.99 and I had a $1.00 off coupon.

I used the extra bucks I received and saved big time. There were actually better coupons on some of these items in other regions. So, one could have saved around $3.00 more since the values on coupons are different based on the region.

So, that's it. Going over groceries is a bit more involved, so I hope this scenario helps. Hope this helps! Let me know what you think!

The need for speed!

Caroline has never been timid or fearful, she's always in the thick of things. Heights, water, swinging, etc. A while back Alan would push her around on her Dinosaur and she'd want to go faster, but Mommy said, "No!"
Well, she got her way with Grampy and Daddy pushing her around this evening. We have lots of out takes, but these are the best two. She had so much fun and really didn't want them to stop! They had to take turns to keep up with her! She had so much fun and would wave and smile at us.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rainy days are for...

Cuddling and swinging...

Saturday provided to be a cold and rainy day here. It was in the high 50's here and there wasn't much to do, but stay inside.

Caroline chose to cuddle up with Daddy this morning.

While she was napping Alan hung up her swing on the front porch. We figured she could take it for a quick test drive since it's covered :)

Trying out a different way to post videos...

Hot days are for drawing...

Thursday it was 97 degrees here. We had plans to meet up with some friends at the park, but we decided to stay home. I didn't want the afternoon to be boring for peanut so I decided to bring out the crayons and take a shot at coloring. Once I showed her that you draw, rather than eat, she did really good. She had fun for a while too.

It was a good thing we stayed home. She got a nice, long nap in with the A/C and then when she woke up we lost power for 2 hours because of a really nasty thunderstorm. It didn't bother her at all though. She finished her dinner and played like it was no big deal. I think she was wondering why we wouldn't turn on the lights though!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Evening Stroll

We decided to take advantage of the nice evening and go for a walk. We parked in Dock Square and took off down Ocean Avenue. First stop was Perkins Park.

Someone was more interested in the camera case

Sitting along the Kennebunk River

Stopping to smell the lilacs

Then we headed to the park in front of Captain Lord Mansion. There is a pretty steep incline for a little one, but she had no problems. She wanted to keep on walking!

Collecting leaves

Monday, June 6, 2011

2 Big Accomplishments!

The first is pretty big in my book. Caroline was laying on the couch with me since teething is really wearing her down. She got off of the couch and went to the kitchen. She whined a little bit and I asked her what was wrong. She said, "Miiiill" and patted the refrigerator. I opened it and poured her some milk. Still not sure if that was what she meant since she's never really said,"milk" or associated the refrigerator with it. She downed her cup! So, Caroline knows that the milk comes from the fridge and if she says, "Miiil" or points to it she'll get some!

The second accomplishment has actually been in progress for a couple of days now. I mentioned yesterday that Caroline was starting to walk up the steps. Here she is with Daddy showing it's no problem at all!!

Katie's Bridal Shower

On Sunday we went to Alan's cousin's bridal shower. Peanut wasn't feeling herself and was pretty tired, but we figured we'd give it a shot and if all else fails we'd head home. Caroline was definitely not a fun self, but she tired to be as social as she could and enjoyed seeing her cousin Shanelle. Shanelle loves seeing baby Caroline and I think this time around it was pretty evident that Caroline loved seeing Shanelle!

Best picture I could get of her before we left.
Realizing it's difficult when Daddy isn't around!


Caroline kept hugging her and saying, "Aww."

"Where are you going Shanelle?"

Tired baby

Watching the gifts be opened with the other kids

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Milestones and new little things

Our little girl is growing like a weed!

...and getting into all sorts of things :)

We've been busy the past week playing and learning new things. I've been saying, "I need to post that so everyone knows" and it just hasn't happened so there are quite a few things to share.

First off, Caroline's top lateral incisors have broken through. So, we have her bottom two front teeth and these now, for a total of four. She's been muddling through these both coming in at the same time pretty well. Very snuggly though and a little less active then normal.

Caroline has started following directions a bit! This has been a lot of fun watching. If I ask Caroline to turn on or off the light above the island she will do it for me. Also, I've asked her to go get a particular bear and she'll go to another room and find it!

Her vocabulary has really taken off. She has quite a few words that she will either repeat after you and words she'll say completely on her own. Bear, kitty, milk, duck, book, and a few other words that we're just not sure what they are yet :) We're also back to saying," Hello" rather than "Hi" again. She will also mimic sounds you make. If you go "la la la" she'll do it back three times. If I play with her little dinosaur at say, " do dit do dit do" as he walks she'll repeat the sound and make her dinosaur walk.

Last weekend she put Alan's hoodie sweatshirt hood over her head and dragged the rest. The best part was that she walked around saying, "Da da." She gets that it's his and was pretending to be him!

Now, instead of clapping her hands when we say, "Yay," she will throw her arms in the air and squeal, "Yay!"

We have been completely off the bottle for a few weeks now. We weened each one off, but she did great and really didn't' have too much of a problem.
Speaking of drinking, she likes to say, "Ahhh" when after she takes a sip. Water and milk are so refreshing!

She's been having lots of fun spinning in circles. She usually spins a couple of times, but yesterday she went around 3-4 and then fell right after. I had tried to get it on tape, but of course all mommy got was her falling on her face :(

Speaking of scary things...Caroline showed interest in walking up the stairs a few days ago. So, one night Alan helped her pull her leg up each step and she would pull the other leg up. The next day she was doing it all by herself, only barely holding our finger tips. Think she'll have that mastered pretty soon. Yikes!

This is Daddy's new favorite thing. She will hold your hand now as she walks. When she first learned she did not want any help, but now she likes to hold our hands. We like it right back!

Kennebunk Farmer's Market

We also went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and got a bunch of pepper and tomato plants. No big garden this year as we have lots of landscaping to do, but there is plenty of room on the back deck for some plants.

Spotting some older kids and wanting to say, "Hello!"

We met a new friend on Friday and found a new favorite place to walk, The Rachel Carson preserve in Wells. The paths are very clear and I think next time we'll just walk rather then take the stroller. We were too busy chatting and pointing out things like Lady Slipper Orchids and squirrels to take pictures, but next time we promise we'll share!