Wednesday, February 14, 2018

KCS Sock Hop!

Caroline's school holds a Sock Hop every winter and this year we finally made it. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. Caroline loved getting dressed up and her skirt had quite the spin factor, but George turned out to be quite the social butterfly, befriending every kid and totally becoming the life of the party! We can't wait for next year!

 Listening to the Hoola Hoop contest rules

 Watch towards the end, George loved doing the Conga line and every time they did it he was paired with different kids. It was hysterical. He just moved along the line. Caroline is the second to last in her very best "Sandy from Grease" look

The kids were given raffle tickets and Caroline won a jump rope 
and George so wanted to be called. Right before we left he was and Mr. Woodcock, the PE teacher and host, saw it was him and said, "This little guy has been waiting all night and coming up to me and asking if his ticket was a winner" It was so cute, George hopped right up on stage to claim his prize!


End of January

The end of January the grind of the new year was officially beginning. Caroline was finishing off her physical therapy for her elbow and George was cruising through swimming lessons. Caroline's play rehearsal were ramping up and finishing up Girl Scout cookie sales.

 We attempted to go for a walk at KCT, but the kids started whinning
about 5 minutes after this picture : )

 So, we went home and the kids made snowmen in the
backyard instead!

George stayed out longer than Caroline.
She came in and the three of us played Monopoly Jr.
and when we looked out the window
George was rolling the biggest snowball ever!

He was a little tired :)

 Caroline's orange cast drawing at her surgeons
We thought this would be the last appointment, but he 
wants to see her one last time in two months 
to make sure she has full range of motion.

 A little pre-PT Friday morning treat

 She reads everywhere! This was waiting for PT to start. 
This was Harry Potter book 1 but now she is on to book 2

 The kids and Alan went to Target to use some Christmas 
gift card money and bought Nerf guns :P

Friday, January 19, 2018

Another Snow Day!

The Wednesday following MLK Jr. day we got another snow storm and another 6 inches. Can't complain too much about the accumulation since we lost a lot of it over the past weekend. BUT, it meant a snow day for the kids, after just having Monday off, and other snow days, and early release Wednesday and Xmas break. Yup, another day off ha!

Caroline's poodle skirt for her school's
Sock Hop arrived

Making Slime!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jan ~ The First Half

First half of January was pretty good. We didn't have a whole lot planned and we kept it that way! Between holidays, snow days, and half days though it's been difficult to get into the swing of things again.

 New Year and these kids are gonna do a lot
more in the kitchen by themselves :)
Up first, banana bread with mom only helping
with the oven.

 George "helping" Daddy

 Why not start the year off with a blizzard?

 George did not like the blizzard food choice of chilli
but he was bribed with some brownies, he ate his and Caroline gobbled
hers once brownies were on the table :)

 George's fork tine puffer fish, the best in the class, 
no really :)

 Jenga time!

We've had either this disgusting nonsense or snow so far

Cookie time!

 Caroline was at Brownie's so George
had to help make meatloaf
(which turns out is his new favorite meal!?!)

Ya know, enjoying the paper and a bagel before
we start our Saturday 

 Pool time!

 Then off to the library to see Caroline's class
book that was featured :)

We have a beautiful gallery by Miss Caroline that was featured 
over the MLK Jr. holiday


Foster Pups!

We decided to get more involved this year. We do a bit of volunteering already, but we wanted to do something we could all do as a family. We've also questioned adding a new dog to our family and this was an easy way to tell if we were ready for a puppy. Hint, we're not :)

Enter Molly. She celebrated New Years eve with us. She came the night before and won everyone's hearts. Well, she melted George's heart but he was a bit timid but by the next day he was good. Lucy had a blast that first night, but I think she exhausted herself running around so it took a few days to truly warm up to Molly. Molly persevered though and won :) Molly was probably one of the calmest, fun pups we've had and honestly if she didn't have a family already waiting for her, it could have been difficult letting her go!

 Going to school was hard when a cute puppy was 
asleep on her lap!

 Saying,"Good bye" to Molly before school. 

Literally, an hour before she was picked up
I found them like this!
Then came Bentley, who was found with Molly and a possible liter mate. He was a sweet boy, much bigger than Molly. But, he just couldn't use his sniffer and had such trouble going outside, he got better thankfully. Lucy never took to him, I think she was puppy -ed out at that point. He went to a great family as well,  his new owner is a 12 year old boy who will run and play and give him all the snuggles he needs! He was a very playful guy who grew so much the week we had him!

 "Go away little boy..."

Only a few days difference and he grew!


Saying, "Good bye" Bentley was a little easier since
he was a bit more difficult and a little wild for the kids